Wolf B 412: A Life Snuffed Out, A Life Remembered…

B412’s story was the result of a collaboration between myself and a dedicated wolf advocate and friend.

Every wolf  killed in Idaho and Montana’s wolf  jihad is special. Because wolves are hard to observe in these states, unlike Yellowstone National Park, it’s rare any one wolf becomes familiar to wolf supporters but wolf B412, was such a wolf.

She was born in mid-April 2006, a member of the Soldier Mountain Pack, named for a beautiful mountain range north of Fairfield, Idaho, about 110 miles from Boise.  Like much of Idaho, the Soldier Mountain Pack had to contend with sheep and cattle on public land grazing allotments.

Sheep grazing may appear to be a tranquil use of meadows and forests, but sheep are helpless and cannot defend themselves against a cocker spaniel, let alone a wolf or coyote. Guard dogs are used by some sheepmen, but the ranching industry relies mostly on Wildlife Servicesto trap, snare or shoot any wolf, coyote, fox, bear or mountain lion that’s spotted anywhere near livestock.

Wolves are scorned by Idaho Governor Butch Otter and his hand-picked Fish and Game Commissioners. These men – nicknamed the death squad – are trying to reduce what’s left of Idaho’s 800 wolves, down to 200 or less.

This was the situation a little, black female wolf pup faced, along with her pack in 2006.

Soldier Mountains Where B412 Was Born

Ranchers are not required to take any measures that might help wolves survive. Example: bands of sheep, numbering 2500 ewes and lambs, are frequently herded to known wolf denning and rendezvous sites in the mountains. Ranchers have public land grazing allotments to graze cattle and sheep – land that belongs to all Americans. Sheep herders who come to America, mostly from Peru, work for $700 a month or less and live in a sheep wagon most of the year. Their pay is the same whether they protect sheep from predators like wolves, or not. If a lamb dies of illness or injury, it’s often blamed on wolves.

The result: IDFG issues a control order to remove wolves and sends Wildlife Services on a killing mission. Wildlife Services is a federal government agency, under the U.S. Dept of Agriculture. Wildlife Services, a misnomer, sends agents to trap or snare any wolf they can find, or launches an air attack using a helicopter or fixed wing airplane. Your tax dollars at work.

The Soldier Mountain Pack had chosen their home range in a spectacular mountain landscape. But some people, especially ranchers with strong political connections, have determined that wolves will not exist. Coexisting with wolves is something Idaho has no intention of ever doing under the reign of Governor Butch Otter.

The Soldier Mountain Pack was implicated in some proven and probable livestock losses. It’s uncertain what happened, but in the fall of 2008, a young, black female wolf ended up far from her home territory.

And then trouble struck. The young wolf made the mistake of putting her paw into a coyote trap. Why any civilized human traps coyotes or any other animal, is hard if not impossible to understand. But in the fall of 2008, she was caught in a trap. The result: IDFG came to the scene and fixed a radio collar on her neck. At that time, scars of other trapping encounters were evident.

Right paw – missing two toes.

The wolf was missing two toes on her right foot. She apparently had been caught in a trap set for coyotes and managed to pull the trap free from its stake, leaving the area before the trapper came back to kill her. Squished in the trap, two of her front toes eventually dropped off the rest of her paw. She was free from the trap but paid a painful price. Now she was crippled.

Soon she was tricked again by an expert trapper, as indicated by the scar above her two remaining toes. Somehow, she was able to free herself from the trap and survive. A scar is visible on her right paw above her toes.

Scar Rt. Paw From Coyote Trap. Fresh scar on left foot.
Once the wolf was radio collared, she became known as Idaho Wolf B412. She now had a sore left foot and a mangled right foot. A wolf lives by it’s feet. It would take incredible courage for B412 to survive.

Gash on left paw shows further damage from a trap

The story moves to the Spring of 2009. Wolf B412 was being monitored by IDFG agents, as they do with all radio-collared wolves in Idaho. B412 was now three years old. She whelped her first litter of pups. There were only two other adult wolves with her. We know now, she had six pups. In early summer, 2009, a calf was killed 10 miles from the location B412 had her pups. According to agency documents, the order was to kill a wolf. Apparently it didn’t matter whether it was B412 or one of the other two wolves with her.

One adult wolf was “howled” out and killed. This means that a trained agent, imitates the howl of a wolf, and when it appears, he shoots it with a high powered rifle.

B412 eventually moved several miles away. In August, a biologist working for the Sawtooth National Forest, discovered five dead wolf pups in Ditto Flat.  Law enforcement was notified and officers retrieved the pups and also found a 6th. The conclusion: canine parvo was the culprit, it was found in the remains of two of the pups. Witnesses at the sad scene stated B412 was in the area and howled mournfully for her pups.

Then B412 disappeared. Her radio collar signal was not picked up on the IDFG monthly wolf survey flights. They use collar telemetry to pin point wolves’ locations.  All to0 often,  this information is shared, leading to dead wolves.

Where Was B412?

In 2011, a crippled, black collared wolf was seen in Blaine County, Idaho. It was B412, many miles from her original home. Much of Blaine County is a green, progressive, conservation-minded place. It’s one of two Idaho counties that voted for Obama. There’s a saying: I don’t live in Idaho, I live in Blaine County.

Unfortunately, the southern part of Blaine County is red neck and anti-wolf. B412 was on hostile ground near Bellevue and Carey, two tiny Blaine County villages. Those who knew B412 was in the area, didn’t say a word to anyone.

