ACTION ALERT: Please Comment On Wyoming’s Bad Wolf Plan by Tomorrow, January 13, 2012… » Yellowstone National Park, 1905 Soldier Displaying Wolf Pelt

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  1. Are you kidding me? NO OK?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is totally bragging!!!!!! OMG WOW, You caught a wolf!!!! OMG WOW YOU DONT NEED TO TELL THE ENTIRE WOLF LOVER PEOPLE, It hurts!!!! Im dealing with 06 getting killed, and now a photo in black and white with a wolf hanging? with someone smiling like he just did something good, which he didn’t, and then a guy with a AK47? or whatever kinda thing that is, and then holding the wolf, and another guy holding a gun, and its rude, do you know what I feel like doing to these types of people, who think they can brag about killing an animal that we love? its rude FYI (For your information) and They know what there doing.. and it hurts, If I was randomly with a wolf, and A person was gonna hunt us, and I would let the wolf live, and I would die. That’s how much I care about wolves.. they are my life… this is horrible.. just rude.. 😥

    From, Carly. The wolf supporter… ^.^ Bye…



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