The Montana Wolf Hunt Is OVER!! Extension voted down!!

I am very happy for the wolves in the Bitterroot and thank you Montana FWP for not extending the hunt, especially Commissioners Ron Moody and Bob Ream, who spoke out against hunting wolves during breeding and denning season, it took courage to do that.

The vote was unanimous.

Montana Wolf Hunt Season Not Extended


By The Associated Press

POSTED: 10:38 am MST February 16, 2012

HELENA, Mont. — Montana’s Fish Wildlife and Parks Commission has voted unanimously to not extend Montana’s wolf hunt.Members were considering extending the hunt in areas where hunters had not met the hunt quota.

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Montana Wolf Hunt Over, Maybe….

The Montana wolf hunt ended today after midnight but it may not be over yet.

Montana FWP is considering extending the hunt in the Bitterroot until April 1, 2012, when pregnant alphas have returned to their den sites  awaiting the birth of their pups. They are virtually tied to their dens and it would be like shooting fish in a barrel for any wolf hunter. To their credit Montana FWP commissioners Ron Moody and Bob Ream have spoken out against the extension.

From the Missoulian

“Fair chase hunting is not infinitely elastic,” Moody said. “It has limits and I think we are at those limits, and what I really think is we have gone past them.

“… It does matter and it is important: what you do when you call yourself an ethical hunter and when you do it. It can result in the diminishing stature of hunters in the public’s mind.”

Moody and Commissioner Bob Ream, who also voted against extending the wolf hunting season until April 1 or when the area’s quota of 18 gray wolves is met, voiced concerns about killing the animals during their reproductive season.

So far, only four wolves have been killed by hunters in the area along the Idaho border.

Ream and Moody, along with some members of the public who spoke at the meeting, also questioned whether removing 18 wolves from the Bitterroot would help the faltering elk population, since an ongoing study is showing that more elk calves there are being killed by mountain lions and bears than by wolves.

“If we are concerned about the elk populations in (the Bitterroot), we are shooting at the wrong target,” Ream said.


FWP Commission gives initial OK to extended Bitterroot wolf hunt

The final vote on extending the wolf hunt season in the Bitteroot is expected today.

I will continue the memorial for wolves killed in the brutal hunts. The death toll stands at 464 in the combined hunts. Montana 166 dead wolves, Idaho 227 wolves shot, 71 wolves trapped or snared to death.

Why do they have to die?



Photo:  Trapped wolf FB

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