Two Wolves Fall Victim To Cruel “Montana Wolf Archery Season”?? READ UPDATE!!

 UPDATE: September 6, 2011 @ 5:20 pm

Montana FWP “wolf hunt status update” has changed  from two wolves, to zero wolves, to one wolf. Not sure what is going on there and how that mistake was made? Yesterday it was reported in the press that two wolves were killed in Montana, a male in region 390 and a female wolf outside Kalispell in region 101.

Here’s the link to the Montana FWP site. It makes me so sad that wolves have been reduced to faceless, anonymous  numbers.


Yes, there’s a chill in the air, fall is coming but instead of enjoying the change of seasons, wolf advocates are subjected to death toll counts rolling in on slaughtered wolves.  Montana’s wolf archery “season” started Sept. 3 and ends Oct. 16  Bow hunters are combing the woods looking for wolves to kill and unfortunately they found two victims, a female wolf near Kalispell and a male wolf in region 390. Fish and game has divided the state up into “wolf kill zones”, setting quotas for each one.  How convenient.

These wolves died for nothing and 40 more wolves are slated for the same fate during ” wolf archery season”. Who the hell wakes up in the morning and say’s hey, I’m going to run around in the woods today and look for a wolf to kill with my high-tech bow. What a glorious way to spend Labor Day Weekend, NOT!  There’s an empathy chip missing  here.

Boycott Montana until they stop slaughtering wolves!

Montana Wolf Hunt/Archery


This is the only news report I could find on the killing of two innocent Montana wolves by bow hunters this weekend.   Don’t you just love the word  “harvest” as if they are digging up potatoes?  Euphemisms to hide the UGLY truth about what this “hunt” is all about. Thrill Killing!!


Archery season nets 2 wolves in first weekend

Posted: Sep 5, 2011 4:24 PM by Evan Weborg (KXLH News)


Governor Brian D. Schweitzer
Office of the Governor
Montana State Capitol Bldg.
P.O. Box 200801
Helena, MT 59620-0801

Phone: 406.444.3111
Fax: 406.444.5529


Montana Office Of Tourism

Mailing Address
Montana Office of Tourism
PO Box 200533
Helena MT 59620-0501

Phone: 406.841.2870
Fax: 406.841.2871



“Naturally, hunters are eager to be seen as conservationists. But true conservation involves more than preserving areas of habitat to be used as outdoor shooting galleries. And, true conservation involves more than creating humongous deer and elk herds. Shooting coyotes, cougars, wolves, foxes, bears, and other predators – whether for amusement or to increase game populations – cannot and will not qualify as conservation.”


Video: Courtesy DeliberateCruelty YouTube

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  1. Did the female that was killed by the bow hunters have pups? A lactating female may be slower moving and an easier target for the hunters. It makes me sick thinking that there may be pups somewhere starving to death because their mother is gone.


  2. man would not like being
    on the receiving end of
    bow and arrow
    as his chances of living
    started to narrow
    treat all living beings
    as you wish to be treated,
    or you are no more than
    an expletive,


  3. I continue to follow the hunt from Canada, needlessly I say with grief
    dismay, and anger, a cautious word. I wrote of my wolf bred dog recently, Bodhi who died nearly thirty years ago and who has never appeared to me in any manifestation until that dream. My interpretation was and is that he has gone in spirit to fight with the wolves. I’ve had another which says to me, after a period of struggle the wolves will be rescued, restored to protected status. There was a great hand. Hands speak of community. I set that aside. For my part I will be faxing Senators Tester and Simpson this evening. I hope to
    send a link. The letter correlates sports hunting with violent crime within and without the family. The impact of sports hunters on society must be known widely. Appropriate action to curtail their activity must be undertaken. On another front, Alberta uses electric fence. It works. Easy to install. Easily maintained. But this isn’t about protecting cattle who are anyway treated brutally. Subsidies to be certain. How else be in government but pander to spenders and supporters? The answer, psychopathology, and societies ingrained “correct” language therefore understanding of how to function with the appearance of good judgment. John Livingston the Canadian Environmentalist was interviewed by Farley Mowat in 1990. Under discussion, human utility being a primary drive behind conservationists. A technocratic dialogue will be laced with pseudo scientific evaluations and designations. Mowat: There is a kind of newspeak. Livingston: ..and one has to understand it. “Sustainable development”, “maximum yield” “resource conservation” “wise use” are in fact an attempt o sugar coat our ongoing intention to continue to exploit nature for our own, often indefensible, ends.” Livingston says we can longer escape from who we are. But we must, escape. He goes on.”..human utility nauseates me.” “Instead of the consumer commodifier having to prove the legitimacy of claims on nature, those who would protect defend nature have to prove a case for its protection.” “This is a suicidal intellectual as well as emotional position.” Canada too has a problem with sports hunters. A new direction needs to be taken on behalf of our wildlife partners and in order to progress as beings.
    C. Morgan McNeil


