Political Wolf Hunts….

21 Idaho wolves and 7 Montana wolves have been killed in the hunts, that number is going to climb very quickly once the cold weather arrives and forest cover is gone.  Trapping in Idaho will lay wolves low. You will see the numbers of dead wolves skyrocket into the hundreds and all this is completely unnecessary.

There is no reason to hunt wolves, it’s a political witch hunt. The livestock industries’ hysteria concerning wolves is pure theater.   Here are the cattle loss figures for 2010:

 Cattle Losses 2010
Non-predation (NASS)
Idaho 86, 900
Montana 74,800
Wyoming 37,100

Total Non-Predation:  198,800 cows


Wolf Predation (USFWS)
Idaho 75
Montana 87
Wyoming 26
Total wolf predation: 188 cows


Even though the hunts are in full swing, Wildlife Services is still killing wolves, paid for by the American people. Remember the recent aerial gunning of  3 wolves on the Peavey Flat Top Ranch in Idaho?

The livestock wolf paradigm is a fairy tale, told to justify the quest for a predator free landscape. Yet almost every media report concerning wolves concentrates on ranchers and cattle losses.

Coyotes are the number one predator of cattle, namely calves but even the little “song dog” does very little damage. Please stop listening to this drivel and arm yourself with facts. This wolf hunt is Salem, Massachusetts all over again.

Myth drives these political hunts.  One of the most repeated is,  “wolves are decimating game herds” , another over the top accusation. Did you know there are almost 400,000 elk in the three wolf states?

Montana 150,000 elk

Idaho 103,000 elk

(up from 101,000 in 2010)

Wyoming 120,000 elk.

That is a huge number of elk. The fish and game agencies are turning our forests into giant game farms. Are wildlife advocates expected to sit idly by while predators are decimated to placate hunters and ranchers?

On the PBS special,  “Cowboys vs. Gray Wolves: Predator Once Again Prey”, wolf biologist, Doug Smith, gave  this statement:

He was asked by the interviewer: Is it healthy enough to allow a certain amount of  (wolf) hunting?

Doug Smith: The short answer is yes. Wolves are tough to live with. they need tolerance from humans. Wolves aren’t going to get that unless problems can be solved. It appears, there’s not really hard studies on this, that social tolerance increases with wolf hunting.

Interviewer: You heard right. Doug Smith, the wolfman of Yellowstone. is OK with wolf hunting. within limits.”

So if there are no hard studies on the hypothesis that social tolerance of wolves increases with wolf hunting, why make that statement? In fact there is plenty of evidence that supports the opposite view. No matter how many wolves are killed it will never be enough for some. It’s convenient to have a voiceless, scapegoat to blame for an unhappy life.

All one has to do is visit FB and read the vitriol, view the tortured bodies of dead wolves, to know hunting wolves will never placate these people.  They hate without reason. It’s a repeat of the same attitudes that were present 100 years ago. It’s the very reason wolves need the protection of the ESA.

Pick up a newspaper and read the endless whining from ranchers about wolves. They are asking us to believe that losing 75 cows to wolves, compared to 80,000 from non-predation, is a wolf crisis? Totally ridiculous. Is this tolerance?

 In sixteen years, ranchers have not developed a “social tolerance” for wolves that I can observe.  There may be ranchers who don’t hold anti-wolf views but their voices are few and far between.

Hunters had their chance to hunt wolves in 2009 and the ugly rhetoric and demonizing of wolves has only increased in my opinion.  Idaho has a no quota hunt in most of the state, targeting 850 wolves.  Wyoming is planning a shoot-on-sight-plan, that would allow hunters or anyone to literally kill a wolf anytime, day or night, in any way possible.  No limits. Wolves are facing a blood bath of epic proportions in Idaho.  When the state takes their wolf population down to 150 animals will there then be tolerance? Do the majority of wolves have to die in the Northern Rockies before they are “accepted”?

This is the sad state of wolf politics.

