Howl Across America! Stand Up For Wolves!!


Just to remind everyone to visit the Howl Across America FB page and connect with other wolf advocates, in preparation to HOWL in protest, August 2011.

You can  join an existing  rally or organize one in your hometown.

Speak out against the upcoming brutal wolf hunts AND the proposed unregulated killing of Wyoming wolves.

The Howl Across America Facebook page is the headquarters for this event, providing a forum for networking with others in your area. Advocates can share tips and advice on how to plan peaceful protests, find fellow wolf supporters and devise strategies to garner media attention.

 Visit our online store that offers Howl Across America tees and other items.


Rallies Being Planned

Sign up to attend or start your own!!


Here we go Wolf Warriors!  Be the voice for the voiceless! Get ready to HOWL!!

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”… Edmund Burke


Video: Howling4Justice

Photo: Courtesy Skyler T.

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  1. Please forward me any petitions you may have for signature to save the wolves. I am completely against man hunting wolves for any reason! What is wrong with the people in Idaho and elsewhere who continue to hunt wolves and other innocent animals?

    Thank you.


  2. Maureen – please go on to and in the search bar type the word ‘wolves’ and many petitions will come up!

    mine is


  3. Im hoping this is shared on my fb page..thats right, I am against hunting wolves and coyotes!!! I know around my area coyotes are known to kill farmers animals….I know they are hunted as wolves are but I just dont agree with it..but as I say, we all have our own beliefs….As you look at wolves; have you truly looked into the history of wolves? They are amazing and beautiful animals.


  4. That is surprising….I know coyotes may go after a chicken or mouse…but they seem small, compared to wolves, to go after a cow or even a sheep???


  5. …again it is man’s conflict with wildlife and not learning how to live in harmony with creatures here before us. Whatever happened to shepherd dogs who would guard the flock?


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