Billings Gazette: “Howling for Wolves in Helena: A rally to stop the killing of wolves”

October 14, 2011

Here is Brooks Fahy, of Predator Defense ,speaking  out for wolves @ the Helena Rally today. Thank you Brooks for your passionate words in defense of these iconic animals, who are being brutalized for sport. I also want to thank Dr. Catherine Feher and all wolf advocates that came to Helena to support wolves.

Billings Gazette

Howling for Wolves in Helena: A rally to stop the killing of wolves

This is what rallies are  about.  We have just begun to fight!!


Wolf Rally Demands End to Wolf Slaughter

By KFBB News Team

Story Created: Oct 14, 2011 MDT

Story Updated: Oct 14, 2011 at 5:39 PM MDT

Wolf advocates headed to the state capitol today, demanding an end to wolf slaughtering.Members of Friends of Animals, Predator Defense, and Howl Across America held a rally outside of the state capitol to tell Governor Schweitzer to stop the assault on gray wolves.


Protesters gather in Helena to protest wolf hunt

Posted: Oct 14, 2011 12:30 PM by Marnee Banks (Helena)
Updated: Oct 14, 2011 12:30 PM


Video: Courtesy Billings Gazette
Photo: Top Courtesy All About Wolves
Photo: Bottom KRTV
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  1. I tried to enter a comment on that web site. But could not get into it. So I am saying what I would have said on it.
    Wolves are very important part of our ecosystem. They help keep the forest alive and keeps the wild-herds healthy. By keeping the wild-herd moving, then the herds are healthy by them hunting the sick, weak, lame and old of the wild-herds. The wild-herds are moving and this keeps the forest alive and the grasses.


  2. The predators are the Sports Hunters and the Ranchers, Farmers and Politicians, not the wolves.


  3. THANKYOU! I agree bring the cameras to the hunts & the film to the TV sets. HURRAY but HURRY!!


  4. These wolf hunts should be published in newspapers throughout the states. Not only be written about in Montana and for websites! Let the nation know and more people will get on the band wagon to oppose the wolf hunts.


    • I talked to Mike Garrity with Alliance for the Wild Rockies. He is working hard to get the wolves saved. He needs our help. By getting the word out and our support as far what ever we can afford.
      His address is Alliance for the Wild Rockies P.O. Box 505 Henena,Mt 59624, I plan to make a payment to him and his cause for the wolves.
      He is the only one that i know of who has told me the truth.In Idaho there has been 60 wolves killed by hunters and 83 by the Government Agencies in all 143 in Idaho. 71 wolves killed by Government Agencies and 15 killed by the hunters in Montana, in all 86 in Montana.
      Fish Game and Wildlife are suppose to be for the Wildlife and not for the killing of them.


      • Barbara…that’s why the wolf hunts are do deadly because Wildife Service killers continue to kill wolves. wolves are being hit with both barrels. The states know this and that is why they are hurrying to kill as many wolves as possible very quickly. It will be a hollow victory indeed when the guns, traps, arrrows are stopped and there are no wolves left to save next year. Mike Garritty of AWR and the rest of the groups pushing back against the slaughter, through the appeal to the Ninth Circuit, need our support. There are so many intervenors in the lawsuit that are anti-wolf, with deep, deep pockets, that want to see wolves hunted and destroyed.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • This is why I have been bombarding them with a lot of emails.


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