Then, in the summer of 2011, a man who had a bear baiting station caught a collared wolf on his remote camera. It wasn’t B412, but it was a gray wolf with a collar. That sent IDFG out searching for collared wolves, using an airplane, they found B412, who had been missing for nearly two years. Now that IDFG knew where she was – it was the beginning of the end for her.

Unfortunately, the enemies of wolves and all predators, continue to push to destroy wolves like B412. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has become a huge force against wolves like B412. Apparently, elk are only for humans to hunt and kill.

When two sheep and a calf were killed several miles from B412 – IDFG called out the “Wildlife Services aerial gunning squad” to find B412 and “kill any offending wolves”. It didn’t matter if  B412 was responsible for killing livestock.

Friends of B412 kept an eye on her and her four black pups.

When the pups got older and could travel, B412 moved several miles. She was well hidden in an area with plentiful food, from rodents to deer and elk.

In late August, a calf was killed on a ranch 7 miles away. It wasn’t just any ranch, it belonged to a well-known public figure, who had been in the Idaho Legislature, and was considered by some to be an environmentalist. But, it’s now clear, that the rancher has no use for wolves or any animal that threatened his cattle and sheep. Wildlife Services stations an agent next to his ranch for the entire summer.

Observers knew B412 wasn’t anywhere near the ranch at the time the calf was killed. But, she was the closest collared wolf. Because the calf was left out in the open in hot weather from Sunday morning until Tuesday – it’s no surprise coyotes, foxes, ravens, wolves, eagles and magpies – all showed up to feed on the calf carcass.

Maybe a wolf killed the calf, maybe it didn’t. Wildlife Services can only continue to exist if they declare any dead calf or lamb, cow or ewe, a wolf kill.

Tragically, on the morning of August 31st, 2011, Wildlife Services swept down upon the ranch and shot three wolves and four coyotes. B412  escaped with her life,  running into the trees. Unfortunately, her yearling son, and two pups of the year,  did not survive the gunning.

B412 was heard howling, mourning for her off spring.

Almost three months later, on Sunday, November 27th, B412 herself, was shot by a wolf hunter. She was five years old. She had crippled, maimed feet. She weighed only 83 pounds. She was shot in an area that is only accessible via a locked gate, where there is private land belonging to the same ranch that allowed the August 31st aerial killing of B412’s yearling son and two pups.

B412’s two surviving pups are orphans now, grieving for their mother. There may be 1 or 2 adult wolves with them, who will teach them to hunt and survive.  But, sadistic humans, who hunt wolves, will be targeting them.

B412 was five  years old when she was shot by a wolf hunter on Sunday, November 27, 2011. The clouds over the Little Wood River country wept, as did all who are fighting for Idaho’s wolves.

What can you do to help? Support groups who are working on behalf of wolves in the Northern Rockies. Please, before you write a check, ask organizations where they stand on wolf hunting, trapping and snaring.  Depending on their answer you can open your check book or close it! Give instead to organizations who support and defend the right of wolves to exist in peace.

Please do not buy garments, footwear or other items made from the fur of animals.

Speak out for wolves, I hope B412’s  story will move you to act. She lived a hard life, caught in three traps, leaving both front paws maimed. She lost 6 puppies to parvo and three to Wildlife Service killers.

Wolves are not just faceless, nameless numbers. They’re highly social, intelligent animals who are  suffering,  due to ignorance, hate and arrogance.

Here are a few important facts  to carry with you:

Idaho lost 86, 900 cattle to non-predation in 201o (NASS).  This includes digestive, metabolic and respiratory problems, mastitis, lameness and injury, weather, poisoning and theft. Just 75 cows were lost to wolves.  Domestic dogs and coyotes are a bigger threat to cattle. Yet wolves are treated like terrorists, tracked and hounded,  now hunted with traps and snares.  Is this what was intended for the iconic wolf , brought back from the brink in the lower 48, just 16 years ago, only to be exterminated once more?

Remember B412!!

Speak out for Idaho wolves before it’s too late!

Anti-wolf bumper stickers as seen in Hailey, Idaho. Ignorance seems to have the upper hand in Idaho when it comes to wolves.


Elusive wolf shot by hunter near Carey

Alpha female had survived 3 kill orders




Do not use profanity. IDFG = Idaho Dept. of Fish & Game. These two men have considerable power over the wildlife in IDFG’s Magic Valley Region in the southern part of the state. The Region includes the towns of Twin Falls, Burley, Rupert, Buhl, Hagerman, Jerome, Gooding, Mountain Home, Fairfield, Bellevue, Hailey, Ketchum, Sun Valley and Picabo.

Dr. Wayne Wright,  IDFG Commissioner

Magic Valley Region


Jerome Hansen, IDFG Supervisor

Magic Valley Region


Points to mention – please mention if you are an Idaho resident, a current or past visitor to Idaho, or have (had) plans to visit Idaho:

•Wolves are intelligent, charismatic animals who live in families, just like us. I would like to be able to view wolves in Idaho w/o someone trying to shoot, trap or snare them.

•I am very disappointed that Wolf B412 was recently shot by a hunter in your region. This wolf endured much in her short life, including the loss of two toes to a trap, and the loss of three of her pups this past summer. Now her two remaining pups are orphaned and will probably not survive. Yet, IDFG encourages hunters to kill wolves of any age, apparently to satisfy some blood thirst, a hatred of wolves, or to sell wolf tags for $11.75. What a waste. IDFG and its commissioners should be ashamed.

•Idaho’s treatment of wolves – shooting, trapping, snaring, aerial gunning – is inhumane & has no place in a civilized society, Idaho is already looked upon as a 3rd World Country existing within the United States, and your wolf killing plan furthers this impression.

