80 Wolves Dead In Idaho/Montana Hunts….

Remember the fallen: mothers, fathers, puppies, wolf families destroyed.

Wolves are dying every day.

Speak out, visit Howl Across America and join other wolf advocates who are standing up for wolves.

Say NO To The Wolf Hunts!!


On November 8th, the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will revisit the request, by conservation groups, for an emergency injunction to stop the wolf hunts.

Appeals court allows wolf hunts in Idaho, Montana but will consider injunction

The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday denied the emergency motion for injunction pending appeal, saying the request from the Alliance for the Wild Rockies  “seeks relief prior to oral argument.” The court said it will consider the motion during oral arguments scheduled for Nov. 8.

Read more: http://www.allheadlinenews.com/articles/90062917?Appeals%20court%20allows%20wolf%20hunts%20in%20Idaho%2C%20Montana%20but%20will%20consider%20injunction#ixzz1bJOkdOMF
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
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  1. This whole scenario is just outrageous and makes me wish wolves could shoot humans.





    • Barbara your prayer brought me to tears.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Nabeki, I wish more people would come to tears. Maybe the wolf killings would stop.
        I have another prayer I need help with, Jean Ossorio is coming to UTEP here in El Paso,Tx. I have no transportation. I need someone to help me get there to the Centennial Museum for a talk on Mexican Gray Wolves 10-26-11. I have been trying to get a rally started for Mexican Gray Wolves.


  3. I believe a grave mistake has been make in the name of politics. The wolf is not over-killing anything. Defenders of Wildlife have shown the farmers a very effective way of keeping their herds safe from any possible wolf predator. There are so many other predators out there that the wolf is not a threat. The wolf will go after wild herds, deer, elk, bison…and take down the weak and the old which in turn makes the herd stronger. A wolf hunt is successful on the average of 1 out of 14 attempts. He keeps the herds moving so they don’t overgraze, therefore, new grass has a chance to grow, new trees, fauna, birds have places to build their homes and raise their young. The wolf is not an aggressive animal unless rabid, (must be proven) cornered or is protecting their young like any parent would. They are a very social animal and extremely important to our Ecological System. I call them the Sentries. They keep things the way God had planned and are a friend to Mother Nature. Please put them back on the Endangered list, if not only for their sake but for your children’s sake, and their children. They are the least aggressive of all the predators out there. They have a tendency to stay away from man. Wonder why? Thank you.


    • Thank you Anne DiNucci.

      I found your comment so enlightening. I was extremely lucky to be able to scratch and pat a live wolf at the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary in California last May.
      They are such magnificent creatures and even though I was a bit disappointed that I could not see them in their natural habitat, it was better than seeing them behind bars.
      If you do not mind, I would like to quote your comment, on other animal welfare sites and on my own, if I ever get the chance to change it. My site is: http://www.topical.co.za. I am a member of Care2 and the Animal Rescue site, both of which I go onto daily to donate.The easiest way to get hold of me is on my regular email: allan911@telkomsa.net.
      Once again thank you for the information, I really enjoyed reading it.
      Hugs, Allan Booyjzsen.


      • Wolves are told to be evil animals. Which they are not. Governors, Politicians and Rancher and Farmers are to blame.

        Also the F.G.W.S. which are suppose to protect wildlife are to blame too.


    • Anne, what an excellent description of wolves and their contributions as apex predators. Beautifully done.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


    • Why are people so freaked out over wolves moving in? I live in Northern Maine, i have a forest in my backyard, a bear even has a den on my property. I’m more afraid of running into bears here then a wolf because i know the chances of a wolf seeking me out for food are ridiculously low, wolf photographers that seek wolves out have tough time just finding them sicne their so shy! Where a bear could attack just from fear (i have nothing against bears, i think they’re cute but i know the limits of wild animals and promote respect to ALL nature) Lets say bears weren’t so common in America, and we wanted to bring bears back…people would freak out just like they do about wolves! Why? Cuz of irrational fears. Mainers are used to bears and we pretty much think nothing of them, cuz we’ve learned to accept their presence, so why cant we simply do that for wolves too? People die more from dogs, DEER, (hunters) and PIGS than from wolves every year! These guys need to quit riding the Little Red Riding Hood and actually start LISTENING to the scientists and biologists that actually spend their lives studying wolves! You’d think they would figure that the biologists probably know a little bit more about wolves then the hunters do -_-


      • Jenniffer, it stems from the BIG BAD WOLF theory. This is why wolves are so feared.
        People do not rea;lize that the wolves will not come in comtact with humans. Unless they come near their dens or the pack. They will run away. But when it comes to the babies the mother wolves will fight to the death.
        Unlike some humans, they will not fight to the death. Other parents who love their children will defend their children to the death.


  4. I asked this before, but got no answer. Why are wolves being killed at such a high rate in Idaho this year when Idaho struggled for 7 months in the last hunt and never did reach their quota for 220 wolves? Does anyone have an opinion on that?


    • Judy….I believe hunters are sharing information with each other on wolves locations, maybe even telemetry. So much has happened since the first hunt, which occurred just a few months after wolves were delisted. The forces against wolves have increased ten fold since 2009 and it’s going to get much, much worse if the Ninth Circuit doesn’t grant the injunction.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  5. Your web is super. You write for good things. Wolves are my favourite animals. I love only them. I hate people, who killing them. I make similar web in Czech Republic (so sorry for bad english). I hope that one day the wolves will again be able to live without fear.


    • Haimi, I love wolves too. They deserve to be loved and protected. Wolves are a benefit to our ecosystem. They help to keep the wild-herds healthy by hunting the sick,weak,lame and old. Yes they do get the young sometimes too.
      It is the anti-wolfers who are to blame. Because of their mouths speaking against the wolves, is the problem we have. GOD, please stop this senseless killing of the wolves. Please everyone put your prayers on this link for the wolves too. Thank You. Barbara


  6. TIme after time it has been shown that wolves are a benefit to the eco system. It is driminal that they get no respect from these deadly wolf hunters


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