Howl Across America, Please Join In And Howl For Wolves…. » howling wolf ray rafiti

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  1. I implore you to keep our nation’s wolves safe. Do not take them off the endangered list. PLEASE STOP any bill from being passed legalizing the SLAUGHTERING of these beautiful animals. They are part of our nation’s valuable resourses and need PROTECTION. Do the right thing. Do the Godly thing. PLEASE SAVE OUR WOLVES!


  2. I am glad that the wolves are making a come back but it seems all wildlife is endangered and will remain so unless people adjust there way of living in order to allow wild life space to flourish. As soon as any animal becomes abundant enough to be a threat to humans or livestock they get hunted until they become endangered again. How many wolves are considered enough? maybe after they have worked that one out they can figure out how many people are enough. This cycle has to stop before wolves and many other beautiful creatures become extinct.


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