“Dead Wolves Walking” by James William Gibson » wolf night howl First People

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  1. Simply Awesome…I wrote something using this image, which is part of a book I´m writing, with the name of ” Wolf´s Code.”…this is the link in spanish. I will translate it properly and then will share…but it goes like this:

    “..just like the like the worse of the storms can wave my soul and provide me peace,
    it only takes just a slight whispering wind to set me away forever…
    Don´t let your hurt soul´s trace of the past become the whispering wind that makes me go away…
    because sometimes, literally, are the same wounds those that make our wandering alpha paths to collide…”

    “The Mountain´s magic is brief, and the wolf´s loneliness forever…until it understands in this briefness that the wounds made us become one…” By Celta

    LINK: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=628127293871603&set=a.479476542070013.114559.100000230132207&type=1&theater


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