URGENT: Please Sign Petition To Governor Kitzhaber Opposing The Anti Wolf Bill HB 4158…. » Imnaha Pack Alpha Male ODFW

The Imnaha wolf pack’s alpha male awakes from being tranquilized after being refitted with a working GPS collar by ODFW on May 19, 2011. Photo courtesy of ODFW. More information http://www.dfw.state.or.us/news/2011/may/051911b.asp

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  1. Please sace the wolves. They are very unique on this earth. They are not cruel vicious animals all seem to think. Livestock are usuall safe and human are very safe. Please do not hinder the food chain in thewild life. They are very beauty animals. I have had 2 very protective of me but have insticts and what yhe human has taught him–please SAVE THE WOLF!!!!


  2. If the governor of Oregon and other state officials won’t do anything to protect these beautiful animals then it’s time to elect those that will. These wolves are fighting to survive they have babies just like any other species. I wonder if the ranchers who are killing these animals would feel differently if it was their babies being hunted and slaughtered or their parents. We must find a way to coexist with everyone and everything, if we can not do that then we are destined for self destruction. Stop the brutal killing of animals who are only doing what comes natural to them. Its the law of the food chain and the killing of a few cows or sheep does not justify the slaughter of hundreds of these beautiful animals. Save the wolves they are to important to lose forever.


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