I’m still away and have limited Internet access so haven’t been able to answer many comments. I’ll be back next week and share pictures of my trip with you.

Please visit our Howl Across America Facebook page. Join other wolf advocates who are planning and organizing rallies to protest the wolf hunt slaughter. We must speak out! Idaho plans to reduce its 1000 wolves (1/3 puppies) to 150 or less?  Wyoming wants unregulated killing of wolves in most of the state. This puts not only wolves living outside of Yellowstone in danger but threatens park wolves as well, since wolves don’t understand boundaries or road signs.

AUGUST is the month to HOWL but we will keep it going as long as it takes to get our message across:


For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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  1. Anybody commenting???


  2. HOWLS Nabeki, HOWLS Ramses, HOWLS everyone! My Wolf’s Lament hasn’t been able to post a comment since June and so I am now using my name. It’s been very frustrating being separated from my pack, especially with so much is happening. Unfortunately, due to commitments that can not be broken I won’t be able to attend the rally in Washington but it is not for lack of heart or will. I have been trying to spread awareness anyway possible, seems the brain is always churning trying to come up with ideas. Last month, my mother needed emergency room attention, nothing serious but I had a copy of Earth Island Journal’s “Cry Wolf” with me and gave it to her ER nurse and asked him to read it and pass it on. It’s extremely maddening that there is an over-abundance of mindless advertisements everywhere you look along highways and streets, if only we could somehow access that kind of attention. It may not be on such broad a scale, but I printed out the Howl Across America logo and have been passing them out and posting them on community bulletin boards everywhere, asking them to be a voice for the wolves and visit HFJ or WW on Face Book for info. There are also logos on the back windows of my car and several neighbors have done the same and so we are traveling ambassadors for the wolves wherever we go!! Since I live on the east coast where wolves haven’t been present on our landscape in over 2oo years, it is especially challenging to get people to connect and understand what is happening with the wolves, but I know there are many who care and want our wildlife alive and protected. Call it a fight of fancy or a dream of grandeur, but I am still hoping to contact biker clubs here in Pa to increase the fold in Washington on August 12th. I envision a pack of bikers driving down Pennsylvania Boulevard wearing their Howl Across America T-shirts and displaying banners on their bikes,what a grand entrance that would be. A neighbor also suggested looking into the possibility of having it announced on Spanish radio here in my city, since he uses it all the time. For a small donation, it is sooo worth the cost and then some.

    Also, a few friends who work at local grocery stores will be posting the Howl Across America posters there. Several other friends will be posting them on their bulletin boards at work.

    And so …the campaign continues….I stand resolute for the wolves and any chance to spread awareness!



  3. Brea, Sounds like you’ve had your hands full. You have given me some good ideas – thanks. Best Wishes to your mom – I hope she is well.
    Good Luck with everything you are doing for the wolves for the wild ones.


  4. It’s too late – we have lost – and all our howling and that of the Wolves will not be heard by anyone that cares –

    I am heartbroken and can not believe this outcome –


    • Morrigan please don’t give up. I know things look dark but the wolves need us…we can’t just walk away from them. If we do that the haters will have won. Join a protest, raise your voice..we need to be organized and united. We’ll do what the Buffalo Field Campaign does….

      Here’s the link for Howl Across America.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


    • Heart Hugs Morrigan…. I feel the despair of your heart break and share it, yet as long as there is life there is hope. Please hold on dear heart. It is always darkest before the dawn. Much love & many blessings Morrigan.


  5. Demanding Protection for the Endangered:
    Advocates ‘Rally for Wolves’ in U.S. Capital

    August 09, 2011

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Dustin Garrett Rhodes, Capital Correspondent, Friends of Animals
    Phone: 202-906-0210 E-mail
    Washington, D.C.—In April 2011, the U.S. Congress tucked an unprecedented “wolf de-listing rider” into the federal budget bill and it passed.

    This rider removed wolves from the Endangered Species List in the Northern Rockies—where it’s estimated that only about 1500 wolves remain. The Rally for Wolves will demand protection for wolves of the West and denounce the stalking of these animals.

    Said Priscilla Feral, president of Friends of Animals: “President Obama appointed Ken Salazar as Secretary of the Interior. A cattle rancher who constantly undermines animals on public lands. We say: Don’t do it. Removing federal protection and subjecting wolves to more hunting is unconstitutional and unconscionable.”

    Friends of Animals 777 Post Road Darien CT 06820 203-656-1522


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