A Round of Applause…

The endless whining and demonizing of wolves is so mind numbing  it could actually rival the drug Ambien as an effective sleep aid. The same talking points are repeated over and over ad nauseam. That’s why it was so refreshing to read reporter Nick Geovck’s piece in the Mt.Standard. A round of applause to him for having the courage and conviction to speak out about this modern-day witch hunt, directed at wolves and other predators.

He drives his point home by quoting from Aldo Leopold’s famous writing, Thinking Like a Mountain, from a Sand County Almanac. Leopold, who was once a wolf hunter himself, had an epiphany:

“Leopold realizes that killing a predator wolf carries serious implications for the rest of the ecosystem.”

Please take the time to thank Nick Ge0vck by leaving a comment under his excellent article.


Hatred of predators reaches ridiculous fervor

In the Hunt by Nick Geovck |

Posted: Thursday, January 26, 2012 12:15 am

“Conserva-tion is a state of harmony between men and land. By land is meant all of the things on, over, or in the earth. Harmony with land is like harmony with a friend; you cannot cherish his right hand and chop off his left. That is to say, you cannot love game and hate predators.”

Aldo Leopold

Let’s kill every wolf in Montana.

Sounds like a popular idea these days among hunters.

While we’re at it, let’s kill every grizzly bear, every black bear and every mountain lion. Throw in golden eagles, bald eagles, rattlesnakes and coyotes.

We’d be left with a hunter’s paradise – a state teeming with game animals and hunting opportunity, right?

That’s the sentiment I heard recently at a meeting on the hunting season setting proposals in Butte, where an oft-angry group of sportsmen called for large-scale killing of predators to increase the number of deer, elk and other game species. The suggestions ranged from having government trappers shoot wolves from helicopters to creating a season on eagles so they don’t kill mountain goats.

Of course Butte sportsmen aren’t alone. Over the past few years anger has been building blaming predators – and in particular wolves – for lower game herds and for less hunting opportunity. Wolf haters throw around words like “annihilation” and “devastation” when it comes to Montana’s deer and elk herds. And even some respected conservation groups have gotten in on the wolf bashing through public statements decrying the effects of predators.

What state are these people living in?

Here are a few facts about Montana’s wildlife populations and hunting over the past two decades, covering the period during which the much-maligned western gray wolf has been on the landscape.

In 1992, three years before wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho, the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks official estimate of the elk herd was 89,000 elk in Montana. Today we have a statewide estimate of 150,000 elk.

In 2003, the state Legislature passed a bill that required FWP biologists bring elk numbers down to the targeted objective populations laid out in the statewide elk plan. They were responding to complaints from ranchers about too many elk on their private land.

Ironically, some of the same lawmakers who supported that bill are among the most vocal wolf bashers. That hypocrisy begs the question: are there too many elk or too many wolves in Montana?

Anyway, the Legislature in recent years has given FWP several tools to kill more elk, including giving hunters the chance to kill two elk per year.

And since then, Montana has on three occasions extended the general elk season to give hunters two additional weeks to kill elk in years when the harvest was slow.

Second elk tags, extended seasons and liberal regulations allowing more cow elk hunting: where’s the loss of hunting opportunity?

In truth, elk hunters have had more opportunity than in decades and now we’ve seen the effects of that.

Over the past couple years we’ve brought elk back down closer to the target populations or in some cases dropped it below those objective numbers. Accordingly, FWP biologists have gone from liberal to more conservative seasons, allowing fewer cow elk to be killed in many areas and reducing the second tags.

It proves that two-legged predators with high-powered rifles can be extremely effective at killing elk.

Read more: http://mtstandard.com/news/local/hatred-of-predators-reaches-ridiculous-fervor/article_3e418c46-47ba-11e1-b87a-0019bb2963f4.html#ixzz1kelv40FJ


Photo: Courtesy goukaboutdotcom

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  1. Read it already,great to know someone is on our side and putting it out there for people to read and be informed.


  2. It is refreshing to read facts and statistics. Just wish these states that are out to slaughter the wolf and their families into annihilation would read this article, or have someone read it to them. (Which ever the case might call for.)


    • You really said it right! I think many would have to have it read TO them! LOL I really think they don’t believe these magnificent animals are the ancestors of our domestic dogs!


