Update: Friends of Animals NYC HOWL IN, PHONE IN A Success….

Photo: Friends of Animals, Edita Birnkrant

The Howl In, Phone In held by Friends of Animals in New York City today was a success.

“Activists, holding a protest at New York City’s Central Park, told Citydesk that they “had great response from the public today,” encouraging citizens to call Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter, pledging to boycott Idaho until the wolf hunting season, which began today, stops. Protestors said they have launched an international boycott of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming regarding the hunts.

“One woman named Christina Rose from Australia said she was cancelling her tour of Yellowstone National Park after learning about (the hunt),” said Edita Birnkrant of Friends of Animals, the organization sponsoring today’s protest. “That’s just one story of many who were educated today about the bloody hunt happening in Idaho right now.”

Thank you Friends of Animals.

We need more Howl Ins like this one to tell Idaho and Montana that Americans and people from all  over the world love wolves and support them. They do not want to see them destroyed for the hunting and ranching lobbies, who dominate politics in the wolf states.  These wolves do not belong to a small group of wolf haters, they are part of our American heritage and we’re not going to sit quietly by while they are slaughtered. Speak up people.  Hold a Howl-In in your hometown. Visit Howl Across America and learn how to organize peaceful protests.

Share this with everyone you know. Stand for wolves!


Boise Weekly, City Desk

Video Update: NYC Howl-In Protests Idaho Wolf Hunt

Posted by George Prentice on Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 2:18 PM

Click on the link to watch the video



Governor Butch Otter of Idaho
Office of the Governor
State Capitol
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720

Phone: 208.3342100
Fax: 208.334.3454


Idaho tourism office



Write the Potato Commission:



Photo: Courtesy Friends of Animals

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  1. Wonderful…wonderful news…a mixed bag of emotions this day. Savage wolf hunts begin in Idaho, and the NYC phone-in was a success.

    If we can’t afford to buy a billboard sign, then BECOME a walking billboard! What a great idea…take our message to the streets. I really believe in the power of our collective voice, and I am certain there are still so many that would join in our fight, if only they knew.

    Reminds me of an old old song by the Doobie Brothers: “Takin’ it to the streets”!!!! YEA! YEA! YEA!

    I will be contacting friends of Animals to see if we can organize one here.

    Thank you with all my heart to Friends of Animals, Edita, and everyone that participated today. I can feel our numbers growing by leaps and bounds.




    • I know I can always count on you Agnes. Don’t worry about your English, we are all connected in our love for wolves. I speak about three words of French so you are way ahead of me in that department.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  3. I’m going to try & plan something for the Chicago are. What a great idea. If anyone is out here in the Chicago area …. PLEASE let me know we’ll hook up & get something started like they did in N.Y.City.


  4. My husband and I had organized a trip to Montana to enjoy the wildlife and the beauty of the country which we had planned to take place in September. We travel with a group of people that number approximately 25. We started with a much smaller group but every year our group grows in size.

    We had inquired about the Flathead Lake Lodge in Montana. My letter to them stated that our group was largely interested in experiencing the beauty of the wild. One of our travelers is a wildlife painter from Germany. He and his wife had signed on primarily with the hope of seeing and hearing the wolves of the Northern Rockies.

    When Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming underhandedly succeeded in getting the wolves removed from The Endangered Species List with the intent of destroying the wolves, all but 1 of our group decided to boycott those states. I will be writing to the Flathead Lake Lodge to inform them of our decision.

    There are a number of people in our area that are organizing to protest the slaughter of the wolves. It is hoped that we can get some much needed national prime time coverage and educate the public as to the evil of this brutal plan to annihilate the wolves.

    Where are the organizations that that supposedly care about these poor animals? Defenders uses the wolf as their logo. We haven’t heard a thing from them.

    Frankly, we are sick of these organizations sending us pleas for money and terrible stories but not doing the thing that might turn this around. (i.e. They need to get some prime time coverage and educate the masses about the horrible slaughter of this magnificent animal.) WE are already on board to help save the wolves. The majority of people are just not aware.We need their help.


    • Carl and Janice…this is exactly what people should be doing, thank you so much.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  5. WOW – Carl & Janice – I just don’t know how to say THANK YOU – I guess I just did. But what a very awesome & powerful message you & everyone else in your travel group are sending.

    THANK YOU again. 🙂


  6. Also, I agree with everything you said about the said organizations.


  7. Hello,
    I personally think we should continue to travel to Yellowstone National Park. The wild wolves there are great ambassadors for the wolves being killed outside the park. In Yellowstone people can observe wonderful wolves in their natural habitat.
    When people lodge in the park the money will go to the National Park, I believe. Also their are wolf friendly hotels and people in Gardiner Mt. on the NW corner just outside the park.
    I think if you do some research you can visit Yellowstone NP and not contribute to the tourism of Montana, Idaho or Wyoming.


