Innocent Lolo Wolves Sitting Ducks, Soon Death Will Rain Down On Them From The Skies….

  September 5, 2011. A stunning video of  a Wildlife Service’s Super Cub airplane, aerial gunning wolves on the Flat Top Ranch near Carey, Idaho. You can hear the gunfire in the video, it’s absolutely chilling. The is what awaits the Lolo wolves.

UPDATE: February 5, 2012

This is not the first time Idaho has targeted Lolo wolves.

It’s Pupping Season, Idaho Is Preparing To Aerial Gun Lolo Wolves….

May 4, 2011


It’s coming,  just a matter of weather and opportunity before Wildlife Services revs up their aerial gunships and swoops down on the hapless Lolo wolves, chasing them with their planes, riddling their bodies with buckshot from twelve gauge shotguns. The wolves writhe in pain, it’s a brutal death, many experience prolonged suffering before finally succumbing. The gunners may run the wolves until they fall over from  exhaustion and then take the shot or land the plane and shoot them point-blank.

Death from the skies is real life horror. Lolo wolves are sitting ducks, unaware  death is coming for them.

Not too long ago it was reported federal Wildlife Service killers would decal their plane for each wolf they killed, a badge of honor? The practice has since been halted when outrage was expressed.

These are your tax dollars in action. You’re paying the salaries of federal agents whose job it is to kill not just wolves but any animal deemed inconvenient to agribusiness.  Anyone with an ounce of empathy could not do this  for a living.

And behind the curtain stands IDFG, ready to give Wildlife Services the order to destroy these wolves like they are nothing more than cockroaches. Just squash them because that’s what many of their hunting  customers want, NO DEMAND.  The wildlife watching public, who want to view wild wolves, be damned.

This is what happens when the majority of citizens of a state are locked out of wildlife decisions and a few special interests dictate wildlife “management”.  The system is broken and needs a serious overhaul!

Elk numbers in the Lolo  have been declining for years, long before wolves were reintroduced.  According to the RMEF there are approx 103,000 elk in Idaho. More than enough elk. In 23 of the 29 management zones, elk numbers meet target levels or exceed them.

Yet the slaughter will continue unless or until public outrage demands it be stopped. Idaho has taken off the gloves , 266 dead wolves in four months  prove that. Are we going to sit silently by while they trap, shoot, aerial gun and snare Idaho’s beleaguered wolves?   Or will you we make enough noise to be heard in Washington, DC?


Federal use of aerial sharpshooters to kill wolves draws fire

December 14, 2011|By Kim Murphy, Los Angeles Times

A 2006 photo shows a U.S. agency plane covered with decals marking the number of wolves killed to protect other animals. With the practice set to resume soon, wildlife advocates cry foul.


It’s up to you. 

Flood Secretary Salazar and the IDFG commissioners  with calls and faxes. Let them know you DO NOT WANT YOUR TAX DOLLARS used to kill wolves. Demand they stop this  brutality. Let them know there are elections coming up in 2012 and you’ll remember the Obama administration rubber stamped the decimation of  wolves in the  Northern Rockies.  Don’t be rude but let them know you are outraged they would slaughter innocent Lolo wolves just to please special interests.  Idaho thinks they are immune and can do what they want but the world is watching. Who wants to visit a state that treats their wolves like vermin?


Department of the Interior: Secretary Ken Salazar

1-202-208-3100 PHONE

1-202-208-6950 FAX

Department of the Interior
1849 C Street, N.W.
Washington DC 20240


Idaho Fish and Game Commissioners

Video: Courtesy Raventracking (YouTube)

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ALERT: Candlelight Vigil, Nampa, Idaho (Monday January 30, 2012) STAND UP FOR WOLVES!!

UPDATE: January 30, 2012

The information I have is several people made it to Namba for the vigil, everyone was from Oregon, so a big shout out to those who traveled to Boise for this event. The details are a little sketchy but apparently an Idaho state biologist engaged the group in conversation.