    • Heart hugs C. Morgan, Bodhi’s story was heart breaking and soul inspiring. I believe in Spirit’s call from beyond the veils….whether it is of two foot or four paw. The bonds of love are never broken, nor are they forsaken. Bodhi knows of your great distress and he wishes to comfort you, yet he also ushers whispers of a destiny that only spirit could possibly know.

      I have experienced the bonds that defy time and space with an animal I cherished, now gone, and I believe with all my heart that sweet Bodhi is indeed fighting with the wolves, as are all the ancients as their howls of warning and wisdom join in with all spirits of nature, to protest this terrible crime.

      Hands are what it will take, my brother, hands and heart, as we all join in… in whatever capacity. The Earth is sick and her children imperiled, we are the “Warriors of the Rainbow,” and we must fight to regain balance, while protecting all that is sacred.


  4. Fatalities are merely statistics, distilled into numbers and tactics, no hint of reverence for the living, breathing, sentient beings that were once vital. “Just hang back and have a smoke” while your victim “stiffens and dies”….there are no words to express the extent of my nausea. How calloused and disconnected they are from any reality other than that of their own peevish whims and selfish desires.

    What a gruesome senseless way to die, this is madness.

    Thank you Nabeki for maintaining the brutal realities, it can’t be easy, although it is necessary.


  5. Shooting a dog with an arrow is illegal and considered cruelty to animals, yet shooting a wolf with an arrow is considered a legal sport-yet they share more than 98% of their DNA- it makes no sense!


    • Ann….I can’t understand why that doesn’t translate in people’s heads? pparently animal cruelty can be carried out with impunity on our wild animals.

      For the wolves,


  6. “Harvest” ??? What a joke to use this word. Lets be honest & use the correct words for the hunting of wildlife eg. slaughter, inhumane, barbaric, jolly good sport etc. Hunters indeed. These people are just plain nasty.


  7. Personally I think murdering any living being animal or otherwise is a sin and wrong by any standard. Who are we to take what we can not give back! I do believe that in the end we humans will pay for thes murders and be held accountable for our selfish acts of cruelty. That;s my opinion and sticking to it. mch




    • Did I miss your comment Agnes??



  9. You really don’t seem to understandfrom your concrete home what wolves do. They are predators kinda like Manson, Gasey,and Bundy. Let’s just turn them loose back in the cities, becausethat is what has happened in our forrests.


    • First of all I live in the Northern Rockies and have probably encountered more wild wolves then you’ll see in your lifetime. So stop using the outsider tactic, it won’t work.

      Secondly you have no idea what you are talking about and are just repeating myths that someone told you. Try presenting facts.

      Cattle Losses 2010

      Idaho 86, 900
      Montana 74,800
      Wyoming 37,100
      Totals 198,800

      Wolf Predation (USFWS)
      Idaho 75
      Montana 87
      Wyoming 26
      Totals 188
      Elk totals for Northern Rockies: 371,000 + . That’s more then enough elk, way more then we need. Wolf haters talk about how much they love elk, yeah they love them enough to kill them. And how much they love the little deer fawns that are left homeless when their mothers are killed by predators. Well take a look at this. This is compassion by a hunter for a mother deer.
      Warning graphic video:

      And finally there hasn’t been one wolf/human fatality in the lower 48 in over a hundred years of record keeping. Wolves are shy and non aggressive toward people. All the bold, aggressive wolves have been selected out. On the other hand dogs bite 4.7 million people a year and kill an average of 30 people annually. Deer kill more people then wolves, hunters kill more people then wolves, bees kill more people then wolves, bison kill more people then wolves. Now go post on one of the Anti wolf sites where you can all sing Kumbaya and talk about how much you hate wolves.


    • And another thing Jeniece, if you don’t like living in wild places I suggest you move to the city where you won’t have to worry about wild scary animals in the forest. Pleeeeeeeeeze.


  10. […] For more information on open-season on wolves and the legal killing of puppies, click here. […]


  11. […] For more information on open-season on wolves and the legal killing of puppies, click here. […]


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