    • Janee, I understand your sentiment and I agree the wolves are great ambassadors for their species but even they won’t be safe because of Montana and Wyoming. Montana’s 2009 wolf hunt decimated Yellowstone’s iconic and studied Cottonwood Pack. Wolves do not read boundary signs.so the the Cottonwoods crossed over during the opening of the hunt and the both alphas and their daughter were shot and killed. If Wyoming has their way, when wolves leave Yellowstone they will be shot on sight. There is only going to be a small buffer zone around the park. Wolves bring in approx. 35 million to the GYA, it’s a big source of income. In order for a boycott to work it has to pinch otherwise there is no point. I’m sympathetic to what you’re saying but I believe Yellowstone should be included in the boycott.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  8. Thank you,Carl & Janice.


  9. Friends of Animals’ travel boycott includes Yellowstone National Park, and that’s a direct message to Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar whose disgraceful actions removed protections from wolves.

    Update on Montana press: Was interviewed today by phone at KECI TV in Missoula about our boycott of Montana. It will be aired at 5 pm and 10 pm today and available on their Website at nbcmontana.com . I took the gloves off and Jon Tester was one highlight. Don’t know how much of what I said wil make the cut, but did add that we’re flying into Montana in the next couple of weeks to join Montana residents for a Howl-In Rally in Helena.


    • Terrific Priscilla. I’ll put an alert out about your interview, cannot wait to hear it. We need to keep turning up the volume on the hunts until America understands what they are doing to wolves in Montana and Idaho and the soon to be horror in Wyoming. Yellowstone should be included in the boycott.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Nabeki — The person interviewing me (Emily Adamson) asked why we chose an economic boycott. Because the only language those governors understand is money, I said, — not decency, not environmental protection or theory. Hammered Tester and the three stooges: govs of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. Got a shot at the White House, too. One of my take no prisoners interviews. Hell, why not?


      • I love your attitude Priscilla. It’s time to stop tiptoeing around the people that were responsible for the wolf being delisted in the first place. For some reason Dems want to give Obama a pass and blame Salazar but Salazar wouldn’t be in his position without Obama. The buck stops on the President’s desk. I wish Hilary would challenge him for the nomination but there is no chance of that. So we’ll be stuck with no choice, Rick Perry or another four years of this disaster of an administration.

        I wish they had aired more of your interview instead of giving the rancher air time. I wanted to hear what you had to say about Tester and the Governors. They didn’t air any of Brooks interview.

        An economic boycott worked in Alaska in the nineties and it can work here, people just have to commit themselves to it and stop taking little side trips to Yellowstone.

        For the wolves,


      • Priscilla, you are a wonderful human being. My sincere heart-felt gratitude for your commitment to our wildlife and having the courage of those convictions…..heart hugs to you for all you do and who you are. I know the wolves thank you too. You have definitely earned an honorary membership in every wolf pack world -wide.

        They say that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…and you have walked many paths with wolf advocates in our struggle to right this terrible injustice.

        I am with you in heart, thought and spirit, every success in Montana and anywhere else your cause may lead you. I’ll be waiting to hear your interview, we have no doubt that you spoke the truth with your special brand of candor. I would just love to hear all the things you had to say, that may be withheld from the public.

        “Take no prisoners interview” The Three Stooges….LOL….I love your spirit! Much love & many blessings….



  10. Damn – was just in Helena –


  11. So sweet, Nabeki. I appreciate what you’ve offered so very much.

    Heard 95% of the interview was sacrificed for a bland message and summary of what I said, but overall at least a boycott message aired. So it’s momentarily frustrating, and I’ll try again and again to get a full plate of ideas in a multitude of public forums.

    The work is on.




    • You deserve every kudo Priscilla because you’re genuine and truly care. I think your interview with Jane VM really gave wolves a big push. She’s a wonderful animal rights activist and truly cares but time is limited on her show. You made very good use of every second. So I thank you for that.

      We are definitely making a difference. Isn’t it odd the media wasn’t interested in wolves as long as they weren’t being hunted and now that they’re under the gun wolves are suddenly getting national press?


      For the wolves,


  12. Huffington Post: Friends of Animals president, Priscilla Feral says, “What’s about to happen to gray wolves in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming — who are a vital part of the ecosystem — is vile. Governors of those states are subjecting wolves to pogroms from the Middle Ages.” She urges Americans to boycott all travel to these three trigger-happy states. And call our congressional representations to protest


    Little Red Rider and the Big Bad Wolf Hunt
    Isn’t it time for we the people to update Little Red Riding Hood for the 21st century and beyond? Who now is rescuing the grandmother and little girl and keeping the village safe? It’s not the hunters. It may well be the wild wolves.