•The indiscriminate killing of wolves of any age, as advocated by the Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game and the IDFG Commissioners, is spotlighting Idaho as a backwater state, that you wouldn’t want to visit, let alone call home. The wolf snaring and trapping season is a danger to anyone who has dogs or small children.

•Ranchers are being irresponsible in protecting their livestock from predators and IDFG is encouraging this by willingly ordering the slaughter of any wolves that might exist within miles. There is no accountability whatsoever on the part of sheep or cattle ranchers. I will no longer eat beef or lamb that comes from Idaho.

•IDFG’s management of wolves has drawn attention to the mismanagement of ranchers and their livestock. Like never before, public lands ranching is under scrutiny and I for one support, the removal of all livestock from my public lands. IDFG used to stand up for wildlife, now it appears you are but another pawn for the powerful cattle and sheep ranches.

•IDFG’s war on wolves – with the goal of killing by any means possible – all but 200 wolves in the state, has also drawn attention to big game outfitters who have made it clear they dislike wolves. I will never hire an outfitter who hunts wolves. I will boycott any business that supports the hunting of wolves. I will urge my friends and family to boycott Idaho until IDFG changes it’s campaign against wolves.



Gov. Butch Otter

Phone: 208-334-2100

Fax: (208) 334-3454


Idaho Fish and Game Commissioners


Panhandle Region

Tony McDermott


Clearwater Region

Fred Trevey


Southwest Region

Bob Barowsky


Southeast Region

Randy Budge


Upper Snake Region


Salmon Region

Gary Power


Idaho Fish and Game

IDFG Director Virgil Moore:

(208) 334-3771



Jon Rachael, IDFG Wildlife Dept.

(208) 334-2920  


Idaho Fish and Game General Numbers Click Here


Idaho tourism office



Write the Potato Commission



Photos: Courtesy of  Idaho WildWolf Images Copyright 2011

Top Wolf Photo: Courtesy Animal Pictures Archive

Elk Photo: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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  1. So very sad. This small glimpse into the desperate life of this one special wolf brings to light the fact that every wolf is special, just like every animal is special. They all have a story, and right now alot of their stories are ending in tragedy – here in the midst of Idaho and Montana’s wolf hunts. When will the rest of the world wake up and quit scapegoating the wolf?


    • It’s so tragic Ann, this little wolf persevered through her incredibly hard life only to be struck down by a hunters bullet after losing her pups to Wildife Services aerial gunners. And if there was any question that a collared wolf is a dead wolf, that’s been answered.

      Long live the memory of B412

      For the wolves, For B412,


  2. wolves deserve to be free just like us we are free to walk this planet, we need the wolf, educate dont destroy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I cried as I read the story of wolf B412. No animal, wild or domesticated deserves to be treated that way. Humans have become such a cold, heartless specie and someday we will all have to pay for this cruelty.
    Gone is the sensitivity of bonds formed between people and animals. In the last 20 years there have been very few shows on TV or in the movies depicting a loving relationship between people and animals. Gone are Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Gentle Ben, My Friend Flicker, Green Acres and so many shows where animals had a principal part. Instead we have animated shows where the animals aren’t even real.
    Our children and grandchildren are not being educated in the ways of animals- especially wild animals and they don’t see them as breathing, thinking creatures of God.
    This brutality toward wolves and other wild animals will never end unless we teach our young people to love and respect animals.
    Toni Stark
    Truth About Wolves


    • Toni, I share your feelings. I couldn’t bear to look at her crippled feet without breaking into tears. She suffered and yet was able to raise several families, only to be thwarted at every turn. Her story gives a face to the wolves in Idaho and Montana, who are confronted with a difficult life under any circumstances. Now they must dodge traps, snares, bullets, arrows. It’s a travesty and we have to find a way to call attention to their plight. I’ve run across so many people who have no idea a wolf hunt is even taking place. The media is silent on the hunts. Somehow we have to break through that wall.

      I agree the brutalization of animals is learned behavior, people aren’t born that way usually, they’re taught this from an early age, that animals don’t have feeling or rights, that they are there to be used and abused. That’s why the Wolf Education Centers like Wolf People are so important because people have a chance to interact with wolves and learn about their positive qualities. It’s a buffer against the hate. It’s too bad wolves are trapped in these states that are so backward in their thinking, it might as well be 1910.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  4. This saddens me almost as much as it angers me !! How do we get to the people who have no idea that these senseless act of cruelty are going on? I mean you don’t see much at all on t.v or here it on the radio . If America doesn’t know, it’s hard to get them involved in voicing their outrage of these beautiful animals being tortured and killed on fear mongering of ranchers and trophy hunters , and politicians that only stand for money. How can we get together, based on the pure facts and science of what’s going on with the wolves, the grazing issues with ranchers, and the eco-system effects so All the people of America can find out about the genocide that’s going on. I’m just saying not every one logs into facebook or looks up wolves on the internet unless their lead in that direction. I’m going to sign off @ this time and calm down. I would really like to talk more on this later with you. I’ve decided to do all I can to help and need help from you with some guidance. thank you


  5. Dansk. Mit hjerte GRÆD for ulven B412, overlevede 3 gange, med dårlige ben, der har været i fælden !!!- Tænk at føde hvalpe, løbe for sit for at finde mad til sine dejlige børn ?????–Her græd jeg, og mine tanker om hun-ulvens lidelser i sin korte ulvetid og det grufulde, som ego-mennesket har skabt. Min dom til disse våben-snare, skulle afprøves på dem selv, der har udtænkt disse afskylige redskaber, som skulle sænkes i et vulkanudbrud- alle våben- så dyrene kunne overleve-UDEN de rædselsfulde hade-mennesker- der gør dem ONDT. HÅBER her at vi her kan KÆMPE for ULVENE, DE behøver vores hjælp, på de grufulde ego-farmer, der selv udsætter deres får-køer til løvens GAB, uden indhegning, de elsker jo ikke deres dyr, men ØNSKER KUN KRIG med de vilde dyr, især ulven får al skylden. som den slemme dreng der har lavet balade en gang. Mine tanker er hos hun-ulv-B412, håber hun får et fint gravsted, hvor der står : jeg har sejret 3 gange liv. FOR SNARE.


