The Wolf That Changed America, The Story of Lobo & Blanca..

Lobo and Blanca of the Currumpaw Pack (Published 1889)

“Ever since Lobo”, Seton later wrote, “my sincerest wish has been to impress upon people that each of our native wild creatures is in itself a precious heritage that we have no right to destroy or put beyond the reach of our children.”




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  1. I wish more people would see the wolves as Seton did in 1893. These wolves deserve a chance to live out their lives.
    They are good for ecosystem. Helping to keep the wild herds healthy, by hunting thwe sick,weak,lame and old.
    Double Circle Ranch in Arizona has no problems with the wolves. They ride the ranges every day.


  2. Thank you! Touches the heart!


  3. Now it seems that the Canadian government is blaming everything on the wolves as well:

    “Wolves, Caribou, Tar Sands and Canada’s Oily Ethics” by Chris Genovali (published in The Huffington Post):

    Here’s an extract from the article:

    “…Protecting limited habitat for caribou while killing thousands of wolves as the exploitation of the tar sands continues to expand will not accomplish this goal. Yet, against scientific counsel to lead otherwise, politicians have decided that industrial activities have primacy over the conservation needs of endangered caribou (and frankly, all things living).

    Tar sands cheerleaders try hard to convince Canadians that we can become an ‘energy superpower’ while maintaining our country’s environment. They are of course wrong. Thousands of wolves will be just some of the causalities along the way. Minister Kent and his successors will find more opportunity to feign empathy as Canadians also bid farewell to populations of birds, amphibians, and other mammals, including caribou, that will be lost as collateral damage from tar sands development. The most difficult ministerial message, we suspect, will be this government’s need to issue ongoing apologies for the scores of species that will continue to be poisoned, persecuted and dispossessed because of tar sands development. This raises many difficult questions; in particular, how much of our country’s irreplaceable natural legacy will Canadians allow to be sacrificed at the altar of oil industry greed?”

    So, the tar sands are destroying the boreal forest where the caribou live, but the wolves are getting the blame for the decrease in their population. It’s the same old story again and again and again: wolves get all the blame and the bullets.The stupidity and moral corruption of it all is beyond description.


  4. For my part I’d like to get on a bus, go down there and warn wolves. I read the wiki overview. I’d like to pardon myself for having no savings or car or being unable to leave work to drive with others to where ever, Montana or B.C..
    The king of Currumpaw; a wolf story by Ernest E. Thompson. Illus. by the author. New York, 1894 for anyone who is interested in searching out the original.


  5. Yes,

    Wolves only cull the sick, weak, yound, and LAME. Where would we be if wolves would have culled our dear leader? I am tired of these people. They only care about reelection, not the environment. My leader is the Alpha Male in any pack. For he has more character, compassion, and charisma than any politician.

    Why do they allow this to happen? For a few fat rednecks to get there jollies off? Oh Dear…


  6. Lobo and Blanca were such wonderful Mexican Wolves! Their story is perhaps the most tragic, heart-touching story ever!

    And speaking of Mexican Wolves, did you hear that 5 Mexican Wolves were recently reintroduced into Mexico, just south of the US-Mexico border?


    • NoonvaleWolf…Lobo and Blanca’s story is so touching. It’s a window into the heart of wolves.

      I fear for those five wolves reintroduced. Maybe they’ll have better luck in Mexico then they’ve had in the US.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • I wish more people knew about the story of Lobo and Blanca. Maybe it would open up their hearts to wolves – and animals in general.

        Why fear for the wolves? Aren’t they fully protected in Mexico? I’m sure that they will have better luck in Mexico than they would in the US, as America seems to be becoming more anti-wolf these days. I think it was partly because of the complaining of American ranchers that the reintroduction of the Mexican Wolf into Mexico was delayed, and is probably part of the reason why the Mexican Government did not tell the USFWS about the reintroduction. But isn’t it great that Mexican Wolves have been reintroduced to another former part of their range? And if the recently reintroduced wolves make it to where the other reintroduced wolves are (New Mexico and Arizona), then hopefully the population would be given a genetic boost, which is what the subspecies so desperately needs.


  7. Mexican Gray Wolves are very rare. It is a shame that more people do not appreciate them more.
    143 wolves have been killed in Idaho by both FGWS and hunters. 86 have been killed in Montana by FGWS and hunters.
    When will all of this stop.


  8. Soon. It will be over soon.The woods won’t suddenly fill up with exsport hunters but the rider can be repealed.
    I visited the New Mexico History Museum online.
    A visitor posted to the page and was as angry about then as people are about now. Whoever, went home, threw up, wrote Seton should have been stoned, and hoped he was in hell, burning. But I think Seton must have been in Hell for the rest of his life. Some days more than others. Seton had to accept the unchangeableness of Lobo’s and Blanca’s terrible death and his own unalterable actions. How else could he have written Lobo of Currumpaw? Leopold shot a wolf. He was changed by a dam, her death and the mere sight of the pups as she died. He needed a few moments to know who he’d become. If people aren’t capable of change there’s no hope, not for the wolves, not for Earth. Seton changed. Things can change. Let’s make this crisis pay.
    Learn from Spain. I found this on a British page.
    “In recent years, there has been a sustained press interest in the atrocities involved in bullfighting and fiestas involving animal abuse.This media focus has been not only in Britain but has caused worldwide concern. This has deeply embarrassed the Spanish Government who are under extreme pressure to change their laws. Also, it has made people in general more aware of the cruelties involved in bullfighting and the fiestas, and therefore less likely to visit bullrings.”
    Pro bull fight people argued. “Get your own house in order” is another argument put forward, with reference to our own bloodsports such as hunting and hare-coursing. Well, there is no reason why we can’t support the Spanish Animal Rights movement as well as fighting animal abuse in our own country. An animal doesn’t regard itself as being Spanish when it is being tortured to death — rather it is a member of the animal kingdom being tortured to death by humans. The Animal Rights movement is a worldwide one and should not be restricted by boundaries.”
    Let’s find find some international put down and put trophy hunters on the map. What their homes look like inside. Jammed full of stuffed carcasses. The data on child and wife abuse in sports hunters’ family life needs to go far and wide. What happens where they kill, to the animals.They post exactly what people will despise them for, images and the banter of violence. That information needs to reach a wide circle. There aren’t very many sports hunters, rich or poor. Most people don’t like sports hunting and they don’t like sports hunters only and precisely because they hunt for sport.
    For the Wolves


  9. where are the lobo wolves now?


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