    • Priscilla…Oh this is an exciting piece. Wolves have finally caught the attention of the national press, sadly it took “wolf hunts in progress” to do but maybe just maybe, the tide is turning. I know you are working very hard for wolves Priscilla and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate what Friends of Animals is doing. This is the beginning, I just hope we’re in time to save these animals before Idaho and Montana have their way with them. I’ll post this tonight on the front page of blog.

      We have to push the boycotts full steam ahead. As you said the only thing they’ll pay attention to is loss of revenue and the wolves bring in 35 million a year to the GYA, that’s a lot of change to lose

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  13. I can’t let one typo go, because it’s so…silly. Somewhere above (don’t look), I promised to press a defense for
    wolves in a multitude of “pubic” forums. Ahem. That’s PUBLIC
    FORUMS — lots of media outlets, of course.

    It takes weeks to get a travel boycott underway, so everyone should please make a racket, organize and show up for Howl-Ins, and keep your
    health fortified. It’s stressful to wage revolutions, so unplugging occasionally, getting sleep, good food and exercise offer us the
    resilience we’ll need to keep from falling in rabbit holes.

    Thanks, Nabeki and everyone.



    • Lol…Priscilla, I’m the same way, I hate making typos. But don’t worry I’ll fix it.

      Last night I was so tired when I posted the The LIttle Red Rider and the Big Bad Wolf Hunt…I forgot to add hunt@ the end. My friend noticed the typo and told me about it. Just sleep deprevation.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  14. Oh don’t worry about your typos girls. I still love you & I’m sure that everyone that comes to these blogs do to.
    Priscilla – as I said before – it was wonderful that Jane gave you time on her show, as far as I know (?) she seems to be the only one that has done so. Word is getting out though – slowly but surely.


  15. Howl-In and Press Conference for Wolves at Montana State Capital

    Friday, October 14th, 12pm-2pm, Gov. Schweitzer’s Office, Helena, Montana

    Join Friends of Animals members, Predator Defense and other wolf advocates to deliver an urgent message straight to Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer’s door: Stop slaughtering wolves in Montana.

    Montana’s wolf biologist Jay S. Mallonee has charged the state’s wildlife agency with justifying wolf slaughter with flawed data: “Money and convenience are some of the reasons to hunt wolves, which implies conflict of interest, especially when no scientific protocols were followed.”

    The Howl-In and Press Conference will take place on Friday, October 14, 2011 at the Montana State Capital Building in Helena from 12:00 pm-2:00pm. We’re asking everyone who cares about wolves and wolf recovery to attend.

    “We’re demanding an immediate end to state-sponsored wolf slaughter and, until it ends, we’ve called for a complete boycott of the states of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming,” says Friends of Animals’ president Priscilla Feral.

    Montana’s Senator John Tester is responsible for attaching a de-listing rider to the budget bill, which changed the wolves’ protected status –and avoided public and scientific scrutiny—even though it’s estimated that nearly 1500 wolves remain in the Northern Rockies.

    In response, Friends of Animals quickly called on members and supporters across the country and around the globe to boycott Idaho, Wyoming and Montana—including Yellowstone National Park, which exists in all three states—as long as these states continue persecuting wolves.

    High-profile Howl-Ins organized by Friends of Animals were held in Washington, DC and New York City, gaining national press attention from media outlets such as CNN, Huffington Post, as well as state, local and regional print publications.

    Wolf biologist Jay S. Mallonee recently published a peer-reviewed scientific paper, Hunting Wolves In Montana – Where Are the Data? in the journal Nature and Science—concluding that Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks does not know how many wolves exist in the state and disregards their role in the ecosystem altogether.

    Priscilla Feral says, “We won’t stop until gray wolves are given federal protection. It shouldn’t take a slaughter to make that happen.”

    Your attendance is very important. Please bring colorful posters, spirited banners, placards and noisemakers to the rally. We’re targeting Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, Senator John Tester and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar—all of whom contributed to the persecution of gray wolves in Montana and beyond. Posters should emphasize the economic boycott of WY, ID and MT. Because the media will attend, it’s important to present creative posters that are large and legible.

    What: Howl-In and Press Conference

    When: Friday, October 14th, 2001, 12pm-2pm

    Where: Montana State Capital Building

    1301 EAST 6TH AVENUE

    Helena, Montana 59620-0801

    If you plan to attend this important rally, or have questions, please contact:

    Edita Birnkrant

    E-mail: Edita@FriendsofAnimals.org

    Phone: (212) 247-8120


    Dustin Rhodes

    Email: Dustin@FriendsofAnimals.org

    Phone: (202) 986-1693

    We are earnestly asking that all organizations support the rally and do everything possible to get people there.


    Your organization does not have to support the boycott, we just need you to show support for wolves.

    PLEASE NOTIFY YOUR MEMBERSHIP TO BE THERE FOR THE WOLVES. Lets show unity and stand together during this dark period.

    Thank you for your attention and consideration.

    Brooks Fahy
    Executive Director

    PO Box 5446
    Eugene, OR


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