Arctic Beauty…..



Videos: Courtesy YouTube

(Please visit her channel to watch these beautiful, magnificent wolves)

Photo: arctic wolves photo (

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  1. Magnificent.


  2. Those are some great video’s thanks. I’ll check out her channel later

    Happy HOliday’s 😎


  3. Happy Holidays to all. After this Holiday I believe that the American people need to come together and make a plan to protest this constant slaughter of OUR wolves they belong to the land not the government to decide there fate.

    Post and repost… sign petitions and sign petitions and it seems no one is listening are they being thrown in a trash can? So it seems nothing is changing.


    • Absolutely, in fact a coalition of U.S. Canadian and possibly E.U. is in order. Sports hunting is no longer socially acceptable, nor is trapping for fashion fur. I’m not the world’s best administrator but I’ve been collecting addresses of organizations that exist precisely for those reasons, and as well any piece of of successful legislation limiting trapping on public grounds. Not a lot for the latter so far but then in the computer time available to me I’ve recorded what I’ve found while searching for images of the carnage done to wolves.
      I shall add deer as I’ve found some really shocking videos and a strong anti sportshunting group focusing on deer and elk as support material .
      In the New Year I’ll post a list at HFJ sites so that bloggers can add any they know of. Yellowstone can be a pilot. The movement should carry across our countries.



    WE MUST NEVER GIVE UP BEING THEIR VOICE…….I remember in the early 70’s the phrase “animal rights’ was a laughable whisper in the wind…….slowly the pendulum swings….

    Nabeki and Ann – I am no longer on Facebook – too much drama! I am still working on behalf of wolves and other animals, as I always have done. HAVE THE MERRIEST OF HOLIDAYS…..PEACE ON EARTH AND PEACE FOR THE WOLVES… Linda


  5. P.S. We should develop a POLITICAL PACT like the anti-wolf lobbys have – the NRA and the Cattleman’s Associations – the trouble is animal organizations are non-profits and non-profits cannot lobby – it is against the law. We need to have a pact that lobby for the wolves and schmooze the politicians for favors on our side.


    • I agree Linda.

      We are the majority, hunters comprise just 12% of the population. It’s unconsionable they hold so much power. It’s because the groups who back them have a vested interested in the status quo. They want to keep things just the way they are and further weaken environmental laws so they can continue their strangle hold on America’s wildlife. I hope 2012 will be the year Americans wake up and realize it’s their moral obligation to stand up for what is right. It’s wrong for Wildlife Services to kill hundreds of thousands of birds and animals every year. It’s wrong to hunt a social animal like the wolf, who’s life depends on the strength of it’s pack. “For the strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf”. They know by destroying wolf families they destroy the wolf.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  6. absolutely magnificent animals. may they be protected and saved. truly spirit filled.


  7. I thought the rule regarding non-profit organizations is that they cannot lobby for a specific politician..However, are non-profit organizations permitted to give money, energy, and other resources towards specific political causes????? Someone please advise me. Thankx!


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