  6. My heart is broken and the tears fall from my eyes. The story of this young wolf and her family is so sad. She meant no harm to any rancher and his flock. She suffered a very hard life – trapped, missing toes and gashes on her paws, her pain at losing her young pups to parvo and 2 others now facing a life without their mother to help protect them. When will enough killing of the Wolves be enough ? I say when they no longer exist. And what does this say about so many people in America – it says the heartless, ignorant, senseless act of cruelty to a wild creature is a burden the wolf must bear for the hunters surely don’t care. This is a true crime and it must stop now. We cannot stand by and see the wolf become extinct.


    • You are so right Shirley, B412 did not deserve what happened to her. She was important to many people and I’m sick and tired of the brutality and cruelty inflicted on America’s wolves. They don’t want to kill them, they want to torture them. Someone has to draw a line in the sand and say no more. What will it take for Americans to speak out in peaceful protests. I have been repeating this over and over. We created Howl Across America to give advocates a place to plan and organize rallies but it has almost completely stopped. There are more of us then there are of the haters. They are just a small group backed by powerful ranching and hunting interests. But we’re not helpless either. Speak out everyone.

      For the wolves, For B412,


  7. Dear Nabeki,
    RIP B412 😦 I wrote the letter to two of the above added BLM & DOI and also POTUS.
    Just who is fighting for the wolves now? I have quit giving to DOW…is Earth justice working for them?
    Or no one, just us? How about a petition on the WH? For all the wolves restore the ESA which is what I asked POTUS. My heart is broken for these poor wolves. They are so undeserving of this cruel, despicable treatment, they only want to be left alone!


    • Dear crystalwolflady…I really think we need a completely new approach, what we’re doing, as well intentioned that it is, is not working. You know me, I’m all about protests and boycotts. If people realized they had the power in their hands to effect change I think it would make such a difference. Can you imagine if there were rallies about the country, protesting the treatment of wolves, how effective that would be? But for some reason, people think they have to travel to the Northern Rockies to attend rallies. No…rallies and protests can be held anywhere. I wish I could get that point across. We need wolf advocates to organize in every state and say no, we’re not going to tolerate the brutal treatment of our wolves and other predators. I’m not sure if a petition is going to do the trick. The people that hold the power over our wolves, have turned a deaf ear to their plight. But if thousands of voices spoke as one, then I think they would have to listen. If they thought their state would lose tourism dollars over the hunts, then they would have to listen. I’ve said this many times before, we are not helpless, we just have to find our voice.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  8. Nabeki,
    there is a really good comment on the article from above along with the usual asshats:

    I know you cannot hear me. I know…that you are in your own mindset about what is right and what is wrong, something you have decided upon. You think you are deciding in your mighty power, what creatures should die, and which shall live. Our teachings, the science, the figures mean nothing to you. My pain falls on your swollen ears, too full to ever listen. I share this earth with you, but know this!- I do not belong to you, it is not up to you to decide my fate.
    You live in anger toward me, yet you will never understand me. Your soul will never know the things I know, I feel, I live…., and for this.. I have eternal pity for you. Sorrow for your life less lived, and the box you keep yourself in. You may take my life, but you can never have my soul, part of which will haunt you one day perhaps, when you wake up, and realize just how small and insignificant you really are.”


    • That is so poignant and so true….”You may take my life, but you can never have my soul, part of which will haunt you”. ):

      For the wolves, For B412,


  9. So, so sad…may her spirit inspire courage to leave the wild things alone!


  10. They are exterminating the wolf – MT., ID., & WY. – soon to be exterminated in OR., & WA.

    I am sorry Nabeki, but the time for nice talk is over. It obviously is not working. All of the nice talk & science is not doing a damn thing. These people (I have other names for them) are close minded, red-necked idiots. NOTHING is going to change “their mind.” My thoughts will not be posted on any blog – – but something has to change …… or the wolves will all be gone, along with the buffalo & every other animal that these assholes do not want around.
    Someone or somebody has to do something & soon.

    As you know – – I’m pissed, angry & hateful of these idiot hunters.
    Writing to Otter – he laughs @ the letters he gets. That guy is an asshole. He said he would buy the first tag to go hunt a wolf …… you
    can’t talk to someone like that.

    All of the hard work that was done on horse slaughter ….. now GONE.
    NOW WHAT?????? Money is all these idiots have on their minds.
    The Humane Society of the U.S. endorsed this horrid legislation.


    • What?? HSUS is against the horse slaughter. They have a petition on their site right now to get it banned again. PETA was the group that decided horse slaughter was a good thing, as I recall. https://secure.humanesociety.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=5095&s_src=fbtakeaction5095


    • ramses, I’m angry too, it seems every thing we worked for is being destroyed. Five years without horse slaughter in this country, poof gone. Wolves reintroduced, now treated like cockroaches all in a little over two years.