Please visit Howl Across America. Channel your disillusionment and disgust  by organizing a protest or join an existing one. Think outside the box. You could plan a “run for wolves” if you’re a runner, a “bike for wolves” if you bike, a “motorcycle ride for wolves” if you’re a biker. Wolf advocate, Ann S., suggested a “dog walk for wolves”.  Whatever fits your comfort zone. The point is DO SOMETHING!! Think what a force we could be.



For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing.
Simon Wiesenthal


Top Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Bottom Photo: Courtesy Howl Across America

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  1. I’ve encouraged everyone I know to read this piece written by you in today’s “Howling for Justice” blog. It is short & to the precise point. They will be enlightened to learn some of the falsehoods perpetrated by the cattle/ranching industry & bloodlust sport killers. Excellent composition & comparison to the Salem witch hunts…

    In solidarity, ~Flash~


  2. In addition to the boycotts of ID, MT, WY, AK, UT,
    and all the other anti-wolf and anti-freedom states,
    I’m calling for these volatile and repressive states to be
    stripped of statehood status and thus, no longer part of the U.S.,
    and to be deemed as enemy hostile states of the “New Confederacy”..
    After all, if these backwards brutes are gonna show such
    flagrant hostility towards our wolves and other wildlife
    and wildlife advocates, Native Americans,
    and modern-day non-conformists alike,
    then these places are not worthy to remain as part
    of the Union and they should be removed from statehood.
    We can make do with a flag with fewer stars and/or admit
    Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and American Samoa
    into statehood to replace the regions that have been “evicted”
    from the United States, or design a new flag to represent our nation.
    I think the only way we can send a clear message to the hate-mongering states is to remove them from the U.S. altogether,
    and not invest in any of their products or promote tourism
    to these hateful places, and continue these severe sanctions
    for as long as it takes until they change their ways.
    If any of these volatile places do indeed secede or their statehood statuses are revoked, I could flee back to the U.S. and settle in
    in one of the free, compassionate, and open-minded
    wildlife-friendly states.


  3. I don’t get this convoluted ‘kill it to protect it’ line. People are entitled to believe what they want, but decisions should not be made simply because it is what people believe. Allowing the shooting of wolves because the person behind the gun believes they are ‘protecting herds’ or ‘protecting livestock’ is only rewarding the false paradigm not dispelling it. That is NOT tolerance.


    • Very well said John. Tolerance is a dirty word in wolf country. That’s why wolves need the protection of the ESA.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  4. C. Morgan McNeil here. I spent my afternoon going through posts and following up on, Bekoff for one. I was suddenly struck by the unreal claims made on the basis of statistics that should in point of fact urge ranchers to do something about the way they keep their cows. It’s farce. What’s going on behind those numbers? a rhetorical question.
    Apart from the resultant psycho emotional morass issuing from fundamental problems, materialism, commodification, speciesism and the concomitant low empathy development among people who use and abuse animals for livelihood, a special case being sports hunters who use animals as any addict uses his drug, this is ridiculous. It’s time for cognitive therapy. And laws yes, as I and I’m sure others have suggested, tighter gun laws, no corporal punishment in schools etc.

    We in TO decided against another demo. The appeal looked so strong. We need to do something newsworthy here in Toronto. It has struck me, these are reintroduced wolves. They’re Canadian. How was this arranged? Is this what happens to our wolves when released in an American environment? Hunted down by any fool by any imaginable means just as their numbers are sustainable? Arranged by reason of self interest political or otherwise?

    Please give me a lead. What agencies will have provided the wolves for reintroduction.They need a letter.They need more than a letter.
    For the Wolves


    • Forget therapy for these thrill killers. Go straight for an intensive captive redneck neuter program. We could use the WS planes to throw large nets over whole hunting parties……….
      We are screwed in this country right now. TheDems sold out the wolves for a cynical attempt at saving Sluggo Tester’s Senate seat. If we don’t vote Democratic in 2012 and Rick Perry becomes President we will be “SoylentGreen” in a few short years. If you think we have issues with Environmental and wildlife policy wait till Rick Perry gets a hold of things……. We’ll be praying for Bush or Obama
      I can’t get over those old pictures. Is that old three toes Nabeki? The guy in the picture even looks like a dimwit- third grade education- nice look with the hat……


      • I personally don’t think I’m going to vote for president. I cannot vote for a Republican but I can’t bring myself to vote for Obama. He is just a terrible president, especially hiring Salazar. Obama has the distinct “honor “of delisting wolves twice and he hasn’t even finished his first term.

