Jay Mallonee Speaks Out….

Jay Mallonee is an independent wolf biologist who has studied wolves in Montana for twenty years, notably the The Fish Trap Pack for ten of those years. His peer-reviewed paper,“Hunting Wolves In Montana, Where Are The Data”  is posted on this blog, under PAGES.

In his own words Jay speaks out about his struggle for the truth.

“On September 3, 2011, I published the paper Hunting Wolves In Montana – Where Are The Data?  in the peer-review, scientific journal Nature and Science.  It reviewed the data collected by Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) regarding wolf population numbers.  This is the state agency responsible for wolf management in Montana. The paper demonstrated that much of their data was flawed or blatantly wrong, in addition to fabricating wolf numbers.  After publication of the paper, I spent two months emailing and visiting FWP officials to understand how and why they used flawed information to decide how many wolves should die in public hunts.  I also asked about the procedures used to collect their data, because FWP has claimed that wolf hunts are based in science.  This is not true either, and I have yet to have my questions answered.  Nevertheless, my email exchanges with FWP and the Governor’s Office demonstrate how management officials fein cooperation, then evade answering questions directly, and finally just get mad and no longer communicate.  In the meantime, the hunting season has been extended to February 15, 2012, and FWP supports groups that offer cash prizes for the best photo of wolves killed in the hunt.  FWP has gone out of their way to make sure wolves die.

You can help by going to my website
and reading these email exchanges then contacting FWP directly.  I have provided the contact information for everyone involved in these emails.  Ask your own questions or demand answers to the ones I have asked.  These people are pubic servants.”

Make them prove what they say.

Jay Mallonee, January 2, 2012


Hunting Montana’s Wolves

by Jay Mallonee



Photo: Courtesy kewl wallpapers
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