Not sure if the media was present but I believe pictures were taken. In all it was a positive for wolves. We must continue the pressure on state game agencies to let them know there are wolf advocates who care about the slaughter of wolves in Idaho and Montana.  The death toll now stands @ 410 wolves. I will post more information on the vigil as I receive it. Keep up the good work wolf advocates!

Two devoted wolf advocates held a candlelight vigil, Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011, in Nampa, Idaho, to bring attention to the plight of wolves in the Northern Rockies.  The news media covered the event and this incredible picture was picked up by the LA Times.

Their motivation:

“I was deeply disturbed when i heard the wolf was being taken off the endangered species list. And I needed a way to gain sympathy for the wolf. I believe that there are oil, minerals, coal, and timber resources in areas with wolves. For me i see plain and clear they kill the wolf so they can get at the resources which equals money. The only thing these corrupt corporations care about is money.”

Now they’ve organized another candlelight vigil for wolves in Nampa.

“Monday, January 30th at 4:45 pm at 3101 S. Powerline Rd., Nampa, Idaho. There is going to be another candle light vigil for the fallen wolves. If you missed the first one let’s try again.”


From Ann Sydow of NIWA:

At their last vigil, in November, only the organizers showed up !!
But they still got the awesome picture in the LA Times !  They also got local media attention,
Please attend and share with any other wolf supporters you know in the Boise area.  Thanks!

Four hundred wolves have been slaughtered in the Montana/Idaho hunts.We can’t stand silently by while the body count continues to rise without speaking out and bearing witness.  Our mission is to draw national attention to this tragedy and alert the public that America’s wolves are being slaughtered. These wolves are gone forever and will not be coming back.  Please speak out for the fallen 400.

Here are two signs made by Ann S. that were used at NIWA’s  Full Wolf Moon Vigil on January 9, 2012. The Idaho wolf death toll has obviously increased since then.

If you don’t live in the Boise area or are unable to travel there, you can hold your own candlelight vigil.  Tell your friends and hold a vigil together. Call your local media and let them know you’ll be holding a vigil for the slaughtered wolves in Montana and Idaho.

And we are making a difference. Yesterday, Saturday January 27, 2012,  Wolf Warriors and Howl Across America were mentioned on the front page of the New York Times, in an article about the iconic. wolf trailblazer,  OR-7.

“This month, people across the country attended full-moon, candlelight wolf vigils organized by groups with names like Howl Across America and Wolf Warriors.”


New York Times

Lone Wolf Commands a Following


Published: January 27, 2012


Don’t forget your camera or camera phone!!

You can upload your vigil pictures to our activist FB page  Howl Across America and I’ll post them on this blog. We want  everyone to know wolves have tremendous support and what better way to show them then  to memorialize your vigil with a photo.


Top Photo: Idaho Press Tribune

Video: Idaho Press Tribune

Bottom Photo: Courtesy Howl Across America

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Young Wildlife Author Offers Free Kindle Downloads of Her Wolf Books, Saturday Through Monday

Carylanne Joubert is a special 15 year old, she’s the author of several books about wolves. Carylanne is offering free Kindle downloads on this weekend for Cry of the Wolf  (Saturday-Sunday) and Mingan (Sunday-Monday).


From  Carylanne Joubert via Wolf Warriors:

“In light of the opening of “The Grey” and the delistment of Canis Lupis from the Endangered Species Act tomorrow, my books, Cry of the Wolf and Mingan, will be available for FREE for any Kindle users. I wrote Cry of the Wolf to teach the truth and dispel the unfounded fears about wolves by telling their story through the eyes of Mingan, a wolf pup who not only learns about wolf life but also witnesses firsthand the effects of Man’s encroachment. Mingan (ages 3 and up) teaches lessons about wolves for younger audiences to destroy the image of the Big Bad Wolf. I’m only 15 years old and I am trying to make a difference for the wolves before it is too late, but I really need help. Please help me spread the word that Cry of the Wolf (Friday-Saturday) and Mingan (Friday-Sunday) will be available for FREE for all Kindle users. Long live the wolf!”

