Urgent: 452 Wolves Slaughtered

NIWA/HAA Protests Brutal Wolf Hunts, SandPoint, Idaho

UPDATE February 12, 2012

 Wolf Hunt Slaughter @ 452


Alright, this is getting scary. The Idaho wolf hunt has slaughtered almost three hundred wolves and it’s just February. Montana’s hunt has  killed 156 innocent wolves and these numbers don’t include wolves killed by Wildlife Services and poachers.

Get out your signs, your sharpies, call your friends, stand on a street corner, in front of a fish and game agency, in a mall, in front of your house, wherever.  Take you own pictures of your protest/vigil.

You can upload your pics to our FB page and  I’ll post them here.

Howl Across America


Lori L. Black Wolf Dog, California


Stand for the wolves suffering and dying in Idaho traps and snares.

Stand for the dead and dying wolves of Montana.

Stand for OR7’s (Journey) brother, OR9, who was recently shot and killed by a hunter with an expired wolf tag. He got a slap on the wrist, a warning, that’s it. Outrageous.

Stand for the  innocent Lolo wolves who will soon have buckshot raining down on them from the skies, killed for nothing.

 Stand for the pregnant alpha wolves and their unborn puppies who will be shot and killed.

NIWA/HAA Protest, Sandpoint, Idaho

 You don’t have to travel to the Northern Rockies, you can do this on your own or with friends. We MUST start speaking out, not just once every six months but as often as possible.  Call the media if you’re going to hold a protest or candlelight vigil, no matter how small.

We cannot remain silent!! Wolves are dying fast.  They’ve been delivered into the hands of their enemies.




“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”…Edmund Burke


Idaho hunter kills brother of lonely Oregon wolf

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