Lab Chimps Held Prisoner For Thirty Years, Set Free, Feel Sunshine On Their Faces, Hug Each Other…

We can be such a cruel species.

Chimps in an Austrian lab were help prisoner for thirty years, subjected to cruel and painful experiments, infected with HIV, never knowing a moment of freedom, or a kind touch, were finally freed. They smiled, hugged each other and marveled at the sun. It was glorious to watch and oh so hearbreaking and heatwarming.

I know this is a wolf blog and our precious wolves are being slaughtered at an alarming rate but I had to take just a minute to share this with you. We must stop experimentation on  great apes and all animals. It is torture, cruel and unneccsary.

Please support

The Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act (H.R.1513/S.810)

Read more:

Chimp Haven

Support Chimp Haven who provides refuge for lab chimps, discarded pet chimps, circus chimps, chimps in need.  It’s located in Louisiana, a 200 acre compound that houses over 130 rescued Chimpanzees. Please give generously to them. Visit their website, adopt a chimp, donate or send them items on their “wish list” needed to care for these wonderful animals, who for the first time in their lives know what freedom feels like.

Thank you!!
For All Suffering Captive Chimpanzees,
Middle Photo: Courtesy Project R & R
Bottom Photo: Courtesy Chimp Haven
Video: Courtesy YouTube 
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Tags: Save the Lab Chimps, HIV, Hepatitis C, Animal Cruelty , Lab experimentation on animals, Great Apes,  H.R. 1513/S.810, Chimp Haven

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  1. dansk. jeg hader menneskets dominas over for dyr, frihed efter 30 år, jeg er forarvet over menneske- sindet, de skulle selv prøve det først, end at mishandle dyr på denne forbandet måde :-(((((( —— hvor er jeg glad for deres FRIHED :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    I hate mankind dominance toward animals, freedom after 30 years, the human mind? That they would even try it first, than to mistreat animals on this damn way 😦 (((((- am I glad for their freedom :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


  2. 30 years of torture boggles the mind….how can mankind be so unbelievably cruel. So wonderful to see them enjoying the sunshine and happy….freedom is a wonderful thing. I hope the US can do this now and all over the world!!


    • Me too Julie. This was one of the most moving videos I’ve ever watched and felt I had to share it with everyone. We should not be experimenting on Great Apes or any animals for that matter. I can’t imagine their horrible lives if they are never freed. I hope everyone visits the Chimp Haven site and also gets behind the bill to stop this horrible practice.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  3. Man has alway thought – that they are entitled more than anything.
    So it does not surprise me that they have & still do conduct experiments on animals. They scolded Jane Goodall for naming her
    chimps when she started studying them. She knew that they were
    quite different from the norm, they were intelligent creatures.
    As we know now …….. man has made many costly mistakes & will
    continue to do so. Because he thinks that he is the be all & end all
    creature that RULES the world.


  4. chimps here are not happy and hugging each other for joy, they are afraid of being outside, the space, the new surroundings etc. and dont know what is happening.


    • holy h…I agree they are hugging each other for comfort but we can’t know all their emotions, they also smile and eventually run out of the building, one chimp bounding up the jungle gym, it’s a beautiful moment. What would you do it you’d never had a moment of freedom in your whole life?



  5. Human capacity to withhold empathy for other living species is only surpassed by our ability to show equal disrespect for our own kind. I am only happy that at least this chimp will be able to experience a happier life. The longevity of Chimps will help to make this a happy ending for another living intelligent being.


  6. The video of the Chimps brought tears to my eyes. Imagine, 30 years being held and experimented on, no sunshine on their faces or grass under their feet. What an unspeakably cruel life they must had led. I am so happy they are finally free.


  7. So sad. Animal experimentation has always bothered me; someday I hope we find a better way.

    I happened to read this article the other day while I was at the vet’s office with my pet – and it’s quite interesting if anyone would like to read:


  8. This is some pritty old news realy. I bought a movie on it in 2005.
    It’s still a very moving story though.


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