Thanks To Obama and Congress, Horse Slaughter Is Again Legal In US… » beauity-of-the-wild horse wallpaper

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  1. The newspapers are at fault for not publishing news concerning the politics about what is happening to horses, bison, wolves and endangered species very often. I can’t understand why. It seems that it should be big news. If the American people became more aware, more opposition to animal atrocities would take place.


  2. President Obama I know you have a great sense of humor but I really don’t find the subject of horse
    slaughter funny. I hope you’re kidding because if not, I’m not going to like you anymore. I adore these
    animals and when I tell you that at 83 years of age I’ve found time again that animals are much more
    trustworthy than humans, you can believe me. Any thought of hurting these beautiful animals is unacceptable. As we say in New Jersey…..”FORGET ABOUT IT”


    • Loretta..Obama is a lost cause. From the moment he took office he has been in charge of the wolf and wild horse slaughter. He doesn’t care about them, period.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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