Cry of the Wolf

Click Here  To Download



Click Here To Download



About the Author

“Born in Rhode Island in 1996, Carylanne Joubert has been focused on working to help wildlife since the age of four. Her first influences, Steve Irwin and Jack Hanna, instilled in her a love of animals and a desire to learn more about each one and what can be done to help them in the wild. Her father having served in the US Army, Carylanne has lived in many states before settling in Central Florida. Home-schooled her entire school career, she is now completing her high-school education through Florida Virtual School. Carylanne being a gifted student has excelled in her studies and is 2 grades ahead of her peers. She decided to use her talents in writing to tell the story of the Yellowstone Wolves through the eyes of Mingan, a wolf pup. After completing a project for the science fair about the wolves and their struggle Carylanne became passionate to do more to help. She is dedicated to working to help all animals and intends to continue to write her tales to tell the stories of many of our wildlife who are in endangered or otherwise need protection. She intends to pursue a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a minor in Foreign Languages. A portion of all her proceeds will go to organizations such as Wolf Mountain Sanctuary.”


Thank you Carylanne, we’re proud to help spread the word about your work.

Please take advantage of Carylanne’s generous offer and see the world though Mingan’s eyes.


Drawings:  Courtesy Carylanne Joubert

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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A Round of Applause…

The endless whining and demonizing of wolves is so mind numbing  it could actually rival the drug Ambien as an effective sleep aid. The same talking points are repeated over and over ad nauseam. That’s why it was so refreshing to read reporter Nick Geovck’s piece in the Mt.Standard. A round of applause to him for having the courage and conviction to speak out about this modern-day witch hunt, directed at wolves and other predators.

He drives his point home by quoting from Aldo Leopold’s famous writing, Thinking Like a Mountain, from a Sand County Almanac. Leopold, who was once a wolf hunter himself, had an epiphany:

“Leopold realizes that killing a predator wolf carries serious implications for the rest of the ecosystem.”

Please take the time to thank Nick Ge0vck by leaving a comment under his excellent article.


Hatred of predators reaches ridiculous fervor

In the Hunt by Nick Geovck |

Posted: Thursday, January 26, 2012 12:15 am

“Conserva-tion is a state of harmony between men and land. By land is meant all of the things on, over, or in the earth. Harmony with land is like harmony with a friend; you cannot cherish his right hand and chop off his left. That is to say, you cannot love game and hate predators.”

Aldo Leopold

Let’s kill every wolf in Montana.

Sounds like a popular idea these days among hunters.

While we’re at it, let’s kill every grizzly bear, every black bear and every mountain lion. Throw in golden eagles, bald eagles, rattlesnakes and coyotes.

We’d be left with a hunter’s paradise – a state teeming with game animals and hunting opportunity, right?

That’s the sentiment I heard recently at a meeting on the hunting season setting proposals in Butte, where an oft-angry group of sportsmen called for large-scale killing of predators to increase the number of deer, elk and other game species. The suggestions ranged from having government trappers shoot wolves from helicopters to creating a season on eagles so they don’t kill mountain goats.

Of course Butte sportsmen aren’t alone. Over the past few years anger has been building blaming predators – and in particular wolves – for lower game herds and for less hunting opportunity. Wolf haters throw around words like “annihilation” and “devastation” when it comes to Montana’s deer and elk herds. And even some respected conservation groups have gotten in on the wolf bashing through public statements decrying the effects of predators.

What state are these people living in?

Here are a few facts about Montana’s wildlife populations and hunting over the past two decades, covering the period during which the much-maligned western gray wolf has been on the landscape.

In 1992, three years before wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho, the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks official estimate of the elk herd was 89,000 elk in Montana. Today we have a statewide estimate of 150,000 elk.

