World Event To End Animal Cruelty Today….

Thank you Louise, your beautiful voice rings out loud and clear as a clarion call to the world. Free animals from their suffering. Respect all life on earth, we are all connected.

“The international World Event to End Animal Cruelty will take place on Saturday, the 8th of October 2011. I have written this song at the request of Dawn Groth, the President / Founder of WEEAC. It is my humble contribution to this great event.”….Louise du Toit


warning graphic video

Think about these pigs when you eat bacon, pork roast or anything with a pig face. These are highly intelligent sentient beings  who will never feel the touch of human kindness, their lives are filled with pain and suffering from beginning to end.  Factory farming is evil personified, an animal holocaust that goes on every second of every day, 365 days a year.  Go Vegan.

End Factory Farming

For the animals,


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  2. In Montana, Factory Farming is similar to our “Feed Lots”. Feed Lots are small pens where the animals can barely turn around. There is very little grass or anything to eat on the ground and the animals are knee deep in their own wastes. These animals are often sold to the government as institutional food, including our public schools.
    Predators chasing down prey are not as cruel as human beings are to animals.


    • Tony…I was told something disgusting by a truck driver friend of mine. I can’t remember what state he was in but in many of the feetlots cows are standing on their own poop. He swears he saw a truck spraying vitamins into the feed lot to cover the poop, so the cows could eat their own excrement. He was shocked and so was I. Can you imagine what is in some of the beef products people eat? Ugggh and those poor, poor cows.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  3. It can’t be said often enough. Where sale of hunting licences is high, the number of successfully prosecuted incidents of child sexual abuse in family, and wife abuse are also high, higher than in otherwise comparable areas of the U.S. I’m not sure that knowledge gets us anywhere. It’s not just the United States. Western culture is bankrupt. I just copied the terms of a proposed revision of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Animals and like the International Declaration of the Rights of the Child, that is not universally ratified it will be a statement of promise.
    It’s important to remain optimistic. How else can this effort, the by now thousands of web sites that exist in defence animals go on posting into this madness?
    Universal Declaration of Animal Rights
    based on the 21st Century
    Article 1
    All animals have equal rights to exist within the context of biological equilibrium. This equality of rights does not overshadow the diversity of species and of individuals.
    Article 2
    All animal life has the right to be respected.
    Article 3
    1°- Animals must not be subjected to bad treatments or to cruel acts.
    2°- If it is necessary to kill an animal, it must be instantaneous, painless and cause no apprehension. Definition of Necessary (animal is sick or injured, that medical care cannot heal; animal is rabid; or in a case of self-defense)
    3°- A dead animal must be treated with decency.
    Article 4
    1°- Wild animals have the right to live and to reproduce in freedom in their own natural environment.
    2°- The prolonged deprivation of the freedom of wild animals, hunting and fishing practiced as a pastime, as well as any use of wild animals, are contrary to this fundamental right.
    Article 5
    1°- Any animal which is dependent on people has the right to proper sustenance and care.
    2°- It must under no circumstances be abandoned or killed unjustifiably. Only Justifiable Reasons (animal is sick and cannot be helped medically)
    3°- All forms of breeding and uses of the animal, will be considered unacceptable. Breeding is only necessary if to help save an endangered species survival. Uses of animals of any kind are unjustifiable.
    4°- No longer using animals in exhibitions, shows and films. Any use of an animal must be agreed upon by that animals human companion, then they must be treated with respect, dignity, and absolutely no violence in any way shape or form.
    Article 6
    1°- Any and ALL Experiments on animals violate the rights of animals.
    2°- Replacement methods must be developed and systematically implemented.
    Article 7
    Any act unnecessarily involving the death of an animal, and any decision leading to such an act, constitute a crime against life.
    Definition of Necessary is definied in Article 3, Item number 2
    Article 8
    1°- Any act compromising the survival of a wild species and any decision leading to such an act are tantamount to genocide, that is to say, a crime against the species.
    2°- The massacre of wild animals, and the pollution and destruction of biotopes are acts of genocide.
    Article 9
    1°- The specific legal status of animals and their rights must be recognised by law.
    2°- The protection and safety of animals must be represented at the level of Governmental organizations.
    Article 10
    Educational and schooling authorities must ensure that citizens learn from childhood to observe, understand and respect animals.

    The Universal Declaration of Animal Rights was solemnly proclaimed in Paris on 15 October 1978 at the UNESCO headquarters.
    The text, revised by the International League of Animal Rights in 1989, was submitted to the UNESCO Director General in 1990 and made public that same year.


    For the animals
    And I have come to think that many people especially resent wildness, the freedom of wolves for instance.


    • Thanks Charlot for articulating the tenets of animal rights.

      Article 8
      1°- Any act compromising the survival of a wild species and any decision leading to such an act are tantamount to genocide, that is to say, a crime against the species.
      2°- The massacre of wild animals, and the pollution and destruction of biotopes are acts of genocide.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  4. Dearest Nabeki, thank you so much for your great support with WEEAC and for sharing “The Time Has Come”. This event to end animal cruelty must be an ongoing one; day in and day out, month after month, year after year, for as long as we live, we must continue to work towards delivering animals from their suffering, until the very last one is safe and able to live a life of freedom, the latter which is the right of every being on earth. Sending you my sincere love and affection, Louise


    • Dear Louise,
      I am totally committed to stopping animal abuse/cruelty. I’d like to see the end of trophy hunting in our lifetimes. 12% of the population running rampant, killing our wildlife and for what, so they can take pictures smiling over the dead corpses, looking like they’ve just won the lottery. Animal abuse comes in all forms and it’s our job to to expose it wherever and whenever we see it. Your beautiful song is so moving, I cry every time I listen to it. Thank you again for all you do for animals.

      Blessed be .xxxooxx

      For the wolves,


  5. Nabeki,
    Thank you so much for this. Non human animals used for food are the most abused ones. Having done many under cover videos, I can tell you that what your truck driver friend told you is mild compared to what actually happens. They use animals euthanized in shelters and use that in dog/cat food.
    Humans are so very very cruel. I have seen so much atrocity that I now have PTSD. I will continue fighting for the animals as long as I live.

    The best thing we can do for them is not to eat them, not take their babies and not use their skin. PLEASE do not give money to HSUS nor peta. These so called animal rights groups actually advocate killing animals.


    • So sorry to hear you have PTSD over this Nancy, it is soul crushing. I know how you feel, the constant bad news, knowing wolves are being hunted, feeling helpless and the real horror, trapping, hasn’t even started in Idaho yet. I fear for the wolves.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


    • I personally take exception to some of PETA’s campaigns. HSUS has made controversial decisions. Both have done great work. It’s a hard to make a judgment call. Please share whatever information you have about HSUS and PETA.

      For the Wolves


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