Young Wildlife Author Offers Free Kindle Downloads of Her Wolf Books, Saturday Through Monday

Carylanne Joubert is a special 15 year old, she’s the author of several books about wolves. Carylanne is offering free Kindle downloads on this weekend for Cry of the Wolf  (Saturday-Sunday) and Mingan (Sunday-Monday).


From  Carylanne Joubert via Wolf Warriors:

“In light of the opening of “The Grey” and the delistment of Canis Lupis from the Endangered Species Act tomorrow, my books, Cry of the Wolf and Mingan, will be available for FREE for any Kindle users. I wrote Cry of the Wolf to teach the truth and dispel the unfounded fears about wolves by telling their story through the eyes of Mingan, a wolf pup who not only learns about wolf life but also witnesses firsthand the effects of Man’s encroachment. Mingan (ages 3 and up) teaches lessons about wolves for younger audiences to destroy the image of the Big Bad Wolf. I’m only 15 years old and I am trying to make a difference for the wolves before it is too late, but I really need help. Please help me spread the word that Cry of the Wolf (Friday-Saturday) and Mingan (Friday-Sunday) will be available for FREE for all Kindle users. Long live the wolf!”

Cry of the Wolf

Click Here  To Download



Click Here To Download



About the Author

“Born in Rhode Island in 1996, Carylanne Joubert has been focused on working to help wildlife since the age of four. Her first influences, Steve Irwin and Jack Hanna, instilled in her a love of animals and a desire to learn more about each one and what can be done to help them in the wild. Her father having served in the US Army, Carylanne has lived in many states before settling in Central Florida. Home-schooled her entire school career, she is now completing her high-school education through Florida Virtual School. Carylanne being a gifted student has excelled in her studies and is 2 grades ahead of her peers. She decided to use her talents in writing to tell the story of the Yellowstone Wolves through the eyes of Mingan, a wolf pup. After completing a project for the science fair about the wolves and their struggle Carylanne became passionate to do more to help. She is dedicated to working to help all animals and intends to continue to write her tales to tell the stories of many of our wildlife who are in endangered or otherwise need protection. She intends to pursue a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a minor in Foreign Languages. A portion of all her proceeds will go to organizations such as Wolf Mountain Sanctuary.”


Thank you Carylanne, we’re proud to help spread the word about your work.

Please take advantage of Carylanne’s generous offer and see the world though Mingan’s eyes.


Drawings:  Courtesy Carylanne Joubert

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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  1. ..and she is only 15? Perhaps there is still hope. Way to go, Carylanne!


  2. Thank you, I find your work and dedication inspiring.
    Robert Black
    Living Traditions


  3. Thank you Carylanne! I just got your first book, and tweeted it out and tomorrow Minigan! Thank you for your wolf for the wolves!♥♥♥


  4. work for the wolves! lol or woof for the wolves? Thank you!!!♥


  5. W0W – you go girlfriend. What a great idea. I only wish that I would of done something like this when I was your age. Many thanks to u!!


  6. I wish I had a Kindle. Thank you for your good work Carylanne!


  7. Is everyone writeing a book about wolves? I’m 14 and writing a fiction book about them! Man… It’s gonna be hard to sell at this rate. Then again, I’m also writing one about vultures. It’s realy gorry though…


  8. what an inspiring young woman… there is hope for humanity to make things right yet…


  9. Kudos to Carylanne for writing these books! She is a very inspiring young woman, and I wish more people were like her. It’s nice to see people like her trying to make a difference for the better of the world!

    I’m actually in the process of writing a wolf book myself (ok, I’m not actually writing it right now, but I am in the process of creating characters, scenes, etc.). It’s about a black-furred wolf named Lightning, and he and his pack live in the Lolo region of Idaho. Lightning is not the alpha – he’s only 2 years old – but he’s the fastest wolf in the Rockies – if not the world. It’s basically about his struggle to survive the Wolf Hunts of 2011-2012. If the story turns out the way I have it planned, it will end up being a tradegy. One of the pups of the pack is shot, and Lightning’s beloved yearling sister Petunia is caught in a leg-hold trap and killed. And in the end (still deciding on whether to use this idea or not, but probably will), Lightning himself gets killed (will probably be by ariel gunning predator control, as that is the one thing that not even speed can escape from – and why did I just give away the probable ending of the story?).


  10. Blessings to all of you who are gifted with passion for writing and wolves! Best of luck thanks you


  11. Thank you, Carylanne, for writing these beautiful books! I too plan on writing books and novels about wolves, and I hope to publish them someday in the not-to-distant future.


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