        That is Three Toes William, good call.

        Three Toes of Harding County

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • But you can’t. Nor should anyone. Ranchers lost nearly 200,000 cows because they cared for them badly. Ranchers are in their own way as brutal and as brutalized as sports hunters. Nor would I want to vote in your country. In my own country I have an option, no choice. Canada’s Green Party, a neonate but I invite you to look at Wiki on EU and world Green Parties. It seems at times, especially when one is overwhelmed by crude self interested policies, that the only way out western society’s madness is community apart. Within existing society, Canadian or U.S, a major tool is the law making process. Another is community consent or disapproval based on awareness. There are many levels of awareness.
        I still ask what agency in Canada made the reintroduction of wolves possible? Please if anyone can, reply. I will draft a letter. Information on this post is critically important. The people involved will be apprised of events and wolves cannot have been provided under condition of no hunting. But what’s happening here does not represent any kind of valid accommodation of diverse interests. Neither do I imagine that people here in Canada who assisted with their reintroduction have any legal recourse should they wish to act. But they are per force part of a community involved in this injustice and may on encouragement, if they have not already, approach people who can influence this terrible situation. One cannot criticize hunters or ranchers if one partakes of abattoir meat. Violence is not the answer but the cause. Earlier today while reflecting I came across this text. The voice is not of an individual, it is the voice of existence, of nature, and perhaps one could say, the mysterious all. From an early Taoist text.
        “I have three treasures that I guard and hold dear. The first is love. The second is contentment. The third is humbleness. Only the loving are courageous. Only the content are magnanimous. Only the humble are capable of commanding.”
        For the Wolves
        For Peace


      • C. Morgen….66 Mackenzie Valley wolves were transported from Alberta, Canada to Yellowstone and Central Idaho in 1995/1996. Not sure who was running the show in Alberta at the time. The problem is, Canada treats it’s wolves just as bad or worse then the US, so I imagine whoever gave the consent to transport those wolves will probably turn a blind eye. Wolves in Alberta and British Columbia are about to be slaughtered.

        The federal government is scapegoating wolves!

        Federal Environment Minister Peter Kent recently disclosed that the federal government is considering killing thousands of wolves in parts of Alberta and British Columbia in an effort to safeguard woodland caribou herds on the brink of extinction. However, wolves aren’t the problem. Industrial development, such as the rapid expansion of the tar sands is what has pushed caribou to the brink.

        Science shows that killing wolves won’t save caribou in the long term – only habitat protection will protect them. Tell the federal government to stop blaming wolves for a problem humans have created, and to get to the root of the problem by protecting caribou habitat now.

        Stop scapegoating wolves!


        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Nabeki, our system is broken. You’re right. It doesn’t seem to matter who get elected anymore. It doesn’t matter who gets elected anymore. If you have a car with no brakes and an unreliable steering wheel, and it crashes, who is to blame, the driver? No one questions the vehicle. I venture that even with the most skillful of drivers, it would still crash.

        That’s the dilemma of our incestuous government and the corrupt two party system, it’s enabler. I’m disgusted too, but not voting isn’t really the answer…yet it could be considered a complete surrender to impotence. Several times you have remarked about writing in the name of your dog instead of voting Democrat. Well, I think you’re on the right track…and i am serious. We don’t use the write in option on the ballot enough, if at all. We need to pick a candidate via the internet and all agree to write him/her in. Other than that, and I am serious, I wonder what would happen if come election time, everyone would write in their own names, we certainly couldn’t do any worse. What a message that would send to Washington.

        Game Commission, the name says it all, playing games with wildlife. And the terms game animals, trophy hunting, and predator derby violate every fiber of my being. They imply all thrill, no skill and easy kill. You don’t play games with living beings.

