ACTION ALERT: Idaho Senate Bill 1305, “Live Bait Wolf Kill Bill” …


How low have things sunk in Idaho? Well, Senator Jeff Siddoway, a Idaho sheep rancher,  has introduced Senate bill 1305,  one of the most disgusting  anti-wolf bills yet and that’s saying something.

“Under Sen. Jeff Siddoway’s plan introduced Thursday, ranchers whose livestock are molested or killed by wolves could employ powered parachutes, as well as traps baited with live animals, to target the predators within 36 hours without a permit.

After that, they could get permits giving them up to 60 days to pursue offending wolf packs.”

It’s not bad enough hunters have killed over 300 wolves in Idaho since September or that the state wants to swoop down on the innocent Lolo wolves and aerial gun them for some perceived threat to elk, who’ve been declining in the Lolo since before wolves were reintroduced. Now this.

So live bait? That could be a dog, a horse ANYTHING that’s alive.

Ranchers going up in ultra-lights to aerial gun wolves??

This bill has to be fought with everything we’ve got.  The Senate Resources  & Environmental Committee is holding a hearing tomorrow in Boise @ 1:30pm with live streaming

They are accepting public comments.  I know this is short notice but please be there if you can and speak out against this travesty of a bill!



1:30 P.M.

Room WW55

Monday, September 20,  2012

S 1305

Control of/depredation of wolves

Senator Siddoway

If you have written testimony, please provide a copy of it to the committee secretary to ensure accuracy of records.


Bill Status 1305


Idaho rancher’s bill would OK ultralights, use of live bait for wolf control

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From The Wildlife News

Idaho Bill Targets Wolves “By any Means Available”


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October 2,  2009


I’ll have more on this tomorrow after the hearing. I’m still working on the new feature for the blog but there is so much going on I haven’t had a chance to finish.


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