New Full Moon Vigil Pictures….

Lori Lumgair,  Full Wolf Moon Vigil, California

Update: February 5, 2012 

New beautiful Full Wolf Moon vigil pictures from Lori L. and Brea for our fallen 426 wolves.

Update: January 22, 2012

I’ve added new vigil  pictures from Blue Phoenix, who lives “down under”.  Wolf persecution is global and even though Australia does not have  wolves they do have the dingo, who is also scapegoated and killed like wolves. Pure dingo genetics is decreasing due to mating with domestic dogs.

Thank you Blue Phoenix for holding a vigil for the beleaguered Northern Rockies wolves.  Sadly the death toll has increased considerably from 337 to 388.


I want to again thank wolf advocates for honoring the fallen wolves slaughtered in the Idaho/Montana hunts. The purpose of the Full Wolf Moon Vigil was twofold:

1. To remember the wolves who’ve died

2. To bring attention to their plight.

There were many vigils held around the country and the world, including France, Australia and Denmark. Wolves are beloved and iconic animals, who have hundreds of thousands of supporters. We will have other vigils and protests as long as the wolf hunts in Montana and Idaho continue. Ann S. and Nancy Taylor did a great job organizing the vigil in Coeur d’ Alene.  It was covered extensively by the media, including 3 television stations and NPR radio.  Other vigils are represented below. We will update this page as we receive new pictures. Keep them coming everyone. You can post them on:

Howl Across America:

For the wolves, For the wild ones,


Full Wolf Moon Vigil, New Jersey

Brea, Full Wolf Moon Vigil, Lancaster, Pa

Blue Phoenix, New South Wales, Australia

Full Wolf Moon Vigil, Marta “For the wolves perished and for the wolves that remain”

Blue Phoenix Full Wolf Moon Vigil, New South Wales, Australia

Better Be Known – Spiritual Center, New South Wales, Australia

Ian C. Full Wolf Moon Vigil

Blue Phoenix, Full Wolf Moon Vigil, New South Wales, Australia

NIWA’S Full Wolf Moon Candlelight Vigil, Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho

Brianna’s Wolf Vigil

National Public Radio (NPR) Photo by Kristine Løkken Nilsen for the Northwest News Network

Jennifer Wolf Vigil, Kentucky

Jennifer’s Wolf Tribute, Kentucky

Wolf Moon Vigil and Wolf Walk, Santa Barbara, California

Keith n Anna Wolf Vigil, Los Angeles, California

Candle Lit for the Wolves, Salt Lake City, Utah

Wolf Vigil, Wyoming

Katie’s Wolf Vigil, Oregon

Wolf Vigil, Idaho

Billy Wolf Vigil, Montana

Daniels Growing Memorial For Fallen Wolves

Howling Mad, Coeur d’ alene, Idaho (Jerome Pollos/Press)


Photos (Credit given below photo)

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10 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. Wow! So moving. Thank you!


  2. So tender I love wolves too!


  3. Beautiful! We must keep up the vigils; we must keep up the fight. The Wolf slaughter has GOT to be STOPPED. Thank you for sharing this.


  4. Beautiful pictures. As long as we have to fight for the wolves. we fight!


  5. Very moving. But I am too angry to memorialize … I’d rather beat the snot out of the people in Washington and various states behind this unmanaged slaughter … especially the aerial gunners.

    Now … how many folks thought the Bush policies were bad, so they voted for Obama? Obama hired Salazar. Now the policies are worse than ever. How about Congressmen/women … do you make them pointedly aware of your feelings? Congress opened up Idaho and Montana for wolf slaughter, and not to be one upped, Salazar’s Executive Branch department opened up the entire country.

    Keep it in mind next November, both for the POTUS race and the Congressional races. If you/we leave it solely to the professional politicians and bureaucrats, there will be no more wolves sooner than later.




    • I know Agnes, I feel your pain, I’m feeling it too. BUT the reason this is all taking place is because Obama delisted wolves almost three years ago and unleashed this on wolves. The wolf haters were always here, waiting. They were here when wolves were reintroduced, they were waiting for the politics to change so they could kill wolves all over again. We had eight years of Bill Clinton and a good record on the environment..then George Bush showed up and started pushing to unravel everything that had been done. He wanted wolves delisted too, he had them delisted in 2008 but they were quickly relisted. That was when Limpy was killed in Daniel, Wyoming on the very day they lifted protections for wolves. Now we don’t have the advantage to even get close to the packs anymore because I have no idea who is alive or who is dead. We thought Obama stood for hope and change but what he really stood for is more of the same. And now we are stuck with zero choices, either a Republican who will probably be just as horrible on wildlife or worse and Obama who has done so much damage to wolf recovery it will take years to undo this. Now we are talking about years instead of months. What baffles me is why people are so complacent and not rallying to the wolf. Why a Democrat Congress and President allowed this to happen? That’s what is so maddening.

      Hang in there,we are doing what we can but we need to do more.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  7. Am happy to see the memorials for the wolves. So many animals of every species die every day, and so often no one cares or notices the fact that they lived, suffered, and died.


  8. Thanks to all the kind souls, and evolved spirits who participated and for all of the wonderful shrines to our majestic wolves. I hope for the day when vigils will no longer be necessary. ^–^ ❤


    • Amen Linda!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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