The Wolf That Could, OR7 Crosses Into California and Walks Into History.. » OR-7s Journey

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  1. thank you for your effort in trying to save the wolves and i look forward to you keeping in touch and letting me know of any petitions i can sign to help you


    • You’re very welcome sidney. And thank you for supporting wolves, they are so persecuted.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  2. As a California native I think this is amazing! My great grandma told me about seeing the last wolf she had ever seen in California when I was younger and now I might actually be able to see one in the wild as well. I have heard all sorts of complaints about protecting them, even from other family members but I guess being the avid outdoorsman that I am I enjoy seeing great accomplishments like this. I hope to see a boom in the population. Also to assist in any issue people are having with farm land, they complain about the abundance of wild pigs, wolves coming into the habitat will fix this issue.

    Keep California wild and Tahoe blue!


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