HuffPost: “Little Red Rider and the Big Bad Wolf Hunt”….

This is the cleverest of  titles but better yet the article delivers in every way. Brenda Peterson tells the sad tale of wolves betrayed via budget rider, sacrificed for Jon Tester’s Senate seat.

Now they are being hunted in two states, Idaho’s hunt is underway and Montana’s hunt starts today.  Wolves are paying the ultimate price, because  back room dealing stripped them of their ESA protections.  Good job Democrats. You’ve managed to gut the ESA, kick wolves to the curb and alienate much of your base support.

Priscilla Feral, President, Friends of Animals, describes what wolves are facing.

“What’s about to happen to gray wolves in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming — who are a vital part of the ecosystem — is vile. Governors of those states are subjecting wolves to pogroms from the Middle Ages.”

She urges Americans to boycott all travel to these three trigger-happy states. And call our congressional representations to protest. Already there are “Howl-ins” and “Phone-ins for Wolves,” — people demonstrating from Idaho to Central Park. Consider this a call to community from the wolves to the humans. Now, they need our saving.”


Little Red Rider and the Big Bad Wolf Hunt

Brenda Peterson

Posted: 9/2/11 01:25 PM ET

The wolf hunt that begins this week in Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana is as grim as the Grimm’s fairy tale. Ever since the bloody wolf-delisting rider was slipped into a recent budget bill, this myth is driving wildlife politics. And it’s still the same ending: The wolf must die. The heroic hunter rescues the grandmother and little girl. Everyone lives happily ever after, except, of course, the wild wolf.

In the medieval mindset of Little Red Riding Hood, the fairy tale forest was a looming wilderness — a villain overshadowing the little village. Walking through the woods was dangerous. You never knew who might follow you home, devour and pretend to be your grandmother, and eat you alive.

This fairy tale was a time before humans domesticated nature, made tree farms out of forests and drove entire species, like the wolf, to extinction. This was before Alaskan wolf hunters in airplanes gunned down entire packs of radio-collared wolves. Before we poisoned, trapped, and shot wolves for sport. This was before we understood the science of wolves and their predator-prey balance that actually restores healthy ecosystems.

When the Brothers Grimm built their fairy tale of wolves on the original Perrault 17th century French folklore, they added a 19th century twist. The huntsman who saved Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother was not so much on a rescue mission as he was bent on earning the trophy of the wolf’s skin.

The huntsman is not a hero. It’s only the wolf skin he’s after. This modern evolution of the fairy tale is evident on any of the online wolf licensing sites as the 2011 hunt now begins. One outfitter advertises, “maximize your predator experience… add a fall black bear to your wolf hunt.” It offers a “proven predator calling technique” to lure the wolf, bear, mountain lion, coyote, foxes “and more” into your crosshairs. Blam! You got yourself a nice trophy, man. Something to brag about to your friends, to tell your kids the story of how you gunned down the big, bad wolf.


Wolf Zone Harvest Limit Number Harvested Limit Remaining Status Hunting Season Dates
Panhandle OPEN Aug 30 – Mar 31
Palouse-Hells Canyon OPEN Aug 30 – Mar 31
Lolo OPEN  Aug 30 – June 30
Dworshak-Elk City OPEN Aug 30 – Mar 31
Selway OPEN   Aug 30 – June 30
Middle Fork OPEN Aug 30 – Mar 31
Salmon 40 40 OPEN Aug 30 – Mar 31
McCall-Weiser 2 OPEN  Aug 30 – Mar 31
Sawtooth 60 60 OPEN Aug 30 – Mar 31
Southern Mountains 25 25 OPEN  Aug 30 – Mar 31
Beaverhead 10 10 OPEN Aug 30 – Dec 31
Island Park 30 1 29 OPEN Aug 30 – Dec 31
Southern Idaho OPEN Aug 30 – Mar 31
TOTALS 165 3 164




Photo: Courtesy Creative Commons

Chart: IDFG

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  1. what is extremely sickening is the length of the wolf hunt season..till June in Lolo and Sedway? There is a mid evil mentality among anti wolf/hunters and ranchers, and add the ignorance they display and making up their own facts about wolves… and yet we have a government that sides with this kind of “delusional reasoning”? It all seems this country is going backwards on so many levels, and that is what is tearing us down. Great Nations are to move forward with their ideology of animals rights. Cruelty, abuse, torture of an animal, is the same whether it is domestic or wild.This is a great article by Ms Peterson, and the more and more all of us that are pro wolf send this kind of message out, the more I believe things will turn. The way politicians sometimes work is under the pressure of people. We need to and WILL continue to show them what is so wrong with this issue of wolves. We have to show them the logical as well as the emotional of why wolves deserve to be in our part of our wild world.