  3. I read the well-thought out and articulate article that nick wrote it truely was a breath of fresh air. Am I read to assume that we need to get wolves back on the Endangered Species List? thanks paula


  4. OUTSTANDING article! everyone should read this! ESPECIALLY the ego-driven “wolf-haters”!


  5. Thank you for posting Nick Gevock’s article. It is nice to see that the voice of reason backed with facts does reach the media when it comes to wolves. Earlier this month, an article came out about the loss of white-taled deer due to the disease, EHD. The author was lamenting the loss due to the periodic outbreak of this disease but added a “positive” note at the end of the article:

    “Notwithstanding the disease’s economic impacts to the region’s hunting industry, Gunderson said the loss of so many deer along the Milk and Missouri rivers could have an upside.

    Along some stretches of the river, a combination of animal grazing and ice jams scraping the riverbank each winter have prevented cottonwood trees from regenerating for decades.

    After the region’s record spring floods allowed seedlings to take root high up on the banks, where they are more protected, Gunderson said a new crop of trees could thrive with so many whitetail gone.

    “We won’t have the tremendous deer population browsing on them, so hopefully we’ll get the cottonwoods along these river bottoms that will take us through the next 100 years,” he said.”

    So its ok for herds to be reduced by diseases but when wolves are out there doing their job as predators, well then they are just “expendable varmints”. That makes absolutely no sense!



  6. The problem with fact/science-based information on wolves is that people have seldom been rational in their perceptions of this animal. Add the effects of fear and folklore to the just plain meanness and greed of hunters, and it is hard to combat the killing. Both wolves and deer/elk are fair game for the gunslingers.


  7. I have a great idea – lets not have the hunting of deer, elk & moose for the next 5 to 10 years – that would solve the “phantom” deer, elk & moose problem. They blame everything on the wolves. I’m sick of it.
    Good article by the way.


  8. Great article. What a sensible guy.


  9. Common sense is such an uncommon thing these days. Much respect to the author of this.


  10. in the face of this article as well as all the comments by wolf researchers and plain ol’ outraged common folk… why is that the states agricultural and/or wildlife management can not or will not hear that “WE THE PEOPLE” don’t want wolves (and other predators) killed??? it is apparent that most ‘scientific studies’ are proving that prey populations are not in danger from wolves and others predators. sigh, I guess those with the money to burn have too much $$$ and not enough sense.


  11. great article. Good to ready something positive for our side


  12. Thank you Nick Gevock for your article.
    When will the people of this planet learn to be human beings?
    Two-faced politicians, lobbyists, special interest groups with money…shame, shame, shame on you! You will someday have to appear before God and face your inhumanties….there will be no lies believed!


  13. Very well written. There are too many people who do not understand the importance of wolves and other predators in the wild. The wolf just came off the endangered species list and now its in danger of going back to the list. I think the only real reason they hunt wolves in the first place is pride to their ego and manhood. all they have done is shamed the ancestors of this land.


  14. ” Montana’s Fish and Wildlife Commissioner, Moody, stood up for wolves. He bucked the establishment by voting “no” on proposals that would again extend the state’s hunting season on wolves.”

    Go to WildEarthGuardians website for the full story.


  15. danich. Jeg forstår ikke ulve-dræberne— ulve-had, skal man dø, hvis man ikke kan lide de dyr der bor her på vores planet ???, hvem er det der bestemmer retfærdighed over vores fælles smukke dyr ???— hvem har ret til at dræbe, hvad er det for en grim indstilling at byde vores dyr på ???—- Mit store kendskab til naturen er, at alle dyrene har altid klaret sig der hvor de blev født, op og nedgang på grund af sygdom, men mennesket hat ødelagt alt for dyrene, Det skal forbydes nu at flytte derud hvor det er dyrenes hjem, ulve spiser ikke rovdrift på dyr, de lever med, men jægerne er jo bange for at de ikke får nok af dræbe, derfor får ulven hele skylden, det skal der laves om på, jeg hader smilene jæger— de må godt sidde i den snare de selv har udført til at fange dyr i :-(((((((((— jeg elsker ulve— alle dyr. NY REGEL og STOR RETFÆRDIGHED FOR MIN ven ULVEN. ULVE-DRAB = MORD– fængsel til alle jægerne :-)))))


  16. M’y Derest Nabeki! Yes,very well written!!! Tank you so much for that!!! But now??? What can we do more??? Day after day wolves are dieing !!! It is insupportable !!!


    • Dear Agnes, This has been one of the most difficult periods since wolves were delisted by the Democrats and President Obama. We all knew that if wolves were ever turned over to the states what would happen. We begged and pleaded with Senate Democrats not to throw wolves under the bus for Testers’ Senate seat but they didn’t care. They turned a deaf ear, the most egregious were the Senators who proclaimed to care about the ESA such as Boxer, Feinstein, Kerry, The Udalls…all of them betrayed wolves. Now the horror is coming true, everything we predicted. The wolf hating crowed was losing in court and so they lobbied politicians looking for votes to betray wolves.

