Snaring, Killing Wolves With A Smile…

Warning Graphic Video

No words can describe this video, it was shot in Canada but gives you a glimpse into the stark reality Idaho wolves are facing. The snares are indiscriminate killers. Wolf pups can be snared as easily as adults. Any animal tame or wild is @ risk.

A wolves’ life is very hard, they’re only successful in bringing down prey once every ten attempts.  Trapping and snaring is turning their lives into a living hell.

  Speak out for them!

Black in White (Courtesy Collin Bogle)



Governor Butch Otter

Mailing Address:
999 Main St, Suite 910
Boise, ID 83702

 Phone: 208-334-2100

Fax: (208) 334-3454


Idaho Fish and Game Commissioners

Panhandle Region

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Clearwater Region

Fred Trevey


Southwest Region

Bob Barowsky


Magic Valley Region

Wayne Wright


Southeast Region

Randy Budge


Upper Snake Region

Kenny Anderson

Salmon Region

Gary Power


Idaho Fish and Game

IDFG Director Virgil Moore:

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Jon Rachael, IDFG Wildlife Dept.

(208) 334-2920

Idaho Fish and Game General Numbers Click Here


Idaho tourism office


Write the Potato Commission


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