  2. Please access: site and their Facebook page to find out the problem with Montana Wolf Permits.


    • Toni, 6000 or is it 4000 tags to kill 220 wolves almost half the Montana wolf population and the wolves are still under the gun from WS. These are dark, dark days. But now is not the time to give up. We must rally, boycott, write letters to the editor. We must never, ever give up.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  3. Nabeki
    Your work makes hope real.Thank you. I’ve posted to this blog twice.
    The first, a reduction of a letter to U.S. embassy people here in Canada, and later to U.S. senators and governors quoting copious international research correlating sports hunting with child molestation, wife abuse, violent crime in society, homicides.You responded. You found the information disturbing. More than disturbing it is indicative of a terrible armed culture at war with their own and with Earth. Days later I posted the letter with research. My hope of doing anything at all to help the wolves got in the way of judgment.
    A blog is no place for pages of research articles. My apologies.

    I have no TV. I never will have. I saw Living With Wolves pdf, a link from your site. My heart breaks. I lived with a wolf bred dog. I loved him as a child, a friend, a brother, a mate. We howled in greeting together with two other small dogs. A pack. He came to Bodhi. He’s buried on the head in Nova Scotia. I read your suggestion. Pray for the wolves. Everyone understands prayer in their own way. I prayed for the wolves last night. Bodhi appeared. He bowed his head in greeting through the darkness. He appeared again, a small white profile, twice, like cut outs in a black field, one after the other.
    At first he trotted, no sound, but head up talking from the throat. Then again as before but still, in the gesture of movement. Bodhi has gone to be with the wolves.
    For the wolves
    For peace
    C. Morgan McNeil


    • C. Morgan, I see Bodhi running wild and free with the wolves. Your story is so beautiful and moving, I write this with tears running down my face. Anyone who has been graced to spend time with wolves or wolf dogs knows how they touch your soul. Montana’s wolf hunt starts today and it doubles the sadness of knowing more sorrow and death will befall the wolves we love.

      I read a story today about what Wildlife Services is doing to a wolf pack in Idaho.

      This is the third control order that the pack’s alpha female has survived. Ertz said the female has survived three coyote traps as well, is missing two toes on one foot and has a severe injury on another, causing her to limp.

      “She’s had a really tough life,” Ertz said. “This is a wolf that has clearly survived a lot.”

      Not only are these wolves facing the brutality of Wildlife Services but now they have to run from the hunters. In the case of the above mentioned alpha female, she’ll have to limp. My heart is breaking right along with you.

      Thank you for sharing Bodhi’s story.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  4. I was @ the “Taste of Melrose Park” yesterday – I was standing in line to get some awesomely made sweets that nuns make – when I got up to the nun who was helping me, I also asked her if she could say a prayer for the wolves out west. I explained to her what I was asking her to do & why. She said she would & blessed me. Every little bit of prayer helps.


    • Thank you ramses….the wolves need every kind of help they can get, even spiritual. How sad is it that this murder of innocents is going on and barely a whimper is heard on the national media? We are finally getting some good national articles but they are few and far between. We have to somehow wake up the American people…I’m convinced there would be a huge public outcry but the story stays mostly in the Rockies, even people that live here have no idea what’s going on or that the Dems votes to delist wolves via budget rider.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  5. I’ve contacted Dustin @ “Friends of Animals” waiting for a reply from him on help for ways to get kids int he high school I work @ involved. I’m a janitor, but I thought I could do some type of tabling event & get the word out on what is going on. Because I can bet you the kids have NO clue as to what the heck is going on with the wolves out west. So a tabling event is the best way to get word out. Also to get signatures. Plus I have (by my house) a bridge that crosses over a busy Rd. I’m friends with one of the gals (who just so happens to live 3 doors down from me) who is on the Board of Trustees of my town, so I was going to talk to her about maybe, hopefully getting a sign of some sorts about the plight of the wolves on that bridge. Any idea????


    • I think that’s a great Idea ramses.. Linda Camac in Philly set up a table in front of a friends pet shop and handed out information on wolves and the hunts. Anything you can do will help. The wolves are suffering and it’s our job to inform people about what’s going on. Also getting the word out about the boycotts of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming is really important as well.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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