Paul Watson, Speaking Truth To Power….

Sea Shepherd’s Capt. Paul Watson On The Whale That Changed His Life


This is Sea Shepherd Conservation Society


Paul Watson interview made in September 2008 in the UK (part 2)


The Whale Warrior Pirate for the Sea Paul Watson, Martin Sheen, Ron Colby

“I am a conservationist and that is my business, getting in trouble. I’m here to say things people do not want to hear and to do things people do not want to see. I’m here to piss people off. That is my job.”….Paul Watson


What Paul is saying doesn’t just apply to the oceans, it translates to the war being waged on land against our apex predators, like the wolf and other wildlife.  Whale Wars is not any different from Wolf Wars or Grizzly Wars or Nature Wars.  It’s a culture clash between one group of people who value the importance of intact ecosystems and living in harmony with nature and those who feel they hold dominion over the earth and are free to do with it as they will, without thought or  consequence.

Fluke of a Sperm Whale


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