ALERT: Candlelight Vigil, Nampa, Idaho (Monday January 30, 2012) STAND UP FOR WOLVES!! » howlacrossamerica5-1-2-1

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  1. we need to consolidate every organization and individual concerned about this insane wolf slaughter into ONE MASSIVE, DEAFENING HOWL THAT WASHINGTON CANNOT IGNORE! From NRDC, Defenders of Wildlife, many others, These magnificent animals belong to the planet, not the profiteers and ego-maniacal hunters and WE have a say about their existence!


  2. I don’t live in a large community. In fact older people. Don’t know any of them, but I have all my wolf statues on my dining room table. They surround a large white candle for their souls. Over-looking this dedication ceremony for the wolves that have since ‘passed’, is my very large picture of the one who has watched over me for years, “Sentry”, a wolf.


  3. PLEASE HELP ALL WOLVES**********.


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