Montana Wolf Hunt “Archery/Slaughter” Opened Sept 3….

Wolf People  puppies Arctica and Nini, are just four months old, the same age as the wild wolf babies

Yes it’s here. We are back in the middle ages. Montana opened it’s “wolf bow hunt/slaughter” Saturday. Wolves in Montana will now be dodging arrows until October 16. Wolf babies, like the ones pictured above, are just four-months old and still have their milk teeth. They’ll be fair game, along with their parents and pack-mates.  Imagine four-month old wolf pups,  shot full of arrows, dying  agonizing deaths.

Bow hunting is animal cruelty couched as a “sport”.

Report on Bowhunting

This report summarizes twenty-four studies on bowhunting from across the country. The facts in these studies show clearly that bowhunting is inhumane and wasteful. The possibility of a deer being impaled by a broadhead arrow and then dying instantaneously is extremely slight. Wounding and crippling losses are inevitable.

Every one of these studies has concluded that for every deer legally killed by bowhunters, at least one or more is struck by a broadhead arrow, wounded, and not recovered. The studies indicate an average bowhunting wounding rate of 54%, with the shots per kill averaging 14. We believe that these numbers are conservative.


Boycott Montana! Please call Montana tourism and tell them you will not be buying any goods sold in the state or travel there, unless the wolf slaughter stops.

Montana sold over 4000 tags to kill 220 wolves. Overkill? Why would the state continue to sell licenses way over the number of animals targeted? Of course we all know the answer. MONEY!! Which makes the entire “hunt/slaughter” even more disgusting.

Please consider organizing a protest in your hometown. Wolves are voiceless, we have to let the wolf killing states know the American people will not stand for this. Raise your voice.  Make a sign, protest with your friends, speak out. The wolves are suffering. Their pups are only four months old.  Can this happen in America? Are we now a puppy killing nation?

HOWL for the babies, HOWL for their parents, HOWL for their pack-mates.


This is what the wolves are facing.



Archery season slated to open

Posted: Sep 2, 2011 4:16 PM by Shannon Newth (Great Falls)
Updated: Sep 2, 2011 4:19 PM


2011 Montana FWP Wolf Archery Season (Sept 3 – October 16)


Top Photo: Copyright Ann Sydow of Wolf People

Middle Photo: Courtesy Ghillie Suit Clothing

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  1. I can not watch any Video that shows the bloodshed of the Wolves – I am sitting here in tears – the poor babies – and my poor beloved Wolves – why do those people walk this beautiful World and destroy everything beautiful?

    Their Reward must follow – or all my Beliefs will really be tested.


  2. I cannot believe that they are doing this. … I don’t think there are any words for how disgusting this is. … Why do people continue to do things that make future generation turn their heads in shame?


    • meirad…please join us in protest against the wolf hunt slaughter. The ONLY way to change this is to let them know what we think of the carnage and that we won’t visit or buy products in the wolf states until they stop killing wolves.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  3. This is an inhuman and alful action against
    god’s creatures….I don’t know how these people sleep…


    • They don’t care Debbie, shaming them is not going to work. I’m sure they sleep very soundly, these animals are nothing to them. They think they have the right to kill America’s wolves for sport. We have to raise our voices in protest and boycott the wolf states. Also the lawsuit is moving forward.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  4. Days ago I noticed a post in either Danish or Swedish I believe. I sent it to a friend, a translator who has provided the following literal translation.
    Despite the awkwardness of literal translation it’s a heartfelt statement.
    Here are the thoughts of a northern Europe written in response to America’s barbaric hunt.
    C. Morgan McNeil

    I am happy that the wolf has made many friends and that we, together, are
    fighting for the beautiful wolf, since people with farms have been too
    speedy in moving out there, just as the forest grows smaller and smaller for
    the animals and they must search, within the city, for food. This is not
    justice towards our beautiful creations. We should all get along, this is
    only possible with bears and wolves when people garner their knowledge of
    the animals in the forest without the use of a rifle. Thank you for the
    letter pages.


    • Thank you C. Morgan for the better translation. Google translator is terrible but it’s the only thing I have.



  5. wtf? was that a cat in the video? i couldnt watch it…my god…i really dont know what to do…i wish i could win the lotto and go there and meet with you guys and go with a huge truck and put all wolves inside it, hide them till the season is over…hide all animals….this is just horrible….we are at the end of times….and sometimes i look at all this and i really want to leave this world…. whats wrong with people i dont understand…i would do a suicide mission if i will be over there…putting myself in front of wolves….might stop them for a while….i dont know, i dont know what i can do to help since im so far away…in new zealand! god i hope you are hearing our toughts… stop this massacre please…..


    • I know yessenia..these are terrible times for wildlife and wolves. I posted the video to show people how horrific archery is. It wounds, animals die slow agonizing deaths. BUT we are trying to rally wildlife advocates to speak out against this injustice. We need many people to raise their voices in protest, to say no to this carnage of our wildlife. Boycotting the wolf states is also on the agenda.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Every Day I get up hoping hoping hoping that I will see a message that the 9th District Court has reached the Decision to leave the Wolves alone – and why are they so slow? Don’t they know what’s going on out there?
        Is it never going to stop? who else can we appeal to? I have written everybody I can think of – and signed every petition that came my way – there is no love for Wolves down here in Texas – so I sit here helpless wondering what it will take to stop this carnage in it’s tracks – I really had thought it would never go this far – I had hoped there were people with some Love in their Hearts and some feelings – but apparently they are not sitting on any Court I know of.

        I feel so helpless – I can’t go anywhere in person – but those of you that can please keep fighting – my voice is with you and my energy is there with you too.


  6. Wolf Hunt Prompts Boycott of Montana


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