The Montana Wolf Hunt Is OVER!! Extension voted down!! » wolf howling

Howling Wolf

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  1. Well friends we did it all of the you that took a min., out of your busy lives to sign these petitions have gotten the word out, that not all humans are inhumane, and we do care what happens to our wild creatures, weather in our own back yard or countries away, some of us do believe they are important, and should have as much right to live in this world as we do. When you think about it, they were here first,maybe this is the problem,we were not first at something,and rid ourselves of what was. Thank you all for signing, keep a check on this may need you again. Fran Peters 2/16/12


    • You wouldn’t beleive how relieved I am. Wolves, being my favorite animal, deserve to thrive in their original habitats, no matter how superior some humans think themselves are compared to other creatures. We’re animals, just like wolves, and some people just go outside and shoot one just to say they did it. Sheesh! I’m glad I have some fellow wolf- lovers to support the Grey wolves in their fight for survival.


  2. Thank GOD, HE came through for the Wolves and us. I have been praying for this killing to stop. Montana finally saw the light and listen to our petitions we all signed.
    Now we have to work on Governor Otter and Wyoming and sign more petitions to stop them.
    Thank you all who signed the petitions.

    I will keep check on the Wolves as long as they need us too.


  3. Hi, Wondering if we can use this photo for our wolf benefit cd by the Native American Music Association. home page has more about the cd. Kindly feel free to contact me.


    • Yes no problem Ellen, that pic is in the public domain (:

      For the wolves, for the wild ones,


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