New Full Wolf Moon Vigil Pictures!!

Blue Phoenix, New South Wales, Australia

UPDATE: January 22, 2012

I’ve added new vigil  pictures from Blue Phoenix, who lives “down under”.  Wolf persecution is global and even though Australia does not have  wolves they do have the dingo, who is also scapegoated and killed like wolves. Pure dingo genetics is decreasing due to mating with domestic dogs.

Thank you Blue Phoenix for holding a vigil for the beleaguered Northern Rockies wolves.  Sadly the death toll has increased considerably from 337 to 388.


I want to again thank wolf advocates for honoring the fallen wolves slaughtered in the Idaho/Montana hunts. The purpose of the Full Wolf Moon Vigil was twofold:

1. To remember the wolves who’ve died

2. To bring attention to their plight.

There were many vigils held around the country and the world, including France, Australia and Denmark. Wolves are beloved and iconic animals, who have hundreds of thousands of supporters. We will have other vigils and protests as long as the wolf hunts in Montana and Idaho continue. Ann S. and Nancy Taylor did a great job organizing the vigil in Coeur d’ Alene.  It was covered extensively by the media, including 3 television stations and NPR radio.  Other vigils are represented below. We will update this page as we receive new pictures. Keep them coming everyone. You can post them on:

Howl Across America:

For the wolves, For the wild ones,


Full Wolf Moon Vigil, Marta “For the wolves perished and for the wolves that remain”

Blue Phoenix Full Wolf Moon Vigil, New South Wales, Australia

Better Be Known – Spiritual Center, New South Wales, Australia

Ian C. Full Wolf Moon Vigil

Blue Phoenix, Full Wolf Moon Vigil, New South Wales, Australia

NIWA’S Full Wolf Moon Candlelight Vigil, Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho

Brianna’s Wolf Vigil

National Public Radio (NPR) Photo by Kristine Løkken Nilsen for the Northwest News Network

Jennifer Wolf Vigil, Kentucky

Jennifer’s Wolf Tribute, Kentucky

Wolf Moon Vigil and Wolf Walk, Santa Barbara, California

Keith n Anna Wolf Vigil, Los Angeles, California

Candle Lit for the Wolves, Salt Lake City, Utah

Wolf Vigil, Wyoming

Katie’s Wolf Vigil, Oregon

Wolf Vigil, Idaho

Billy Wolf Vigil, Montana

Daniels Growing Memorial For Fallen Wolves

Howling Mad, Coeur d’ alene, Idaho (Jerome Pollos/Press)


Photos (Credit given below photo)

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  1. It fills my heart with sadness and my tears flow for the loss of our beautiful creatures. Perhaps each killer, will one day, feel the loss in their lives.


    • Carol They already have or this wouldn’t be happening, and early on. One of probably many losses was the self, given up to necessary defense systems. It’s important to know the enemy for who he or she is. People who commit violence, sports hunters, ranchers who beat their cows, brake and enter thieves, armed assailants, are broken, compensating adult children. Of course society takes over as it can, much of western society is affected, but responding now with data bases recording child violence against animals, HSUS First Strike, the FBI. Derrick Jensen was recommended to me here. He’s a hard read but invaluable if one wishes to understand. Understanding hopefully can lead to lasting change. Here’s an online article by Jensen. It scrapes the surface and isn’t directly about wolves, but it’s a good introduction.

      For The Wolves


  2. Great writeup, thank you for all you do.


    • Your welcome Ed and thank you for caring about these amazing animals who are so persecuted.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  3. So much human arrogance and brutality towards all creatures, including wolves. It is good to see such vigils as a reminder that all lives should be recognized and honored, not thrown away as without inherent value. Somehow and some place I hope the wolves will know that some people care.


  4. I don’t have a photo – but had my partner set up 3 big candles outside
    (I work a second shift) & hopefully they stayed lit. It was a little windy out Monday night here, but we did our little memorandum to the wolves. However tiny it was.