      Our movement is not united as it should be. We have several groups that are fighting the delisting in court, FOC, AWR, CBD and WEG but other groups such as the NRDC approves of the wolf delisting in the Great Lakes.

      The grass roots movement is large but we don’t have the money or resources that the large organizations have. Just think if they rallied their millions of members to protest these hunts, we could actually make a difference. But all we get is silence. So the grass roots movement marches alone in most cases. We have the numbers but are short on resources. It’s also very hard to get advocates to rally in their home towns. We’ve tried many, many times. The last vigil we held was our biggest success yet. I’ll keep adding pictures to that post.

      I’ve been thinking of ways we can raise money to help accomplish some of our goals. I haven’t taken a penny from this blog in 2 1/2 years but until we have the resources we need are limited in what we can do.

      Most Americans have no clue the numbers of wolves that have been killed in the hunts. We need large demonstrations but it’s hard to get even 15 to 20 people to show up to support wolves. We are brainstorming and hopefully will have a new game plan that will be more effective. We have to change our strategy and become more united. We are moving into a new phase of activism and how to deal with all the bad news that is surrounding wolves. I see little pockets of hope. Like the reporter who just spoke out about the out of control hysteria surrounding wolves, or the biologist in Washington state speaking out about the movie The Grey. So we keep plugging along and will never abandon wolves but I have to tell you I feel very helpless watching wolves die every day. If only the American people would vote with their feet and stay away from these states that are having wolf hunts. We need to hit them in their pocket books, tourism is a big industry in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. But people continue to visit Yellowstone as if everything is fine. If people would boycott Yellowstone that would be a huge start.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  17. I am SICK of the”livestock” people ruling the world – he forgot to add wild horses to the list of animals to get rid of because they are eating the grass on public land – HOW do they get away w/ this? I have a neighbor who told me a friend (livestock) of his killed a Coyote – when I asked why – he said “they” can take down a dog in a second! Naturallly, I had to ask if there was a dog involved and the answer was no – dumb, dumb


  18. Nabeki, excellent article . I’m going to use it in a letter to the editor of the Monroe Times. I just read that opponents of killing wolves for sport in the UP promise a stiff fight before state agencies. I don’t know who they are. Usually the HSUS takes up the fight in the Great Lakes ,but they are being quiet. Have you considered a petition and taking it to your area Democratic headquarters stating you will not vote for Obama. I have many friends that are not voting at all.


    • Good Bobette.

      I thought we would have heard something from HSUS by now, as you said they are the ones that are usually in court in the UP. I was expecting to hear about lawsuits filed against the delisting?

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  19. Thank you so much Dearest Nabeki! My english is not good but i understood very well your reply! You must to know i’m always with you and i’m wolf’s cause servant! For my last breath. I’m your servant,too! Howlssss


    • Many Howls to you Agnes, you are the best!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  20. Interesting and revealing article here about the mentality of Mr Rossi and co.



  21. I have e-mailed Anderson Copper and left with his staff the howling for justice needs media coverage on his afternoon show!! If everyone that care e-mail the Anderson Copper site CNN then they will have to take action!! Please try and see what happens. We are not getting though and the world has to know!!! One more dead wolf is too many and God help this sick world! That prey on helpless wildlife! This is true evil!! Peace Sheila


  22. Good article. I’m up in northwestern WI where anti-wolf fervor is getting to the level of hysteria. We have rancher’s/farmers free ranging their livestock, bear hunters losing hounds(they hunt black bear with radio collared dog packs), and whitetail deer hunters all chiming in with lets kill em!

    The deer hunters are awfully thick as a collective, we have an estimated 1.9 million deer roaming WI(there were only about two or three hundred thousand in all of the USA back in the 1920’s and 30’s)which is the highest population in the entire nation, but only an estimated 600-780 Gray wolves are believed to now be such a mortal threat to these deer that we must kill em to save em!

    Then we have the bear hunters, as primitive a collection of humans as one could hope to not encounter. These throwbacks to extirpation days of yore run their radio collared pooches all summer(and the bear too)practicing for the hunting of September. The problem here is that their hounds run all over the forest and in so doing encounter Gray wolves who happen to have had pups, which they fiercely protect, along with their den sites. As you might imagine, this usually goes quite badly for the marauding bear hounds, and their now distraught SUV imbedded hunting buddies have been screaming to the WDNR for the right to kill em back!

    Yes, we seem to be running in reverse where it concerns the Gray wolf. A terrible terrible injustice. Well like I said, good article, if I can help(and I do)don’t hesitate to email me, and good fortune in our endeavors on behalf of canis lupis.


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