      Two things, wolves need a celebrity champion and movement like OWS. If people do not stand up around this country and protest our wolves will be gone. Or worse.. just a tiny, harassed population will be left, living short, tortured lives. Every year they’ll be subjected to Russian roulette, never knowing who will live or die.

      That’s my answer and it’s the only one I can come up with. We have to organize in every state in this country and that means each and every wolf advocate must stand up and become pro-active. No organization is going to rescue wolves, it’s up to the grass roots movement to take the reins. If the Ninth Circuit fails us we cannot just sit back and say, oh well, we tried.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  11. What do you think should be the next step? We need to get the word out to more people; a tv & radio blitz ,get it out on the talk shows ,teach the kids @ our schools , get Hollywood involved , and any good ideas inside OR outside the box . I’m trying to get all the info I can and Do what it takes . I know it seems arduous but we just need to push hared and louder ! WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN, WE HAVE TO


    • Hi Ed,
      The next step should be wolf advocates organizing in as many states and hometowns as possible. Spreading the word and speaking out about wolves like B412 and the massacre that’s taking place in the Northern Rockies. We need thousands of voices to protest this travesty. We cannot be silent anymore. And we don’t need one central leader, it’s the grass roots movement who has the power to make a difference. Please visit Howl Across America on FB: http://facebook.com/howlacrossamerica and plan a rally/protest, candleight vigil, a wolf education night, sponsor a run for wolves, a bike for wolves. Organize with your friends. It can be as simple as writing a slogan on a piece of cardboard with a sharpie, gathering a few people and standing in front of a USFWS building or BLM or USDA, peacefully of course. Make sure the media knows you’ll be there so you can get max exposure for what you’re doing. If you need a permit, apply for one. We can do this but it has to be an effort that catches on around the country. Part of the problem is people are so distracted, they are losing their homes, their jobs and the wolf issue may be a distant drum beat. But I think even in these dark times we CAN make a difference. America cares about it’s wolves and we outnumber the haters!!

      For the wolves, For B412,


  12. Ed, Your right as far as the radio & T.V. – I just don’t think enough people realize the situation that has befallen on these poor animals.
    Also, all of OUR TAX $$$ going to kill all of these critters. That in it self NEEDS to change.

    This is a FULL TIME JOB!!


    • ramses…that is the crux of the problem..the media refuses to cover this pogrom against wolves. So we need to make our own press, we need to create a controversy, peaceful of course, that gets the attention of the media. We have to think outside the box but point is to do something. If everyone did one thing we could make a difference for wolves and maybe convince these states that having wolves alive in the ecosystem will bring in tourist dollars or take them away if they continue down this road. Let’s brainstorm and find a way to turn this around.

      For the wolves, For B412,


  13. Do we even get a say on WHERE OUR TAX DOLLARS GO????


  14. That’s what I’ve realized . I’ve spent hours each day for weeks to find out the facts and all the info to be able to inform people on this issue, and your right it’s a lot of time, but we need to flood our senators and congressmens and the Whitehouse with more letters ,e-mails phone calls and keep doing it until we get it through their thick heads we are not going away and when we do convince them and the law changed ,we will then being letting them know we will still keep watch always on what they do.


  15. RIP Wolf B 412: A Life Snuffed Out, A Life Remembered…

    “Now what is it that moves our very heart and sickens us so much at cruelty shown to poor brutes? I suppose this:
    first that they have done us no harm; next, that they have no power whatever to resistance.
    It is the cowardice and tyranny of which they are the victims which makes their sufferings so especially touching… there is something so very dreadful, so satanic, in tormenting those who have never harmed us and who cannot defend themselves, who are utterly in our power.”
    John Henry, Cardinal Newman


    • This story just is so sad the tears would not stop coming – I know they love their pups like we love our Children. I don’t understand something or maybe I missed it – the the Appellate Court ever make a decision one way or another? They promised to do that after they heard the arguments – that happened on the 8th of November I think and I still have not heard anything about them doing anything – not even a short pause – an injunction – nothing to stop the hunt. The Earth must be red with the Blood of the poor Wolves.

      And now the Horses are going to fall victims to slaughter – what happened to this Country that once was so proud – and had caring for everybody and everything – I came here from another World and I was so proud to be an American – now? I am still an American – but I strongly believe that our Government and/or Leadership has to change – change big time – and when I see who is on the list trying to get nominated – I do feel a little sick – not only that I no longer know if I want to vote for the Democrats who I always voted to with one exception – they did the same things to the Horses than they did to the Wolves – both of these beautiful animals are part of the American Heritage –
      It’s like a disease has befallen these people that can commit this kind of cruelty – on animals that never hurt anyone –


      • Morrigan…it broke my heart as well. She was such a brave little wolf and tried so hard to do the right thing. She lost her pups to parvo then to the Wildife Service killers. Her story is every wolves’ story, one of survival in the harshest of circumstances. But we find that not only did she have to dodge the bullets and traps but that the deck was stacked against her by people that are so detached from the cruelty they inflict.

        Its’ so sad you came here looking for the America that we all knew and loved to somehow be replaced by something so different. Like you, I felt I could always count on the Democrats to protect the environment, that’s why Obama’s wolf delisting was so shocking. All the Senators we wrote to throughout the fall and winter of 2010, begging them to stand up for wolves, like Diane Feinstein, Boxer, the Udalls, Kerry..people we thought we could trust, betrayed us, the wolves and the ESA. Now I have no idea where to turn, we have no support in Congress for wolves or the horses. A huge betrayal.

        For the wolves, For B412,


    • Yes Allan, you described the mood perfectly. This is a repeat of the first extermination. I’m always reminded of the quote by Simon Weisenthal. “For evil to flourish it just requires that good men do nothing.” (Hope I quoted him properly.)

