Idaho Wildlife Services Aerial Guns 3 Wolves On Flat Top Ranch, Your Tax dollars At Work…

As if wolves don’t have enough problems in Idaho.  Here is a stunning video of  a Wildlife Service’s Super Cub airplane, aerial gunning wolves on the Flat Top Ranch near Carey, Idaho. You can hear the gunfire in the video, it’s absolutely chilling.

Three wolves were killed by WS on John and Diane Peavey’s ranch, all paid for by your tax dollars.  Peavey and WS claimed one calf was killed by wolves.

There are 2,200,000 cows in Idaho. In 2010 just 75 cattle were lost to wolves, while Idaho ranchers sustained 86,900 cattle losses to non-predation  (2010 NASS).  That’s right EIGHTY SIX THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED COWS.Yet Wildlife Services is flying around on the Peavey ranch aerial gunning three wolves for one supposed calf death, which I’m not convinced those wolves had anything to do with. This is what passes as justice for wolves in Idaho.

The alpha female has been the victim of three, count them, three lethal control actions, surviving  all of them but not without a price.

From the Idaho Mountain Express:

“This is the third control order that the pack’s alpha female has survived. Ertz said the female has survived three coyote traps as well, is missing two toes on one foot and has a severe injury on another, causing her to limp.

“She’s had a really tough life,” Ertz said. “This is a wolf that has clearly survived a lot.”


From the Wildlife News:

Wolves killed on behalf of John Peavey and Diane Josephy Peavey

By On September 2, 2011

John Peavey, a former Idaho politician, and Diane Josephy Peavey, a former commentator on Boise State Public Radio, who’s Flat Top Ranch near Carey, Idaho has reportedly received payments totaling $970,139 from 1995 through 2010 according to the Environmental Working Group’s Farm Subsidy Database, has received another subsidy in the form of 3 dead wolves.



3 wolves killed on Carey-area ranch

By Katherine Kurtz

September 2, 2o11


Video: Courtesy Raventracking (YouTube)

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  1. What a total farse!
    These people and departments need to be held accountable!!!
    Nearly a million dollars in subsidy’s – what a joke!


  2. Brian Ertz’s comment from “Wildlife News”

    .Brian Ertz says:
    September 3, 2011 at 4:01 pm
    John Peavey is a recipient of numerous tax-dollar subsidies as Ken noted, but also of real-estate bail-outs from the county and groups like the Nature Conservancy who continually bail Peavey out of the ever-present next impending bankruptcy – which seems to be a perennial problem with this guy – in exchange for milk-toast conservation easements which keep his stock defacing the landscape and wildlife of the Little Wood. If folk like Peavey spent as much effort lifting a finger to take care of their stock as they spend extending their hand out for the next government subsidy, we wouldn’t see nearly as much stuff like this go down. It’s time to let Peavey clean up his own economic mess – sink or swim Peavey, like the rest of us.

    Blaine County was supposed to be working with Defenders of Wildlife and others on non-lethal techniques … looks like that was short-lived – or futile … either way, one lost calf = 3 dead wolves including yearlings … if “predator friendly” initiatives aren’t working in Blaine County Idaho – the most wolf supportive county in the state – then it’s not a viable model and the pressure needs to mount on ranchers like Peavey who is unable to take care of his own stock, instead of inappropriately relying on tax-payers and federal agency wildlife extermination programs.

    Get a real job Peavey – we’re sick of subsidizing a lifestyle that it’s clear you’re unable to afford.


  3. Can Defenders of Wildlife or NDRC go after the subsidies?


  4. Unbelievable. This is really upsetting. I can’t believe that they are so stupid. Let the wolves live. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Take your hatred for the wolves and stick it where the sun don’t shine.
    You rachers who have loss cattle not due to predators still want the wolves killed.
    You are nothing but raving mad idots. Take a look at the situation of your loss and the loss of the babies who lose their parents to killers like you all.


  6. Well said Brian!


  7. It kills me to read all of this, but I feel that is the least I can do for these animals – I am also forwarding to friends and they are forwarding to others – maybe someone in this country will wake up, if for no other reason than our tax dollars are paying for all this crap in order to keep cows and sheep alive to cause cancer and heart disease – it is mind-boggeling.


    • This is what we need Pat, networking all over the country. This story has to be told and we are the ones who have to tell it. Spread it far and wide. Don’t forget to call the Dept. of Tourism in each state and let them know why you are boycotting them.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


    • Right on! Those sheep and cattle “which cause cancer and heart disease. And wolves are such easy prey. Why don’t they go after the vegetarians!! The human being . . . when filled with vicious hatred . . . and man-unkind, is the most ruthless and cruel predator of all time. We need to take care of ourselves preying on each other, and leave the wolves alone. As for the ” reduced elk herd numbers,” hogwash!!! Elk herd numbers are at alltime highs in this part of the country. The West Fork of the Bitterroot is the exception. Here’s a fundamental question: Who needs the elk meat more, humans or the wolves?


  8. Idaho…the wicked step-sister of Alaska. Slaughter by air…death on the installment plan.

    “Wolf management.” It’s business as usual, all in a day’s work. Another “justifiable” act of brutality encouraged, another betrayal rewarded. I am sick and tired of all the excuses…and even more repulsed by the men who hide behind them.

    It’s time tax payers are compensated for the loss of THEIR wildlife.
    I felt the bullets strike my heart.
    Man…not Wolf… is the true beast.


  9. A million in subsidy? a plane paid for by my tax dollar to go out and kill Wolves? Who in the hell are these people? And, I love Peavey’s comment when offered money for the death of his one calf – he said they loved the sheep, etc. etc. DUH! love until sent for slaughter? and, if love and not money than give back the subsidy


  10. Any petition going? This is absurd and just wrong.


    • L. Miner, you can visit Howl Across America to join an existing rally or start your own. I think petitions are fine but the people that are running the hunts aren’t listening. The only way to get their attention is through boycotts and protests. You can also join the boycott of the wolf states.

      Howl Across America

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  11. This is one fucked up sight and only has the tree huggers in favor for these animals to be seen and nothing else go kill yourself and fuck yourself also…assholes


    • It’s funny like that ralk how a pro-wolf site wouldn’t post all the hate filled diatribes dished out by you and your buddies. Well you won’t be posting here again, since we’re not interested in anything you have to say.

      BTW, I have your IP address and email, so go away and don’t come back.


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