Wolves do not purchase hunting licenses, and most state wildlife managers draw their pay from revenue derived from sale of hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses. That, in brief, is what is wrong with wildlife management in America…. —Ted Williams, 1986

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  1. A very wise saying – but who listens these days? And here the Court has denied an injunction and has not scheduled hearings or anything for the two cases filed against this unlawful hunt, Meanwhile the wonderful people get away literally with Murder – what a great Country we have become – we treated our deadly enemies better than we treat the Animals that rightfully belong here.
    With elections not that far off and I have seen not one Democratic Candidate throwing his bid in – I have a bad feeling that Court will not make any decision until we have gone through the next Election and if Obama should win again (God forbid) things are not going to change. Countless lives – Wolf Lives – will be sacrificed to their Bloodlust and now that some other States have seen how easy it is to throw a rider in something nothing to do with Wolves – there are other States that are thinking of doing the same – of course that sneak attack might not work again – but we have lost this Battle – and if we should win in the end – how many Wolves will we have saved???


    • Morrigan oral arguments have been set for early November. They will be held in Pasadena, Ca., which seems so weird to me, since the case has always been in Judge Molloy’s courtroom.

      As for a Democrat challenging Obama, it won’t happen. The ONLY Democrat that could beat him for the nomination is Hillary and she’s not running. The Democrat Senators are a bunch of rats who betrayed wolves, so I wouldn’t vote for any of the them. We literally have zero choices….another four years of this disaster of a President or probably Mitt Romney.

      Meanwhile while we celebrate our small victory in Oregon, wolves continue to die in Montana and Idaho. The Wyoming shoot on site policy will be fast tracked for next year. These are dark times. People need to get out from behind their computers and protest.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


    • dansk. du har ret, på min ven, ulven, og jeg har virkeligt skrevet til obama, alle de lande der har ulve, hvor de bliver slagtet, har her fra danmark, hvor jeg kæmper for ulven, som jeg elsker højt , i 60 år, og har nu blevet godt dygtigt på computer i 3 år, så jeg kan komme rundt i verden, for at skrige ud til ulvehader, og jeg stopper ikke min kamp for den, og at se jægere med smil på, kan jeg ikke tåle, så bliver mit brev endnu mere klart, og godt jeg har ulve-venner, nogen stykker i denmark, men har dem på facebook. VI kæmper, en dag må være god, hvor ulven lever, der trives skoven. menneskerne har stjålet ulvens revir. hej fra vibeke hansen, denmark.

      Sorry for the poor translation vibeke but it does convey what you are saying, albeit not in the best English.

      You’re right, my friend, the wolf, and I’ve really written for obama, all countries have wolves where they are slaughtered, here from Denmark, where I am fighting for the wolf, whom I love dearly for 60 years and has now been well skilled in the computer for 3 years so I can get around the world to scream out to the wolves hate, and I will not stop my fight for it and seeing hunters with a smile, I can not tolerate, so will my letter even more clear, and well I have wolf-friends, some pieces in denmark, but have them on facebook. We are fighting, one day may be good, where the wolf lives that thrive forest. humans have stolen wolf hunting area. hello from Vibeke Hansen, Denmark.


      • Can someone translate that for me? I speak three languages but this is not one of them.


      • Morrigan. I don’t speak Danish either so I use Google translate, which isn’t the best translator in the world but it’s better then having nothing or having to buy a translator.


        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • How nice to get support from other Countries – and duh Nabeki – thinking of the translator we have on Google and other sites did not even come to mind lol – sorry what do you except from an ancient Woman that is in a very cruddy mood over these poor Wolves –

        Thank you for pointing it out – it seems that the hate for Wolves is just about worldwide – how sad and I know there are old Legends and stuff – but it is time to do some research before you just go out and kill them –


  2. How can a rider in the bill to balance the Federal budget ethically be allowed to take the wolf off the Endangered Species list. Now they are being hunted for the purpose of eliminating the wolves. Many years ago the wolves were huntes in the USA to near extinction. Much effort has been made to integrate them back into the balance of nature. Now Wyoming, Montana and Idaho are doing the same thing again. These states want to replace the wolf with man as the sole predator of wildlife, especiaaly the caribou. Sell as many wolf hunting permits as possible.


    • That is the big question – how could it be legal or ethical – the second question is – why have the Courts done absolutely nothing in all this time? Yes – Something Evil this Way cometh – and no – no Dem is going to run against Obama – but Romney might win. I would not want to vote for either –
      To my surprise I found out today that Secretary Clinton is all FOR the Keystone Pipeline –

      What has happened to my Country of Dreams??? I don’t know but I sure would not expect to live in a Country that has the longest War ever and it’s not really our War – so why are we broke? It’s like we are killing our own Country piece by piece – in Wars – the Animals – Pollution – what a Nightmare –



  3. Ted Williams was a great baseball player and I had the opportunity to meet him when I was a child and he participated in the “Jimmy Fund” Parade in Amesbury, Massachusetts.
    His statement about hunting permits being “big business” is so true and Montana is a good example where 4,000-6,000 Wolf Permits were sold to kill 220 wolves.


  4. Whoa! Talk about a conflict of interest!


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