In 2003, the state Legislature passed a bill that required FWP biologists bring elk numbers down to the targeted objective populations laid out in the statewide elk plan. They were responding to complaints from ranchers about too many elk on their private land.

Ironically, some of the same lawmakers who supported that bill are among the most vocal wolf bashers. That hypocrisy begs the question: are there too many elk or too many wolves in Montana?

Anyway, the Legislature in recent years has given FWP several tools to kill more elk, including giving hunters the chance to kill two elk per year.

And since then, Montana has on three occasions extended the general elk season to give hunters two additional weeks to kill elk in years when the harvest was slow.

Second elk tags, extended seasons and liberal regulations allowing more cow elk hunting: where’s the loss of hunting opportunity?

In truth, elk hunters have had more opportunity than in decades and now we’ve seen the effects of that.

Over the past couple years we’ve brought elk back down closer to the target populations or in some cases dropped it below those objective numbers. Accordingly, FWP biologists have gone from liberal to more conservative seasons, allowing fewer cow elk to be killed in many areas and reducing the second tags.

It proves that two-legged predators with high-powered rifles can be extremely effective at killing elk.

Read more:


Photo: Courtesy goukaboutdotcom

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“Wolves Unleashed”….

Wolves Unleashed Poster  (Courtesy Andrew Simpson)

Wolves Unleashed is an amazing documentary directed and produced by famed animal trainer Andrew Simpson.  He and his thirteen wolves traveled to far-flung  Siberia, one of the coldest destinations on earth, to make a French film called Loup (French for wolf). Wolves Unleashed takes you behind the scenes of the making of  Loup.  It demonstrates the extraordinary feats, in the harshest of conditions, Andrew and his wolves accomplished.  They set “out to make the biggest wolf film ever attempted.”

Raves from the Calgary International Film Festival:

“WOLVES UNLEASHED contains raw footage, presented without any special effects enhancement. Who needs cinematic tricks when you have Siberian vistas, inter-species drama and a wolf pack of epic proportions?


Reaction to Wolves Unleashed At The Banff Film Festival


Wolves Unleashed Website

Andrew and Quigley  (Courtesy Andrew Simpson)


Wolves Unleashed Facebook Page


Wolves Unleashed will make its American debut at the  Sedona International Film Festival on February 22 and 24th, 2012 in Sedona, Arizona.

Please support this important film by spreading the word.  Visit the Wolves Unleashed website and Facebook page.

Wolves are so maligned in our culture, this is a chance to see how intelligent and amazing these animals really are, demonstrating “the unbreakable bond” between Andrew Simpson and his wolves.  It’s a breath of fresh air in contrast to the dark picture painted of wolves in The Grey. Wolves are shy and sensitive animals. Yes, they are apex predators that have a job to do in nature, keeping ungulate herds healthy but they are devoted to family with strong social bonds between pack members.  In fact wolves and humans have much in common, being two of the most social species on earth.

To quote Ed Bangs from a 2000 Nova Online interview.

“Wolves are the parents, the mothers, the fathers, the brothers and sisters that we always hoped we could be. I mean there’s extreme loyalty among family members, it’s everything to them.”


Video: You Tube Wolves Unleashed Zenn Media

Photos: Courtesy Wolves Unleashed (Andrew Simpson)

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Howling For Justice Will Go Dark To Protest SOPA and PIPA…

Howling For Justice will go dark today, January 18, 2012, between 8am EST and 8pm EST, to protest  two very dangerous bill before Congress, SOPA and PIPA,  that seek to censor the Internet.

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Boycott “The Grey”…


January 27, 2012

State biologist dreads Hollywood portrayal of wolves

Attacks on humans, implied in movie’s trailers, extremely rare

Wolves are coming to the big screen today in “The Grey,” a man-versus-beast thriller starring Liam Neeson.

When their plane crashes in Alaska’s frozen wilderness, a bunch of oil-field roughnecks fight for survival. Not only do the men combat cold and hunger, they’re stalked by a wolf pack.

