“Wolf In Dog’s Clothing? Black Wolves May Be First ‘Genetically Modified’ Predators”

ScienceDaily (Feb. 6, 2009) — Slipping through trees or across snow, the wolf has glided into legend on paws of white, gray or — in North America — even black. This last group owes an unexpected debt to the cousins of the domestic dog, say Stanford researchers. In an unconventional evolutionary twist, dogs that bred with wolves thousands of years ago ceded a genetic mutation encoding dark coat color to their former ancestors. As a result, the Gray Wolf, or Canis lupus, is no longer just gray.

The effect was more than just cosmetic: the resulting black wolves, which are found nearly exclusively in North America, seem to have a selective advantage over lighter-colored wolves in forested areas. It’s a rare instance of domestic animals — in this case, probably the dogs of the earliest Native Americans — contributing to the genetic variability of their wild counterparts in a way that affects both the recipients’ appearance and survival.

READ MORE: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/02/090205142137.htm

Wolves are such amazing animals. We have so much to learn from and about them. Yet in nine days and counting the guns will start firing, the traps will be laid and hell will reign down on an unsuspecting, innocent wolf population. All who’ve had a part in this upcoming slaughter, SHAME, SHAME!!!!

Don’t forget to visit Howl Across America and join a protest or organize your own.  Stand for wolves! Make a difference.

Remember economic and travel boycotts in effect for the wolf states until they stop slaughtering wolves.

Bottom photo: Courtesy kewlwallpapers.com

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  1. Nabeki, thank you for your exemplary dedication in providing a myriad of information for the wolves. This may appear to be a little off the subject, yet as we are all connected, we are also affected. I happened upon this information concerning another disaster in the works of the Obama Administration which has consistently shown its inability to represent the American people, protecting our best interests ….natural resources and wildlife… instead it chooses to sell us out furthering corporate benefit and control. This mass protest is the kind of force we need to show for the wolves as well as the tar sands oil pipeline….and any other coercion of corruption involving soulless lobbies…whether big oil, big pharma, agribusiness mono cultures, Monsanto’s GMO’s, or those of the hunting and ranching ilk. As the article says, this call is entirely on Obama, and none other.

    As you stated so succinctly….we must be willing to make sacrifices, whether through boycotts or simply doing without conveniences. I thought just maybe we can pick up a few pointers from this invaluable lesson in which Bill McKibben and others are willing to sacrifice their freedom. I wish them all well.

    Wolf and wildlife advocates should also join in with their banners waving.


    We have been conditioned over many decades to numb ourselves to the swirl of discontent within. We keep ourselves distracted in an attempt to silence the anger and misdirect it.

    As stewards of this beautiful planet and all living sentient beings who dwell here…. plant and animal alike….ours is the gift of heart, conscience, and free will. It is our responsibility to shake off the mantle of oppression and stand up to those who’s sole purpose is to destroy, keeping us muted in the corner with our hands tied while they assault our wild ones and wild places. It is time to say ENOUGH…NO…NO MORE…we are not allowing you to get away with this any longer!!!!

    For the wolves…for the wild ones and wild places.



  2. Already altered vacation plans. Travelled to Montana and Wyoming in 1974, 1980, 1984, 1998, 2005, 2006 and 2011. Even bought a 50 inch Plasma from a Montana retailer. Now, whenever I go West it will be to Oregon and Washington by way of Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California. While I love the scenery and terrain in Wyoming and Montana – other states are just as beautiful and do not carry the hateful attitudes toward their natural heritage.


    • Thank you Mark, I’m so glad you decided to “vote with your feet” as the politicians like to say. These states should feel the heat.. Shame on them and what they are about to do. “While I love the scenery and terrain in Wyoming and Montana – other states are just as beautiful and do not carry the hateful attitudes toward their natural heritage.” Exactly, well said!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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