  5. Love the photos by the way …… 🙂


    • (:


  6. Memorial services convey the ideas that the wolves are sentient, ensouled, and members of a human-animal community. It’s important that the Idaho news media and NPR covered the service. The far-right will have a harder time threatening wolf advocates–and making their claims that wolves are foreign, demonic creatures– when it’s clear that that wolf advocates are seen as legitimate by the media.

    Perhaps in time politicians will see that pandering to wolf hatred costs them credibility.


    • I guess I can call myself Biocentric, like Paul Watson. I believe all live is sacred not just human life. Thanks Bill.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  7. danich. hvad er der sket med mennesket— i denmark har vi personer der ville udrydde mange af vores få dyr– fordi de er til stor gene for de for-finede individer som ikke kan tåle fugle-lyde-ræven-mårhunden + mere, Ulven, som jeg elsker højt, er på listen til at forlade vores jord— Jeg er forkæmper for al udrydelse af dyr, mennesket har virkeligt fået blod på hænderne—- EGO-BLOD— og det er dem der hat lavet kuk i hele systemet—- dyrene er bleven anderledes— kan ikke mere leve som de plejer– masser af uro – hvor fugle der spiser fisk– skal udrydes- fordi der er nogen der mener AT SÅ ER DER IKKE NOK TIL MENNESKET— ego-tænkning– ulven får severet sin mad for næsen af farmene– SOM IKKE kan indse, at det er dem der har den største fejl, med at flytte sin besætning derud—- UDEN ordenligt indhegning, ulven får skylden for at dræbe deres dyr— her må der virkeligt en dom-stol til- RETFÆRDIGHED til ulven—- hvis ikke– må der sættes NYE bedre mennesker med STOR forståelse for HVAD dyreliv er. Jeg er opvokset ved skoven– og idag bor jeg ved vand-skov- HVOR er det tridst–der er næsten ingen dyr som i 1951– jæger-krybskytter- motorveje- dyr har kun et frimærke at bo på.— jeg kæmper for ulven også + andre dejlige dyr——- :-(((((( = sørgeligt— har 9 dyr- 2 vovser-7 katte- ræv- masser af fugle der får mad.


  8. Dear my friend wolves & you, too. Thanks Brianna for save wolves & save nature I like that Brianna’s wolf vigil. I am smiling at her & wolves. I always love wolves very much. God bless her & wolves. I love to watch candlelight for wolves & my wolf cub “Wolfie”. A blessed wolves candlelight. It’s very beautifully candlelight for wolves’ bless. I hate to see wolves are dying. I prayer for wolves May God take care about wolves for keep live to save wolves in the future. Please don’t let wolves’ dying or die no ways. My wolf cub “Wolfie” he is doing fine. He always go with me all time. I cried & sad when I looked some wolves’ pictures. Hope wolves save live, please!! Thank wolves & you for showing some pictures. Ruthie 🙂


  9. hey guys i am going to write a letter to idaho fish and game about all the mess ups theyve made and i want to know some talking points. i have some but i want to see if you guys have some new talking points
    thanks for your support
    for all the ones that die in fright go to heven with you tonight


    • Talking points for you Josie.