      For the wolves, For B412,


  16. This might be a crazy Idea… But hear me out… we need to get an army. Supporters that will DO and not just talk of doing..

    Get those Twilight fans… It sounds crazy.. but team jacob could help. Get all the actors and actresses from all those wolf movies…

    I myself wrote and self published a novel. It is wolf centered. Wolves are the good guys in it. and I’m sending proceeds of my sales to help a few wolf sanctuaries that are local to me.

    I have been advocating wolves since I was old enough to talk. Ask anyone who knows me. drawing pictures writing stories and when I got old enough to do something I sponsored wolves, I’ve adopted them I have done all that i could. I do not have political pull thats my only weekness here.. we need to get celebrities.. we need to get a jillion strong fanbase of werewolf lovers.. we need to out number and overpower these fools that do not understand how badly they are screwing up our planet.

    we are the keepers of the world. Of all the animals and all the plants and all the people… so far we are doing one hell of a bang up job… we are not gods to decide what lives and dies. we cannot feel justified in killing something that is doing what is its nature to do. Live.

    One of the things I have said… I think I was in Jr High at the time.. it was in response to a fellow student who told me wolves were just vicious animals that only killed. I told her. “You would look vicious too if all you had to catch your tuna salad sandwich with was your teeth..”

    Sadly they were just removed off the endangered species list… and how many where killed so far? They are going to be right back on that list faster than any of us can shake a stick at.. at that point I dare one person to wonder what went wrong?….

    Heck, if I could get funding and people behind me I would go to Idaho myself and tell these people.. in person face to face. I want to see the cold expression on their faces when they tell me its perfectly ok to snuff out a living being. Letters can get thrown out and ignored. Phone calls can get blocked and unanswered, and response to either can be lies. Face to face I would at least be able to see their honest reaction. Read their body language.. Know if they are lying.. they would have less time to reherse their responses to my questions…

    as of right now.. I am NOT proud to be an American. We kill indescreminently.. we care nothing of consequences of our actions. We just don’t care. We assume someone else well pick up the pieces. This attitude can be applied to more than just the wolf hunts.

    These killings are sanctioned out of MY Taxes. If its something I HAVE to pay for I want a say in where the money goes.. I do not endorse condone or support this in any way shape or form. So why do I have to pay for this?

    Wolves are sacred spirits. We desicrate and dishonor them with our actions and still think we have the right to stand tall and pretend we are the higher beings. I have lost my faith in humanity. My soul howls in mourning for these majestic brothers and sisters…


    • Alex Meraz (one of the Twilight actors) is already on board. Maybe his video needs to be shared around more. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t30wRjJ-ziU&feature=share


      • I’m going to share this video around. the only bad thing is I am hearing that DOW is for the trapping etc… or at least not doing one damn thing about it… I read it off of the Wolf Warriors posts… I can’t seem to dig it up to quote… I’ll get one as soon as I remember which dang article I read that in… but I distinctly remember my husband and I reading that and looking at each other for a few minutes in shock.. we (up tilll reading that article) donated to them… Until I find out more I’m not giving them a penny.. I’ll send their allotment to the wolf sanctuaries for now.. at least I know that one 100% goes to helping wolves, no administration cut off the top first..


  17. I hope you guys know that the horse bill or “rider” was slipped in on a huge important budget bill by repubs. Just like they did for the wolves they slipped a rider in a bill.
    We need to work to reverse these so called “riders”and stop this practice where to approve one huge thing you have to accept the bs that goes with it. Wolves do not belong in a budget bill to be stripped of their ESA status and Horses to be slaughtered either.
    Please keep some perspective on this.
    The laws need to be changed, to do this we need to vote out the do-nothing congress!
    It starts at the level of CONGRESS and right now we have a congress that does no do anything for people or animals it serves corporations ONLY, the 1%! And also, this congress wants to make the POTUS look bad.
    What could be worse thank killing wolves & horses to us? To change the laws we need to change the people making these laws.


    • crystalwolf…did you know it was Max Baucus D-MT. who pushed the horse slaughter and that most of the Senators who who voted 70-30 for horse slaughter were the Dems? I have a link on the post to their vote, it’s shocking. Patty Murray D-WA, Boxer, Feinstein, Wyden..the list goes on and on. What the heck is wrong with the Democrats? There is almost no difference in the parties now.

      For the wolves, For B412,


      • Nabeki,
        I know the dems voted on it, but I think it was more they were voting for that budget bill and the rider was in there, like what happened to the wolves, rather than send it back to the do nothing congress they signed it.
        That’s why they need to know that, now matter WHAT BILL or Budget or whatnot if they sneak in a rider that has absolutely nothing to do with they bill, they should not sign and send back.
        We need to get a email campaign going and tell them that. And we will not allow our taxpayer dollars to pay for wolves being slaughtered and Horses on OUR Public lands! If the rancher can’t deal they need to go! The ranchers probably want horses gone b/c they compete with the cattle for grass.
        It got to go back to Congress who hunters & ranchers line their stinking pockets with $$$$!


      • crystalwolf…I know it’s hard to take that the Dems are behind these devious plans but it’s not just the Republicans. Obama is a Democrat and one of the first actions he took as President was to delist wolves. He appointed a rancher to head the Interior. The Dems who voted to delist wolves KNEW the rider was contained in that bill. It’s no excuse to say I voted for it because it was a budget bill. That’s just not going to fly.THEY ALL KNEW THE WOLF RIDER WAS IN THERE!!! Harry Reid and his minions control the Senate and could have stripped the rider out of the bill. He didn’t do it because of a misguided attempt to protect Jon Tester’s D-MT.Senate seat. Yes they knew and they didn’t give a damn about wolves in Montana or Idaho. They wanted to protect their slim Senate majority.