        Furthermore, why is Wyoming even going through the motions of having any plan.at all, if not to fortify their manipulative indifference and mandate the wolf as pariah, worthy of protection as target practice or a trophy rug only. Those responsible for delisting the wolf don’t respect law, they use it, only to abuse it. Hiding behind the entangled creations of the words themselves. I have pictured these individuals as bullies in a school yard many times. We all knew them well, or witnessed them in action, they were the ones that picked on anyone that was an easy target…just for fun. Or pulled the wings off of flies, just to watch-their hapless victim swirl around disoriented, until they crushed them.

        The “right step forward” for whom? Over and over again…the same words keep popping up on radar… ranchers and hunters. But Wyoming has added a new flourish..the key words here are “flexible trophy game zone” and ”licensed hunters.”


  5. there are not words to express the anger i feel for this gross injustice.these people are full of hate. they are all lie and they are all cowards


  6. Dammit, have they brought them from Canada in the 90s only to start killing them off again? It’s taken decades for the wolf population to get to barely normal in some states (and some still have on Endangered list!) . What kind of practice is this?? Why then have they bothered reintroducing them in the first place?? They’re far from overpopulated and instead of trying to find ways to coexist, the only way we can think of is spreading the they’re-killing-our-cattle tale to justify the killings? Come on, I’m sure we can do better than that ! I sincerely hope there are enough sensible people to put an end to this and start focusing on how we can all share the land.


    • Unfortunately Hanka that’s exactly what they’re doing.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  7. dansk. når jeg ser billeder af ulve, der er fanget med den ene pote i fælden, ser jægere med trofæ, ulv, siddende smilene med deres ofre, ser billed af jægere der sidder i en flyvemaskine, og skyder ulve, 5 skud, oppefra, så er ulven ramt-død. Har set dyr i rusland, hvor de fanger dyr med fælder, køre derud til de arme dyr, og tramper luften ud på dem, HER må jeg sige, hvad foregår der i jægers hoveder ????- HER har jeg grædt for de arme dyr, og disse jægere MÅ der være kontrol med, dette er mord, og sikken en verden man lever i, og her skal der være retfærdighed for dyrs liv, så morderen kan få sin straf, så det kan mærkes. DYR er jo ikke sådan mod os, menneskene er de værste. ( ikke alle). mit hjerte er hos dyrene, og min ven ulven, skal leve her, uden regler og stasistikker og skrivebords-aftaler.


  8. We can organize, we can run or walk or bike for wolves, we can do advocacy work for organizations such as Defenders of Wildlife, or the NRDC or The Center for Biological Diversity, we can write letters and emails and make telephone calls, but a long as the federal government and its rampantly corrupt and misguided Department of the Interior is in the business of killing wolves these magnificent animals do not stand a chance. Horrible to contemplate, but sadly oh too true.


  9. Nabeki. Thanks for the Greenpeace link. We long ago lost our autonomy to U.S. and multinational corporate ownership, post WW II. No one listened to Walter Gordon. Now the U.S. does what ever it wants in our backyard. As for Tar Sands Canadians are outraged. Now indigenous people are among those leading Tar Sands protests. In Ontario, I along with literally thousands of citizens wrote to McGuinty protesting Ontario’s Coyote Cull, a killing contest organized in blatant disregard of an enacted law prohibiting all inducement money or prizes to hunt wildlife. When called, government pointed to a clause in the agreement that made government and their agents exempt from the law as enacted via a clause guaranteeing their right to invoke Crown Law. Former colonies the U.S. included, have dealt with Crown Law, not Canada. We are children before the law. But administrators in all levels of Ontario Government opposed the Coyote cull/contest as did numerous organizations. My take is in the U.S. wolves will be restored to protected status after the vote getting free for all has been played out.
    I believe you’re right wolves are better of in the U.S. than in Canada. Our government is a sham. Your law makers still retain some force. You remarked, in the 70’s people would have been flooding the streets. I keep seeing thousands of people combing the forests in safety vests warning the wolves. Instead, people have jobs and dependents.There is no reason to believe writing to the providers will make any difference. I’ll find out who they were, how it happened. I will write. It’s important to do what one can. If what we can do is in the end too little that’s all we’ve got. The underlying causes are systemic. You know them well.
    For the Wolves