Film previews feature eerie howls and shots of feral eyes glinting in the darkness. When carnage ensues in this R-rated film, the wolves are usually the winners.

But the movie’s portrayal of wolves as man-eaters dismays Gary Wiles.

“My first reaction was, ‘Oh, no!’ ” said Wiles, a wildlife biologist for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. “It looks totally like a Hollywood-contrived movie: something to strike at people’s basic fears.”

UPDATE: January 2o, 2012

Howling for Justice will continue to highlight this post until the movie opens on January 27, 2012 and beyond.  We are happy to see that Wild Earth Guardians  has joined the fight and is also calling for a “blacklist of The Grey”.

UPDATE: January 17, 2012

As if there aren’t enough reasons to dislike this movie, add the sickening fact that Liam Neeson and the  cast of  “The Grey” actually ate wolf meat while making this  “movie”. The thought of them eating the flesh of the ancestor of our beloved dogs, makes me physically ill.


Liam Neeson and “The Grey” Cast Ate Wolf Meat

 by Jennifer Mishler January 17, 2012

I guess Hollywood doesn’t have anything better to do then demonize wolves. With two wolf hunts mowing down wolves  in the Northern Rockies, aerial gunning planned in Idaho’s Lolo zone, wolves in the Great Lakes coming off the endangered species list,  facing brutal hunts, Hollywood decided this would be a good time to make a movie about killer wolves.

“A group of oil-rig roughnecks are left stranded on the sub-arctic tundra after their plane experiences a complete mechanical failure and crashes into the remote Alaskan wilderness. The survivors, battling mortal injuries, biting cold and ravenous hunger, are relentlessly hunted and pursued by a vicious pack of rogue wolves.”

Wolves are the least dangerous of  large predators in North America. 


There have been two controversial human/wolf fatal encounters in North America, in the last century, that’s  it. You have a better chance of accidentally being killed by hunters (100 fatal hunting accidents per year in the US and Canada with another 1000 injured) or have your child shot @ a bus stop.  It’s not wolves parents should worry about @ bus stops but stray bullets from hunters.

Child Shot At Bus Stop By Hunter

Click here to watch video

 Our beloved dogs, kill another 30 people or more a year and bite approx. 4.7 million people annually. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs but those are the facts.

Deer/vehicle accidents claim at least 200 lives every year and cause billions of dollars in damages. You know why there are so many deer? The fish and game agencies make sure predators are targeted and their numbers kept low. Then deer  populations explode causing hundreds of thousands of auto accidents.

In Canberra, the capital of Australia, they’ve decimated the dingoes, the kangaroo’s  only natural predator.  Around the city there’s been an explosion of the Roo population. The Roos hop into the city at night, munch on people’s  lawns, get hit by cars and chased by dogs.  These are “urban kangaroos”, pushed into the city by drought, dwindling habitat and their own over-population. When Roo  numbers get too high “wildlife managers” control them by “culling/killing” kangaroos by the thousands. Roo mothers are shot in the head during “the culls” and their little pouched  “Joeys”  are either decapitated or their skulls are crushed.

Australia isn’t any better at  “managing” their wildlife then we are. They eliminate the top predator, the dingo, who could prevent kangaroo overpopulation.  Instead,  kangaroo numbers go up and the guns come out.

The same happens in America with deer. Natural predators are eliminated, the deer population explodes and you have a recipe for disaster.

“In 2000, of the 6.1 million lightweight motor vehicle collisions reported in the US, 247,000 crashes involved deer-vehicle collisions.[1] Deer-vehicle collisions lead to about 200 human deaths and $1.1 billion in property damage every year.[2] State and federal governments, insurance companies, and drivers spend an addition $3 billion in an effort to reduce and manage the increasing number of deer-vehicle collisions.[3] The term “deer-vehicle collision” is commonly annotated throughout safety agencies as DVC.”

