ALERT: Priscilla Feral (Friends of Animals) & Brooks Fahy (Predator Defense) will be on NBC Today @ 5p & 10p

Friends of  Animals President Priscilla Feral and Executive Director Predator Defense, Brooks Fahy will be on NBC TODAY @ 5pm & 10pm, talking wolves. Do not miss it!!!

Here’s the link:

If you live in Montana turn to channel 13 KECI, Montana NBC to watch!!

Be there!!

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  1. No Wolf Hunts!!!!!!!!! PLease


  2. Priscilla, your voice speaks with the howl of a thousand wolves! Thank you and kudos once again. Unfortunately, it appears they didn’t pay homage to all of the little inconvenient truths you had to offer.

    Interestingly enough, accessing media coverage during the process of wolf delisting was never given its full merit, yet the threat of a boycott appears to have, at least, ignited a spark of interest. And if you believe the officious prattle of Montana state as not perceiving this as a credible threat as yet, at least word of the boycott is receiving attention, and even NBC Montana admits…it is gaining momentum across America.

    What Idaho, Montana & Wyoming will inevitably discover, wolf advocates are not just jousting with toothpicks.

    Keep fighting the good fight.


    Reintroduced wolves are on the brink of a blood bath. Activists are calling for a boycott to save the wolves from outright extermination in some key Western states.
    The federal government’s wildlife management strategy will allow wolves to be slain in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. Open season began on Aug. 30 in Idaho, where the up to 78 percent of the wolf population is up for slaughter. And the other states will follow in this decimation in the next two weeks.
    Brooks Fahy, executive director of the Eugene-based national nonprofit Predator Defense, says it’s important for Oregonians to pay attention to what’s going on because Oregon will eventually implement a hunting decree on wolves as the population grows too.
    Predator Defense started the boycott with the international animal advocacy group Friends of Animals and is working to get other nonprofits involved and to expand its grassroots movement. The organizations are boycotting these “killing” states and are urging people to stop buying any products from these states and cancel any plans to visit them. They are calling for people to write letters to state representatives, congressmen, editors and even travel agents explaining the boycott.
    But Fahy says the American public is so inundated with news of other things that it has no idea about the impending wolf slaughter. “This (boycott) is a last ditch effort to stop or slow this thing down — or to get the American public to wake up.”
    Wolves, which lost protection under the Endangered Species act in April thanks to a congressional rider, are now subject to the merciless killings of ranchers and hunters.
    “The body count isn’t going to be just the number of animals killed,” Fahy says. “There is going to be an unforeseen death toll. And in states like Idaho, this could stand to wipe out the entire wolf population.” He says many of the wolf pups, which are about 4 to 5 months old right now, will not be able to survive alone.
    Fahy doesn’t want the wolves hunted at all. Predators are beneficial, he says. A recent study out of OSU shows that wolves could play an important role in helping to save other threatened species like the
    Canada lynx. When apex predators such as wolves are removed from an ecosystem it causes a “trophic cascade” of impacts, scientists say.
    Fahy says the hunting “isn’t wildlife management; this isn’t based on science.” He adds that this is about people with a siege mentality trying to “show the environmentalists who is in charge.”
    Now it’s time to show those people who’s really in charge. For more information on the boycott and to find out how you can save the wolves go to http://www.predatordefense.


    • Brooks does a great job articulating this culture war, a similar sentiment in George’s article. Inflated egos, chest beating, the need to “take it out” on something, ignorance and lies are all tied up in one big package, that has very little to do with the wolf. It breaks my heart to think wolves have to suffer the tortures of the damned. so someone can get their “kicks” killing an innocent animal.



  4. It’s “late in the game” and all options have been played out except boycotts and rallies. Time to “take it to these states, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.
    We still have a few groups sitting on the sidelines refusing to support either boycotts or rallies, but continuing to talk compromise and education….Kind of like Child Protective Services telling us that “it’s OK for kids to be sacrificed and die now because we’re going to educate the perpetrators in the future”. Defenders has tried both education and compromise for nearly 15 years and these wolf hunts and ruthless killings are the results. You can’t make a blind man see and you can’t teach a red-neck anything.
    Support the boycotts and rallies!!!!
    Here’s the contact info for Montana Dept of Commerce, including the Dept of tourism


    • Jerry, it makes me question why Defender’s was such a staunch supporter of wolf reintroduction from the very beginning. Did they really care about the wolves, or merely perpetuating their own cause? Wolves would inevitably one day recover sufficiently to be delisted ( by science, not politics) and returned to biased state management. They knew full well of the toxic environment wolves would then be subjected to once protections were lifted, yet think of the name they could create for themselves , not to mention the profits to be had, in the process. Continuing on with education is meaningless, especially when talk is cheaper than having actual substance.

      I received an email from Defender’s a few weeks ago asking for my signature on a petition to oppose the wolf hunts. They said they already had over 48,000 supporters. I was appalled to discover how much potential is unavailable for Howl Across America, if only we had access to those 48,000.

      Wolves have been used and abused for a myriad of reasons from both sides. May the spirits of wolves that are slaughtered haunt them all the days of their lives.


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