  10. The following is a Wiki translation
    Danish. when I see pictures of wolves that are caught with one paw in
    trap, see hunters with trophy, wolf, sitting smiles with their victims,
    see the image of hunters sitting in an airplane and shoot wolves, 5
    shot from above, then the wolf hit-dead. Have seen animals in russia, where they catch animals in traps, run in addition to the poor animals and trampling the air out on them HERE I have to say what’s going on in hunter heads ????- HERE I have cried for these poor animals, and these hunters DO have control with, this is murder, and what a world we live in, and here there be justice for animal life, so the killer can get his punishment, so it
    be felt. ANIMALS’s not like against us, the people are the worst. (
    not all). my heart is with the animals, and my friend the wolf shall live here,
    without rules and Stasi sticks and desktop arrangements.
    For the Wolves


  11. So Nabeki, Let’s get on it. That is I will.
    Then again many people visiting this post will want to contact the U.S. Agencies involved.

    Click to access wolfrep95-96.pdf

    It’s way too long to paste. You and everyone on this page will want to read the history. I imagine many contributors have never seen it. I may of course be wrong. This report truly is a mixed pleasure. Most were aerial darted.There were moralities the first year. How could there not be in the land of the brave. None died in capture nor in transfer despite use of leg hold traps in a few instances, a thing I don’t understand.

    The document ends with a very long list of supporters, in three appendices. In truth I have yet to really read it in full.

    Appendix I, individuals and organizations who helped to make the wolf restoration project possible, some with no ready contact information, some can be found.

    Appendix II is a list of publications and authors. Many can be found. These are interested people. Some, many, may already be involved in this struggle on some level.

    Appendix III is a list of all the many organization who were involved in what looks like a loving effort, at least for the most part. All named are American with one exception in the U.K. All have full contact information. All can receive letters and if their phones work phone calls. If individuals have moved on their chairs have been filled. I’ll see what I can find.

    page 9: Trans location

    My job tomorrow, is to read the report cover to cover and to extract info, or find out from leads, especially but not only, what offices, of various Alberta and British Columbia provincial governments were involved in their province’s National Park removal of wolves for relocation to the U.S. That was twenty years ago. Some few may still be there. Some will have moved on. Of those some can be located. And there won’t have been many. Photo captions are good. Individuals mentioned may be reachable. You never know when you’re going to strike gold. Chasing it down will give me time to frame a letter for mail or fax.

    Site Selection
    The wolves translocated in 1995 came from an area east of Jasper National Park, near Hinton, Alberta, Canada, about 550 miles (880 km) north of Yellowstone; those in 1996 came from an area east of
    Williston Lake in British Columbia about 750 miles (1,200 km) north of Yellowstone (Figure 2). Both sites were selected because of their similarities to the Yellowstone area—rolling and rugged terrain, dotted with meadows and forests of aspen, fir, spruce, and lodge pole pine, and supporting a large elk population. In addition,
    wolves in the selected areas were free of rabies, brucellosis,
    and tuberculosis. Canadian and U.S. wildlife agencies had cooperated in past transplant programs, including elk from
    Yellowstone and swift foxes from Wyoming that were sent to Alberta. The Alberta and British Columbia provincial governments approved the translocation with the understanding that humane methods of capture and transport would be used, and that the USFWS would cover the cost. With maps and so on.

    ..below, a bit of trash from The American Farm Bureau Federation
    Legal Issues
    Two lawsuits designed
    to stop the Yellowstone wolf restoration effort
    were filed in late 1994 as the first shipment of wolves was
    en route to Yellowstone. The American Farm Bureau
    Federation and the Rocky Mountain States Legal Foundation
    claimed that the transporting of wolves from Canada
    violated the Endangered Species Act. They argued that
    wolves in Canada were not threatened or endangered, that
    the reintroduced wolves would not be wholly separate
    geographically from naturally occurring wolves, and that
    administrative procedures had been violated and the EIS
    was flawed.
    I wonder where a lawyer was found to say all this.

