Idaho Wildlife Services Aerial Guns 3 Wolves On Flat Top Ranch, Your Tax dollars At Work…

As if wolves don’t have enough problems in Idaho.  Here is a stunning video of  a Wildlife Service’s Super Cub airplane, aerial gunning wolves on the Flat Top Ranch near Carey, Idaho. You can hear the gunfire in the video, it’s absolutely chilling.

Three wolves were killed by WS on John and Diane Peavey’s ranch, all paid for by your tax dollars.  Peavey and WS claimed one calf was killed by wolves.

There are 2,200,000 cows in Idaho. In 2010 just 75 cattle were lost to wolves, while Idaho ranchers sustained 86,900 cattle losses to non-predation  (2010 NASS).  That’s right EIGHTY SIX THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED COWS.Yet Wildlife Services is flying around on the Peavey ranch aerial gunning three wolves for one supposed calf death, which I’m not convinced those wolves had anything to do with. This is what passes as justice for wolves in Idaho.

The alpha female has been the victim of three, count them, three lethal control actions, surviving  all of them but not without a price.

From the Idaho Mountain Express:

“This is the third control order that the pack’s alpha female has survived. Ertz said the female has survived three coyote traps as well, is missing two toes on one foot and has a severe injury on another, causing her to limp.

“She’s had a really tough life,” Ertz said. “This is a wolf that has clearly survived a lot.”


From the Wildlife News:

Wolves killed on behalf of John Peavey and Diane Josephy Peavey

By On September 2, 2011

John Peavey, a former Idaho politician, and Diane Josephy Peavey, a former commentator on Boise State Public Radio, who’s Flat Top Ranch near Carey, Idaho has reportedly received payments totaling $970,139 from 1995 through 2010 according to the Environmental Working Group’s Farm Subsidy Database, has received another subsidy in the form of 3 dead wolves.



3 wolves killed on Carey-area ranch

By Katherine Kurtz

September 2, 2o11


Video: Courtesy Raventracking (YouTube)

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