Don’t Give Up! Howl For Wolves In August!

Please do not despair or give up. I spoke to Gary Macfarlane of Friends of the Clearwater and an appeal is planned.. We could still win this. Judge Molloy felt his hands were tied by the Ninth Circuit precedents. He stated if it were not for that he would have found the wolf rider unconstitutional. All is not lost, try to take  some comfort in that.

We are all very tired and worn out from this battle. The haters are having their way now but that doesn’t mean we should sit and take this. Please visit Howl Across America and join a rally or organize one in your hometown. We must speak out for wolves!! It’s even more imperative now!!

Howl Across America

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  1. All the anger and frustration I feel right now will give me the desire to carry on and keep fighting – just because my heart is broken and I feel a little helpless right now – mainly overcome by disbelief – but give up? Never – not ever!
    We have to keep fighting or those bloodthirsty Idiots will not be happy until they have killed every last Wolf – and why? If there was a reason behind it – but like one guy said he can’t let his kids play outside because a Wolf might attack – where do they get their education? I must say I did not find many friendly people up there in those parts – so of course anything and anybody that was not born there or lived their all their lives is not welcome – that does include people – I proudly went through there with my Wolf Shirt on – and boy if looks could have killed I would not be here –

    So onward and forward – FOR THE WOLVES


  2. I think we need some brave souls with cameas in these states to record the slaughter of God’s creatures by people who claim to be believers.I served in Vietnam as a paratrooper and saw enough killing there,both creature and human,to last me a lifetime and I have to call this bloodlust.I’ll never drive thru these states again without considering the wonder of extermination in the West.I thought we shoud live and let live but that’s not the case anymore and I can promise Oregon’s citizens I won’t be spending any more money in Seaside or Portland.Thank you Oregon for your farsighted meanness and we’ll be thinking of your actions for a long time when your brave citizens bring in the bodies of these animals and hang them up as trophies.


  3. The words “Give up” are not on our vocabulary Nabeki!!!!

    Every day the word is reaching out further and further across America to those who were once ignorant to all that has transpired…but no longer, we will stand united for our wildlife and make certain our wolves are protected!!!!

    Much love and many blessings to you & everyone here. May Creator watch over the wolves.



  4. Please let us know what else we can do to help you and the wolves!


    • Hi Heather,

      The most wolf advocates can do now is organize rallies and protests against this slaughter. Alliance for the Wild Rockies, Friends of the Clearwater and WEG are taking care of the appeal. Please visit Howl Across America and howl in protest for wolves. There are good people on the site looking for others to hook up with in their hometowns. That is what wolf advocates can do right now. Also don’t support the wolf states.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  5. It’s the remarks and the support and fortitude of the people here that I can take some comfort in – and I know that giving up is not in a Warrior’s Vocabulary – why the Judge could not get past the rider I don’t understand since it was never done before – so they said – and it was unconstitutional – a Judge should have the power to change something that is wrong or not ever done before – he was talking about precedence – I heard there was none – this was a first – an underhanded dirty trick to get their way – I was disappointed in Judge Malloy – the way that are happening in our Justice System – well many are not kosher – he should have gotten around it even if it was appealed later – it would have given some more time to the Wolves – I hope he is not in someone’s pocket like everybody else seems to be – I had a lot of faith in him –

    May Hope shine bright
    In this horrible fight
    The Blood will flow
    but new things grow – and so shall it be for the Wolves – may they live forever and never be wiped out again like once before – only Mankind is responsible for bloodshed –


  6. Judge Molloy didn’t want to make this decision but was forced to. What is wrong can be changed to a right.


  7. Well, here goes HOWL_HOWL_HOWL. I can not howl like the wolves. But they are on my mind and I’ll fight for them as long as I can.


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