    A second lawsuit, filed by a Wyoming
    couple, claimed that the existing presence of naturally
    occurring wolves in Yellowstone prohibited their reintroduction.
    As of December 31, 1996, Judge William
    Downes, U.S.

    My reward will be to read later this week, the 1894 pamphlet, Seton’s Lobo the King of Currumpaw published in Scribners.
    For the Wloves

    To Spirit Wolf
    Wolves have no government. They never vote. They agree among themselves and live by the land.


    • Charlot…so much information. It will be interesting to see how this progresses.

      At one point an injunction literally stopped the wolves from being moved. It was very tense. Now I wish it hadn’t happened, to have them brought back just to kill them. That’s why we continue to fight this battle.



  12. Nabeki
    I just got into work. After opening my mail I start.
    I did have some thoughts about strategy. Apart from B.C. and Alberta Govt targets, USFWS would receive cc whatever I send, Corporate donors Nikon, National Geographic, two I remember, and others may like to take an active role. I have no thought of ruling out contacts but I will want to head my list with these two. N.Geographic would mean good, well, great really, outreach and Nikon, a big name, who apart from having their share of philanthropists, may consider their interest. Photography and eco tourism are symbiotic.
    Question. Has National Geographic taken an interest?
    I don’t recall seeing anything on this site that suggests they have.
    I plan to send by attachment because it’s fast though letters are thought better.
    One of the very few attendees of our demo in front of the Consul General, an old friend who works advocacy full time will advise. It has occurred to me, you might like to review such letters to suggest or advise.
    More later.
    For the Wolves


    • Thanks for the update Charlot. You have opened a very interesting “can of wolves”.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  13. I’m searching the net for N. Geographic video and other involvement etc You probably know this. It’s a Yellowstone Park Wolf project pdf.

    Click to access YS_13_1_Smith_sm.pdf

    Please let me know if you’ve seen it. You’ve already posted some NG stuff. I intend to write their Head office or such.
    For now.
    For the Wolves


  14. While searching for contact information of the numerous donors who contributed to the1995/6 translocation of Canadian wolves to Yellowstone
    I found an article with the provocative title,
    Do Wolf Tracks and Few Deer In Your Fall Hunting Area Mean What You Think They Mean? By Glenn D. DelGiudice, Ph.D. of Forest Wildlife Populations & Research Group Minnesota Department of Natural Resources..article reprint courtesy of MDHA Whitetales Magazine
    I thought it might be of interest.
    The answer of course is absolutely not.

    WHITETALES – Fall 009
    The realization that relationships in nature are complex becomes increasingly obvious with continued research and increased understanding of aspects of white-tailed deer ecology, such as movements, survival, and causes of mortality. The wolf-deer and hunter-deer relationships are no exception. Recent research on elk has shown that predation risk from both
    wolves and hunters has significant effects on changes in group size, movement rate, and habitat use for this prey species, but the effect from hunters was stronger.
    Only future research can determine if this applies to white-tailed deer as well. The reasons for low deer numbers in certain hunting areas during some firearm seasons may be several and varied over the years and from location to location. What the current status of our
    knowledge tells us is that it’s not simply a matter of wolves moving into hunting areas and deer disappearing.

    Full article

    Click to access delguidice_wolf_article.pdf

    For the Wolves


  15. I was informed that there is a photo of a dead pregnant wolf, gutted with her 14 dead baby pups laying next to her, with an ignorant yahoo, smiling from ear to ear. I will not look at the photo. I will also boycot each US state that has been mentioned above.