        Reid allowed an up or down vote on the other two riders in the bill, Planned Parenthood and Obamacare. Both were defeated. BUT he wouldn’t allow an up or down vote on the wolf rider because those Dems were too cowardly to vote yes for it so they kept it stuffed in the budget bill and rammed it through that way. Only THREE Democrats voted against the budget/wolf rider bill, Wyden, Leahy and Levin. That’s it.

        Now back to the horse slaughter, the vote was 70-30 with almost all Democrats voting for it. They knew the horse slaughter amendment was in there and they voted for it because they wanted to, not because they didn’t know it was in there. Max Baucus D-MT was behind the push for horse slaughter. He’s a Democrat. Senators like Patty Murray, Boxer, Feinstein, Kerry..the same Dems who voted to delist wolves voted for horse slaughter. Please don’t be blinded by this and blame the Republicans only. As a matter of fact, neither Wyoming Rep.Senators voted for the horse slaughter. I’m not a Republican so I’m not pushing an agenda, I’m not a Democrat either but if I had to pick a party I was more aligned with it would have been the Dems. That’s all in the past, neither party cares about our wildlife and have shown when it’s expedient for them they’ll do the wrong thing.

        I”ll leave you with this thought. Wildlife Services lost some of their funding this year, which meant the wolf trapping program in Minnesota lost their funds.I bet you didn’t know they’ve been trapping and killing wolves in Minnesota for over thirty years, Well I didn’t know it either until this story came up. Both Democrat Senators in Minnesota were very upset that trapping funds were lost and they worked hard to get those funds reinstated so WS could continue the wolf trapping in Minnesota. That’s what we’re getting from the Dems right now. I would have expected it from the Rep but not the Dems. There is very little difference between the two parties. They’re both controlled by Corporate America.

        Some of things these Senators said about wolves is downright egregious.Just read the words of Senators Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar D-Minnesota, concerning the need to trap and kill wolves. It’s disgusting, just disgusting.


        Sen. Franken presses USDA to fund gray wolf management

        “I thank you for your recent action to extend funding for three months, but urge that you maintain this funding beyond that time until the gray wolf is delisted from the Endangered Species List,” Sen. Franken wrote to Secretary Vilsack. “Until the gray wolf is delisted, the (USDA) trapping program remains a crucial tool for wolf population management…and helps maintain the livelihoods of hundreds of our farmers and livestock producers.”

        His counterpart in the Senate Amy Klobuchar is onboard with this.

        Feds Promise To Fund Minnesota Wolf Trapping Program
        U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar says federal officials have pledged money to restart the wolf trapping program in Minnesota.
        DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar says federal officials have pledged money to restart the wolf trapping program in Minnesota.

        Klobuchar tells the Duluth News Tribune (http://bit.ly/qijSn2) that Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has promised money from his agency’s operating budget for the program which ran out of money Friday and shut down.

        Klobuchar says the program is needed to keep Minnesota residents and livestock safe. The USDA has been trapping and killing wolves in Minnesota since 1978. Last year, 192 wolves were killed. Federal officials estimate there are about 3,200 wolves in Minnesota, where the species is classified as threatened.

        The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service want to “delist” wolves as an endangered species by the end of 2011 and give management back to state and tribal natural resource agencies.

        Here’s the complete letter Franken wrote to the USDA. It’s outrageous. He talks about predatory wolves and protecting livestock and citizens against wolves. WTF??? When has there been a fatal wolf attack in the lower forty eight?? Ummmmmm, not in a hundred years of record keeping. This shows you how clueless these Senators are and how anti-wolf.
        Senator Franken Letter To USDA Secretary

        Click to access wolfletter.pdf

        So much for the Democrats on wolves and horses.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  18. I’ve got an idea in the works, but I’m not really sure how to proceed… Is there a website, or a page on this blog that provides a summary of what’s going on and why it should be stopped? I’m designing cards, I’m thinking they should just say ‘Idaho Shame’ or ‘End the Slaughter’, something simple, short. Maybe with a silhouette of a cowering wolf underneath? And leaving a link underneath. People are naturally curious, they would want to know what it’s all about, especially if they mistook the wolf for a dog. (People are funny like that…)

    I know plenty of places around town to leave these- on the corkboard at the feedstore, in with the free books in front of the library, in the box with the park info at the hiking trails… And if other wolf advocates were interested, it would be easy to send out a couple hundred of these in the mail. We could reach a ton of people.

    Need feedback, suggestions. I tend to get wrapped up in ideas, then go crashing down when someone points out a flaw…


    • Hi Luna,

      This blog is full of information about what’s going on but you have to sort through it, there is so much to absorb. I think you have a great idea, you don’t want it to be too long but long enough to tell the story.

      Here’s a summary:

      The most important point to make is there are two wolf hunts taking place in the Northern Rockies, in Idaho and Montana. Wolves were delisted twice by the Obama administration and have lost their ESA protections because Congress made an end round the courts and stuffed a wolf delisting rider into a budget bill, excluding judicial review, that is being appealed.

      This puts wolves at the mercy of state management, not a good thing. There is a small but vocal anti-wolf faction, made up mostly of ranchers and hunters who have demonized wolves, using wolf hysteria and moral panic to inflame passions against the wolf: Please refer to the link below.

