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This opinion piece appeared in Alaska’s Peninsula Clairion, the daily newspaper of the Kenai Peninsula.  Once again wolves are being targeted and scapegoated. Not much different then what is happening in the Northern Rockies.


Wolves unfairly targeted for predator control

Posted: October 30, 2011 – 10:33am
By Roy Huhndorf

In reference to the article in the Oct. 24 edition of the Clarion regarding the proposal to allow aerial wolf hunting on the Kenai Peninsula and in response to today’s readers’ poll, it appears that a relatively innocent wild species will suffer unfairly because of the political cowardice of the Board of Fish and Game and our governor.

In this case, wolves will be singled out for aerial slaughter while the real killers — bears, poachers and excessive hunting rules escape untouched. Statistics show that wolves are responsible for a mere 6 percent of moose kills while bears are responsible for up to 50 percent. Hunters, both legal and illegal, and car collisions account for the rest of the mortality. Should wolves, an intelligent and irrationally maligned species be made the scapegoat so that the Board and Administration can claim that “the state is doing something”?

Perhaps an even more important question is whether the Kenai Peninsula and, in fact, the rest of Alaska should be managed as a wild game farm for hunters and wealth-privileged clients of big game guides. I have done my share of fishing and hunting for food but I believe that Alaska’s wildlife resources should be managed for the broadest possible enjoyment of all of our citizenry — including the ever growing number of those participating in wildlife viewing and photography and with the simple knowledge that our fellow beings can coexist with us in their natural state in the beautiful environment of the Kenai Peninsula.


Photo: Courtesy Friends of Animals

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