Loss of large predators has caused widespread disruption of ecosystems

Scientists say decimation of top consumers may be “humankind’s most pervasive influence on the natural world” due to cascading effects on ecosystems

July 14, 2011

By Tim Stephens


All because “wildlife managers” are short-sighted and listen to the hunting and ranching cabals instead of doing what’s right and healthy for our ecosystems.


A woman was recently killed by flying deer parts (head and shoulders). The deer had been cut in half in another accident.

Woman driver killed by flying deer parts

December 29, 2011 9:41AM

POLICE in western Pennsylvania say a woman was killed when part of a deer struck by another vehicle went through her windshield and hit her.

Click here to read more

People die from bee stings, are fatally stomped by moose, run over by trains, approx. 90 people are killed by lightning strikes each year, in 2010 14, 748 people were murdered in the US, I could go on and on.

My point? Wolf attacks are VERY RARE.  So rare that making a movie about killer wolves is ridiculous. Wolves DO NOT need more bad press, the anti-wolf crowd spends their waking hours spreading myths and lies about wolves. Just because someone came up with this lame-brained idea of a movie, doesn’t mean it had to be made. It will do nothing but hurt wolves,  just like the movie Jaws hurt the image of sharks.  70 to 90 million sharks are killed every year around the world.

Please boycott this movie!!

You can picket your local theater where “The Grey” will be  playing but personally I think that draws more attention, people love controversy. BUT do contact the theater complex and let them know how you and your friends feel about this movie and that you’ll be staying away.

I call on the producer and director to re-consider what they’re  doing.  Are they not  aware of the nasty campaign being waged against wolves across this country but specifically in the Northern Rockies? Have they not done their homework? Do they care? Wolf haters don’t need help from Hollywood to persecute wolves. What happened to all the environmentalists in the movie industry? Will they be silent and allow this misunderstood, highly intelligent, social animal to be characterized as something they’re not?

At the very least a  disclaimer is needed, wolves rarely ever attack people. They are shy and reclusive, dedicated to their families. The exception to wolves exhibiting extreme fear of humans is when wolves been habituated to human presence, as in Yellowstone National Park. where because of their rock star status, they are exposed to people on a regular basis. Visitors are fascinated by these iconic animals and can’t get enough of them. Wolves  generate at least 35 million dollars annually to the GYA (Greater Yellowstone Area).  Yellowstone wolves do tolerate human presence because they don’t perceive humans as threats inside the park.  Outside the park is a different story, since these wolves are so used to people they are easy targets.  The most unfortunate incident happened during Montana’s 2009 wolf hunt, when FWP opened the hunt right outside park boundaries.  Wolves routinely move in and out of the park because they can’t read signs. Hunters took advantage of this and decimated the studied and famous Cottonwood Pack, killing the alpha male and female and their powerful daughter. When the alpha pair is killed the pack usually disperses.

Shame on the director and producers of this film.  They should visit the Northern Rockies, where brutal wolf hunts are in full swing and see for themselves the hatred and scapegoating wolves are subjected to.

Please read Bill Gibson’s article in the LA Times, to get up to speed on what wolves are being subjected to.  Maybe you’d understand how damaging “The Grey” will be to wolves and why advocates are so upset over this.

The new war on wolves


As soon as federal protection ended, the slaughter began.

December 08, 2011|By J. William Gibson

More examples of persecution. The Safari Club and others are providing incentives for hunters to go out and kill wolves and make
darn sure Montana meets it’s 220 dead wolf quota by February 15, 2012.  February 15, 2012 is an extension from the original wolf hunt end date of December 31, 2012. Montana FWP moved the goalposts.

 From the Ravali  Republic:

The Safari Club International’s Western Montana Chapter announced recently it will raffle off the taxidermy of a wolf pelt to successful wolf hunters this year. The prize is worth an estimated $750.

That organization is the third that has offered a prize or a check to hunters bagging a wolf this season.

The Ravalli County Fish and Wildlife Association started the ball rolling right after the end of hunting season with an announcement it would raffle a rifle valued at $650 to wolf hunters successful in the southern reaches of the Bitterroot.