      Wolf Hysteria and Moral Panic

      This has resulted in what can best be described as a witch hunt, similar to Salem, Mass.Wolves are being destroyed for political reasons, science has been thrown by the wayside. Anti-wolf rhetoric abound, based on myths and lies, not science.

      Idaho wants to reduce their 800 wolves down to 150 or less. Montana’s quota of 220 wolves of less then 500 animals will cripple wolf recovery in that state. At the same time wolves are also being targeted by Wildlife Services. Hundreds of wolves are killed each year in the Northern Rockies by this destructive agency.

      There is an appeal pending before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, asking them to overturn Judge Molloy’s decision to keep wolves delisted. They have not ruled on this litigation.

      In the meantime, wolves are being slaughtered in Montana and Idaho. Idaho started trapping and snaring wolves on November 15, a barbaric method of killing that does not belong in a civilized society. So far 254 wolves have died in the hunts and more killed by poachers and Wildlife Services. This could be the end of wolves in the Northern Rockies. To further complicate matters, Wyoming is pushing hard to delist their 350 wolves, that live outside of Yellowstone National Park. They want unregulated killing of wolves in over 8o% of the state, with a small buffer zone around the park, where wolves would be hunted as trophy animals.

      This means wolves in over 80% of the state could be killed at anytime for any reason if their horrific plan succeeds. Advocates must boycott Yellowstone National Park in a show of solidarity for wolves, until Wyoming drops their plans to slaughter them. Boycott Wyoming goods and products,especially any businesses that support the hunts. The same should be done for all the wolf states. There has to be some push back or price to pay from the public for slaughtering these wolves. Who would want to visit a state that treats wolves like cockroaches in one part of the state but makes money off wolf ec- tourism in Yellowstone and Grand Teton.

      Teton National Park does not agree with this “plan”, they’ve stated this could seriously endanger the wolves in the park because wolves regularly cross back and forth across park boundaries.

      The delisting of Wyoming wolves could happen as early as 2012. On the front of the blog there is a link so advocates can comment about this horrific plan. They are taking comments until January 13, 2012.

      That is a very brief summary on the wolf holocaust in the Northern Rockies. If wolves are delisted in Wyoming they would also be delisted in the Great Lakes, prompting wolf hunts in those states as well. Minnesota has apparently reneged on it’s pledge to wait five years before they would initiate a wolf hunt, if their wolves were delisted. Please refer to my remarks to crystalwolf concerning Minnesota wolves and the two Democrat Senators who want to keep the wolf trapping and killing going in Minnesota until wolves are delisted there.

      I hope this isn’t too much information but you can find all the same information on this blog, in more detail. There are over 500 posts and much to look through. Good luck with your project. And thank you for being pro-active for wolves.

      The main message you want to relay is wolves are dying in two hunts and this needs media coverage to inform the American people about wolves’ dire situation. Wolves need Americans to stand up to the wolf states and tell them to stop killing our wolves or we won’t visit their states or spend one more tourist dollar there. It’s a pretty simple message when you wade through all the detail.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Thank you, and I’ll be sure to post to let everyone know once they’re done. The more voices speaking out, the harder we’ll be to ignore.

        -Until All Are Free


      • So,so true Luna. And thank you for the kind words.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  19. *pants* my names is Jenniffer, and I just spent a hour commenting all over that link to the newspaper article about that wolf. I try to stay away from comments because that kind of sick logic that i see people spill can just ruin my day, but today I think i gave a voice for the wolves and all the scientists that defend keeping predators as a crucial part of ecosystems. Im STILL shocked at how people actually think that wolves are a threat to elk populations when humans are the only species to EVER send an animal to extinction.


    • Thank you Jenniffer for commenting and speaking out for her.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  20. go to Facebook-to Suzanna Antoinette Andrews and sign her petition to dismantle the BLM. This whole thing – elimination of the wolves,bison and wild horses is a plot in favor of corporate takeover of our National Heritage. You must get politically involved!


    • tried to find her and it came up no results ?


  21. This is a part of some of the problems that the D.O.I. as their mission statement —-> http://www.doi.gov/index.cfm WTF?


  22. http://www.doi.gov/Americas-Great-Outdoors-Highlighted-Projects.cfm – WE need to help them get their priorities straight , e-mail the hell out of them and get a nation wide campaign going like Nabeki said ! I’m going to brainstorming and in the mean time start getting some flyers posted everywhere I can w/ links to all the sites that are helping save the wolves and post card mailing to our officials. LETS GO!!!!!


    • Wow…I love your enthusiasm Ed!! This what we need, can we clone you?

      For the wolves,


  23. http://www.bozemandailychronicle.com/opinions/poll_454f6d58-13c8-11e1-a4be-001cc4c002e0.html ———> A must read and let them know your opinion




    • So sorry Agnes I missed your comment. B412 tried to do everything right and care for her family but she was killed for nothing. As you said she joins Limpy in our hearts. Her short life was filled with sadness and her crippled feet must have caused her so much pain. Trapping is evil personified.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  25. Thank you for your passion and commitment to these beautiful creatures. I have written to the suggested people and pray that my pleading finds a home in their conscience and elicits some positive change.


    • Rhona…thank you for being pro active for wolves, They need us now more than ever. We need to flood them with comments and tell we will be boycotting the wolf states unless they stop the wolf slaughter. There has to be push back on this.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  26. Aww poor Wolf, I;m sure she’ll see her Wolf Pups again in Rainbow Bridge with her Mate


  27. I hope she does see her wolf pups across the rainbow bridge, but I get sick at the thought of more wolves crossing the bridge before their time


    • }:


  28. Wolf murder makes me sick! So does the removal of wild horses by stupid people!


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