ALERT: Candlelight Vigil, Nampa, Idaho (Monday January 30, 2012) STAND UP FOR WOLVES!!

UPDATE: January 30, 2012

The information I have is several people made it to Namba for the vigil, everyone was from Oregon, so a big shout out to those who traveled to Boise for this event. The details are a little sketchy but apparently an Idaho state biologist engaged the group in conversation.

Not sure if the media was present but I believe pictures were taken. In all it was a positive for wolves. We must continue the pressure on state game agencies to let them know there are wolf advocates who care about the slaughter of wolves in Idaho and Montana.  The death toll now stands @ 410 wolves. I will post more information on the vigil as I receive it. Keep up the good work wolf advocates!

Two devoted wolf advocates held a candlelight vigil, Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011, in Nampa, Idaho, to bring attention to the plight of wolves in the Northern Rockies.  The news media covered the event and this incredible picture was picked up by the LA Times.

Their motivation:

“I was deeply disturbed when i heard the wolf was being taken off the endangered species list. And I needed a way to gain sympathy for the wolf. I believe that there are oil, minerals, coal, and timber resources in areas with wolves. For me i see plain and clear they kill the wolf so they can get at the resources which equals money. The only thing these corrupt corporations care about is money.”

Now they’ve organized another candlelight vigil for wolves in Nampa.

“Monday, January 30th at 4:45 pm at 3101 S. Powerline Rd., Nampa, Idaho. There is going to be another candle light vigil for the fallen wolves. If you missed the first one let’s try again.”


From Ann Sydow of NIWA:

At their last vigil, in November, only the organizers showed up !!
But they still got the awesome picture in the LA Times !  They also got local media attention,
Please attend and share with any other wolf supporters you know in the Boise area.  Thanks!

Four hundred wolves have been slaughtered in the Montana/Idaho hunts.We can’t stand silently by while the body count continues to rise without speaking out and bearing witness.  Our mission is to draw national attention to this tragedy and alert the public that America’s wolves are being slaughtered. These wolves are gone forever and will not be coming back.  Please speak out for the fallen 400.

Here are two signs made by Ann S. that were used at NIWA’s  Full Wolf Moon Vigil on January 9, 2012. The Idaho wolf death toll has obviously increased since then.

If you don’t live in the Boise area or are unable to travel there, you can hold your own candlelight vigil.  Tell your friends and hold a vigil together. Call your local media and let them know you’ll be holding a vigil for the slaughtered wolves in Montana and Idaho.

And we are making a difference. Yesterday, Saturday January 27, 2012,  Wolf Warriors and Howl Across America were mentioned on the front page of the New York Times, in an article about the iconic. wolf trailblazer,  OR-7.

“This month, people across the country attended full-moon, candlelight wolf vigils organized by groups with names like Howl Across America and Wolf Warriors.”


New York Times

Lone Wolf Commands a Following


Published: January 27, 2012


Don’t forget your camera or camera phone!!

You can upload your vigil pictures to our activist FB page  Howl Across America and I’ll post them on this blog. We want  everyone to know wolves have tremendous support and what better way to show them then  to memorialize your vigil with a photo.


Top Photo: Idaho Press Tribune

Video: Idaho Press Tribune

Bottom Photo: Courtesy Howl Across America

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  1. All these wolves deaths it’s terrible , I’ll do it for them today!


    • Thank you normaluz!! The wolves are dying in the hundreds, we can’t stay silent.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  2. I didn’t know so many had been killed… This is sickening…


  3. Wolves are sacred animals God created them for a reason any one who wants to find out the real truth about wolves needs to watch Lords of Nature. The wolves were completely inialated from yellowstone in the 1930’s and Yellowstone almost dyed because of it. The trees and greenery dyed because of overpopulation of deer and elk. When the wolves were re-intoduced to Yellowstone it flourished again. What does that tell you people. Wolves are a necessary part of our eco system which God created. Killing off the wolves and expecting different results this time is just plain stupidty. It’s cruel and unnecessary. Which tells me that the wolves are smarter than man. Do your research Wolves are very loving and family oriented creatures. I work with them every week at Wolf Creek Habitat. They are not man killers they are the victims of man. Stop the slaughter of wolves and put them back on the endanged species list.


  4. How can I find out of there is a vigil being held in my area?

    Also, sorry if I already asked this, but where can I find the contact infomation for the governors of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming (and add Minnesota to that list as well)? I’m having an event at my school where letters will be written to these governors asking them to stop killing wolves, but obviously I’m going to need the contact info of the governors so I can send the letters. Also, what should be mentioned in the letters? There are soo many options to choose from, but I want the letters to be kept short and straight to the point.


    • Carla..The candlelight vigil is nationwide and worldwide. Not sure where you live but you can hold your own vigil and maybe invite a few friends. If you can call your local media and have them cover it, if not, then take pictures of your vigil. You can upload them on the FB page Howl Across America and I’ll put them up on the blog. We already have a candlelight vigil page up from the Full Wolf Moon Vigil we had on January 9.

      We plan to hold vigils as often as possible, to get as many Americans involved. You don’t have to live in the Northern Rockies to participate. We made the New York Times yesterday so we are gaining some ground. You can find all the contact info by clicking on the link below. I haven’t added Minnesota, Wisconsin or Michigan yet but I will.

      Take Action For Wolves

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


    • Also Carla, you can post your vigil on Howl Across America, if you decide to hold one, so you can connect with people in your area.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  5. I am very sorry to read this what happened to wolves. I don’t like to see killed wolves. It’s really very sad. It make me cry. I love all of wolves very much. Please God helps wolves for protection from injury & killer. Please STOP the bloodshed, in traps & STOP the cruelty no more, please!!! Wolves all are very beautifully animal. God bless all of wolves.
    I prayer for wolves with candles. Let’s prayer for wolves now!! I feel like to hug all of wolves. Thanks wolves & you for showing this what hppened to wolves. I understand how you feel about wolves. Please Take care about woves
    My favorite #1 wolf pet!!


  6. what i would like to know is why. besides greed what do you get out of murdering any critter that has been put here by our creator. the government is no better letting these murdering parasites do things like this and they call themselves God fearing people


  7. the spirit of the wolf is everlasting – if humans / government doesn’t stop these murderous acts, future generations will only see them in a book. how tragic. I light a candle today for protection for the wolves. all mankind should step up for our beloved wolf family.


  8. Oh Cretor !! Help these people to spare this message to the hole world and let them as well wolf be safe from all badness of the sick peoples !! Greeting from Finland you really do a good job… sending strength and joy !!


  9. Poor wolves I hope they put a stop to these horrible brutal deaths its just not right!


  10. Pro-wolf people keep this line close to your heart

    “When world goes wrong we can still make it right”

    that can be said for all of us


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