    • That is such a horrific picture. I believe it is a coyote but no matter whether wolf or coyote. No animal should EVER suffer that kind of cruelty. It says everything about the person that did the deed. Absolutely awful.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  16. There are no words and yet I feel her honor and her sacred promise were intact when she died, greater in death than he in life. Today I opened A Language Older Than Words “It became clear that this book had to be different. If I were to be honest, it could only be about outrage, a lamentation, and at the same time a love story about the potential for life and love and happiness we each carry inside but are too afraid to explore. The book would have to be raw and difficult, but it would also have to offer redemption.” Derrick Jensen
    The shooter who separated a wolf and her unborn pups from their spirits was once a child hopeful like the rest. How did a child become he who kills and sneers? The struggle waged on Howling For Justice is a struggle for everything that lives on Earth. Jamie Sams didn’t mean this as an epitaph but I think of her and think maybe she’ll come back.
    Take me gently into the dawn
    Where my dream becomes light
    Uniting with the radiance of the sun
    Shedding the indigo of my spirit’s flight.
    Return me to the waking world
    With vivid images imprinting my heart
    Grasping the maps of newborn paths
    Allowing my life to become living art.

    For the Wolves


    • True it makes no difference wolf or coyote. This individual has illustrated perfectly the link between animal abuse and misogyny
      I’ve tried to find the photo on line. Photos equal a thousand words. Not for every donor, but some few. I’ll try new search strategies tonight but if someone knows the source please post a search key.
      For the Wolves


  17. Oh my! That is repulsive and immature to say the least. To align a bunch of fetus’ in the shape of the number of bodies? How morbid. What is this world coming too? Perhaps it would be best for the wolves to come back at some other point in time…When people are more compassionate and understanding. Too much testosterone and selfishness in this world today. These fools grinning like kids in a candy store over dead animals is enough to make me puke!

    Damn these sick freaks!


    • Please tell me where I can access this photo. I’ve spent hours searching online and a few more paging gun mags around Toronto.
      I want it. It says clearly as no amount of verbiage can what the wolves, what we, are up against. It demonstrates what political manipulators are willing to endorse. For those who unthinkingly believe it matters not what happens to wolves because they are animals, for those who take pleasure in making the other side of an argument sick at heart and mind, the Palins of the United States, the Shea’s of Canada’s Fisheries, people who believe catching an opponent in their human weakness, otherwise known as their humanity, there is an antidote. If I write to Senators to say, look you’re enabling a demographic that abuses children and wives more than any other, if I say, as I already have, that trophy hunters commit more violent crime in society than any other comparable group and supply relevant studies, people politely or angrily defend. But a picture goes straight to the brain.
      Please tell me where I can access it.
      C. Morgan McNeil
      For the Wolves


      • Charlot….that pic is on the Commons..it’s Three Toes, a very famous wolf. You are right it’s a very powerful picture. It says it all.

        Three Toes of Harding County

        Take everything they say on Wiki about this wolf with a grain of salt. The “facts” came from ranchers almost a hundred years ago and we know how trustworthy their accounts of wolf depredations are.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  18. Thanks But I think I’m missing something here. I’m referring to Ellen’s post September 26, a second mention. I’ve found no such photo, not through the link you provided, nor recent. It’s disconcerting. I can’t get stuck. Tomorrow I’ll go to a place that sells other than the most polite hunting magazines and search for coverage of this hunt. I think a photo is a good idea. The one described so reflects misogyny.


  19. Nabeki I found it. Tom Remington Black Bear Blog. An essentially right of humanist anti wolf/coyote journalist, Remington’s caption was more than disrespectful and more than a sneer. The act itself was a supposed reprisal and as photographed an enactment of hatred, a demonstration of justifiable outrage adjudged laudable by its author. Via pretext he appears to defend moral principles. I was tempted to respond to Remington, to suggest he and others learn about the veal industry, historically and as it is currently practiced.

    Wolves do not project. Their lives are immediate as is the life of their prey. They remember. That’s a different capability of a very different quality. The shooter is again, a man at war with life as people at home on that blog must surely be.The coyote was mutilated like a vilified enemy. And as in Nam, when one lives in unceasing terror insanity reigns. If the effect of unbearable stress is similar among different peoples and is also found in non human animals, I say this of my own western European derived culture. We project. Projection is a strategy and a weakness and we have never wanted nor have we asked to need these poor defenses. Father to son for millennia. The unselfaware are treacherous terrified, terrifying.
    What I read puts the photo in a different light though not the misogyny nor the incredible, the conflated violence. I am struck by how easily such an image might be converted to uses I do not intend. Images have wrought change. I’ll think it over.
    For the Wolves


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