The Montana Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife followed with a photo contest that offered successful wolf hunters $100 and an annual membership for photographs of dead wolves.



are dead in the Montana/Idaho wolf hunts as of o1/20/12.  And this is only January. Idaho’s wolf hunt runs through June 2012, in the Lolo and Selway zones, A TEN MONTH LONG HUNT!! Wolves in Idaho are dying painful deaths in brutal traps and choking snares.

Is there nothing Hollywood won’t do to make a buck?  Not only does this movie unfairly depict wolves but it will contribute to the escalating wolf demonization.


Contact information for  “The Grey”, courtesy of Justin Forte:
Please take a few moments to contact  those involved with this “movie”. Tell them how you feel about it and why. Be direct, polite and to the point.  Let them know you are boycotting “The Grey”. Be sure to mention there are thousands of outraged wolf advocates, who are also movie goers. We are spreading the word, we don’t want to contribute to profits made off the backs of wolves.
Demand a disclaimer in the opening and closing credits. This movie is a  misrepresentation of wild wolves. They are not blood thirsty, human stalking killers, as the movie depicts.
Contact:: Open Road Films and Liam Neeson .

Open Road Films

12301 Wilshire Boulevard

Suite 600

Santa Monica, California 90025.

Telephone: 310-696-7575. Fax: 310-571-2278.

Liam’ Neeson’s publicist is: Alan Nierob, Rogers & Cowan Public Relations, Pacific Design Center, 8687 Melrose Avenue, 7th Floor, Los Angeles, California 90069. Telephone: 310-854-8100

Thank You. The wolves thank you!!


WildEarth Guardians Joins The Fight to Boycott “The Grey”

Wolves are under attack, having lost Endangered Species Act protection in many states, placing them in the crosshairs of a vocal minority in agribusiness and hunting groups who refuse to tolerate this ecologically vital carnivore. Hundreds have already been killed this winter and now Hollywood has jumped on the hysteria bandwagon by perpetuating the stereotype of wolves as evil and violent in the new film, “The Grey.”

Please join WildEarth Guardians in sending a strong message to the film director and boycotting “The Grey” so that anti-wolf profiteers like director Joe Carnahan won’t benefit from this terrible film.



Here is a true wild wolf encounter with the added treat of seeing a grizzly sow with cubs. Do these wolves look like bloodthirsty killers who stalk people? Absolutely not.

Please visit Brad Joseph’s Wildlife Videos on YouTube and see how a true naturalist appreciates and photographs our vital apex predators, like the wolf and grizzly bear.  


Brad Joseph’s Wildlife Channel


Alaska Bears and Wolves

About Brad Josephs


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Video:  YouTube Brad Johnson’s Wildlife Channel

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New Full Wolf Moon Vigil Pictures!!

Blue Phoenix, New South Wales, Australia

UPDATE: January 22, 2012

I’ve added new vigil  pictures from Blue Phoenix, who lives “down under”.  Wolf persecution is global and even though Australia does not have  wolves they do have the dingo, who is also scapegoated and killed like wolves. Pure dingo genetics is decreasing due to mating with domestic dogs.

Thank you Blue Phoenix for holding a vigil for the beleaguered Northern Rockies wolves.  Sadly the death toll has increased considerably from 337 to 388.


I want to again thank wolf advocates for honoring the fallen wolves slaughtered in the Idaho/Montana hunts. The purpose of the Full Wolf Moon Vigil was twofold:

1. To remember the wolves who’ve died

2. To bring attention to their plight.

There were many vigils held around the country and the world, including France, Australia and Denmark. Wolves are beloved and iconic animals, who have hundreds of thousands of supporters. We will have other vigils and protests as long as the wolf hunts in Montana and Idaho continue. Ann S. and Nancy Taylor did a great job organizing the vigil in Coeur d’ Alene.  It was covered extensively by the media, including 3 television stations and NPR radio.  Other vigils are represented below. We will update this page as we receive new pictures. Keep them coming everyone. You can post them on:

Howl Across America:

For the wolves, For the wild ones,


Full Wolf Moon Vigil, Marta “For the wolves perished and for the wolves that remain”

Blue Phoenix Full Wolf Moon Vigil, New South Wales, Australia

Better Be Known – Spiritual Center, New South Wales, Australia

Ian C. Full Wolf Moon Vigil

Blue Phoenix, Full Wolf Moon Vigil, New South Wales, Australia

NIWA’S Full Wolf Moon Candlelight Vigil, Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho

Brianna’s Wolf Vigil

National Public Radio (NPR) Photo by Kristine Løkken Nilsen for the Northwest News Network

Jennifer Wolf Vigil, Kentucky

Jennifer’s Wolf Tribute, Kentucky

Wolf Moon Vigil and Wolf Walk, Santa Barbara, California

Keith n Anna Wolf Vigil, Los Angeles, California

Candle Lit for the Wolves, Salt Lake City, Utah

Wolf Vigil, Wyoming

Katie’s Wolf Vigil, Oregon

Wolf Vigil, Idaho

Billy Wolf Vigil, Montana

Daniels Growing Memorial For Fallen Wolves

Howling Mad, Coeur d’ alene, Idaho (Jerome Pollos/Press)


Photos (Credit given below photo)

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Howls To The Wolf Advocates Who Participated In the Vigil Tonight!!

What a beautiful photo, Courtesy Keith n Anna

Thank you everyone who participated in the vigil  for the fallen Montana/Idaho wolves, who continue to be slaughtered in the hunts.

We received wonderful responses from all over the world.  Thank you to Ann Sydow and Nancy Taylor of  NIWA who organized the vigil in Coeur d’ alene. To Arctica and Nini, Wolf Peoples’s eight month old wolf pups, who were so cute on camera. To Beckie and  Trap Free Oregon for organizing the vigil in Ashland Oregon, to Wally, to Tallulah for the vigil in Santa Barbara, to Dr. Raven, to Agnes Delanis in France to Lynne S. , Katie, Brianna,  Keith n Anna for your wonderful picture, Wazaiyata, Norma, Sandra, wolfdog, Holly C., vibeke, Iszaria, Gitte, Erika,  Sheila, Barb, Josie, Zia, Captain Sakonna, N.Parry and all the dedicated wolf advocates who lit a candle for  wolves tonight.

NIWA had great success @ their vigil in downtown Coeur d’ alene.  KREM Channel 2 Spokane, KXLY Channel 4 Spokane, The Coeur d’ alene Press and NPR covered the vigil.  More on this tomorrow and hopefully people will be posting their pictures on Howl Across America so we can compose a montage and post them here on Howling for Justice. If you don’t want your face shown on the picture we’ll white it out.  We’d like people to tell us where your picture was taken but you don’t have to include that information. Also if you have a link to any media that covered your vigil let me know so I can post that as well.



For the wolves, For the wild ones,



Wolf lovers hold vigil to protest Idaho wolf hunts


North Idaho group holds vigil for wolves killed during hunt


Pro-wolf vigil tonight in CDA


Photo Courtesy Keith n Anna

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ALERT: Ashland Full Wolf Moon Candlelight Vigil Tonight!

ALERT: Full Wolf Moon Candlelight Vigil,Monday, January9th, 2012. Where? Across America and the World!!

Ashland Full Wolf Moon Candlelight Vigil

January 9, 2012 from 7- 9 PM, Ashland Plaza

Bring candles and signs that show your support of wolves.
Nearly 350 wolves have been needlessly slaughtered in Idaho
and Montana so far this season.

Let’s be proactive in Oregon to prevent this same future for
our budding wolf population.

Contact: Beckie Elgin


Thank you Becky!!  I hope there will be many more vigils in the Northern Rockies, Across America and the World!!

Stand up for our fallen wolves!

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