      1. Why are they killing wolves? Ask them to spell it out.
      2. Wolves kill very few livestock, coyotes and other predators do more damage but all predation is less then 1% of livestock looses. Between 50 to 60,000 or more cattle are lost to non-predation each year in Idaho. Wolf losses total arond 70-80 cattle. Depredation is a non-issue and an excuse to kill wolves.
      3. There are 103,000 elk in Idaho, more than enough elk. There are 150,000 elk in Montana and 120,000 elk in Wyoming. Almost 400,000 elk in the tri-state area, yet this is given as a reason to kill wolves.
      4. Wolves are apex predators and are vital to a healthy eco-system. Why does IDFG cater to ranchers and hunters and ignore the pleas of wildlife advocates who are having to watch the wolf being decimated in Idaho?
      5. Idaho has stated they want to take their wolf population from 700 to 150 animals. That is not “management” it’s slaughter. The states promised they would manage wolves sensibly but as soon as wolves were turned over to their care. they started hunting them. The management plan of 100 wolves and 10 breeding pairs per wolf state was a concession to ranchers back in 1995, it has never been updated, which is the fault of USFWS, who was in charge of their recovery. 100-150 wolves in Idaho is not a viable population and the wolves will be mere shadows on the landscape, hunted, frightened, sad creatures that won’t be able to form tight family bonds due to the stress of constant killing and hunting. The average wolf age will be very young. They will most likely not live successful lives as wild wolves because Russian Roulette will be played with their lives every year. It’s unlikely they won’t grow up in a stable pack who can teach them the skills they need to survive successfully.

      6. Tell them to stop trapping wolves and using choking snares to kill them, it’s cruel and barbaric.

      7. Tell them it hurts your heart to see wolves treated in this way and remind them wolves were protected under the ESA for a reason, having been wiped out in the West by the same attitudes that are pervasive today. Let them know they are tearing wolf families apart and causing wolves to suffer tremendously.

      8. Let them know the wolf hunts are hurting Idaho’s image and tourism industry. Who wants to visit a state that treats the iconic wolf in such a barbaric way?

      I could go on and on. I hope those are enough talking points for you. Let me know if you need more.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  10. On that day of Wolf Moon which was around midnite Monday early morning (Jan. 9th, 2012).. I went out with my candle light outside and look up with full moon with small ring of rainbow! I then howled (not too loud lol sorry too shy to howl that loud!) for short while as I had to go back inside cuz of my bad back was painful! And then again at nite, in my bedroom I saw a full moon so I howled too with my candle light and both times I have asked to Wolf Moon to save wolves and to stop the hunt — chanting few min… I did not know u would to have all taken pix upload in here like that up there! So now it is too late… 😦 but I have pix of candle light with wolf statue in my photo tho… ^_^

    I love those photos up there beautiful and thanks for the share and wonderful for those group out there with candle lights and posters at nite! That was awesome! I love it!

    Great job all of u!! ^_^


  11. I didn’t have one cuz I thought that there was a specific place you had to be. I did not know you could have done this in you’re own home.


    • U-NAH-WI….that’s OK…next time you can hold one.



  12. Assuming that my school will allow me to do it (just turned in the application form today, should find out by next week), I plan on having an event where students can write letters to the governors of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming asking that they stop the Wolf Hunts (Idaho and Montana) and that the Wolf Management Plan is not accepted (Wyoming). Where can I find the contact info of the three governors?


    • Forgot to ask this earilier, but what “talking points” should we mention in our letters? I feel that there are soo many to choose from but I want to know what the best ones are.


  13. It’s nice to see that people from countries all over the world care about the Gray Wolves. Maybe, just maybe, this will convince the government to put them back on the Endangered Species List…

    Dingoes…so similar to our wolves both biologically and socially. Persecuted, hated, viewed as a threat to livestock and humans (Dingoes eat babies)…the list goes on and on. And despite being classified as “Vulnerable” by by the IUCN, Dingoes are still killed as pests, and are even viewed as an Invasive Species by some, particularly by those who don’t want them around (now doesn’t that sound familiar?). I wish more people cared about the Dingoes (and wolves). I love Dingoes (and wolves), and I will fight to protect them. When I was in 9th Grade, I was all about “Saving the Dingoes,” and that’s what I wanted to do when I grow up (still do, but now I also want to work to protect all species). When we did a report/project on an Endangered Species in my Biology class, I did mine on the Dingo, and afterwards I presented it to the Environmental Club at my school, cause I wanted to spread the word about protecting Dingoes (and now that I think about it, that was the first time I participated in advocacy).


  14. I made my own vigil for them:
    It’s not much but the thought matters more.


    • Thank you Dywane…very nice and thoughtful!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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