Idaho Senate Bill 1305, “Live Bait Wolf Kill Bill”….Descent Into Depravity » ChainedPuppy petadotorg

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  1. What are those political maniacs doing now supporting live bait kills? Vote those nut cases out!!!!!!
    Good lord what kind of individual would even consider such an act? In case those knuckleheads don’t realize it this is animal abuse and there are laws against it. Lets use those that think this is a good idea as bait that would be justified.


    • Char…turning wolves over to their enemies was a huge mistake. Remember it wasn’t just the Dems and President Obama who delisted wolves but 10 environmental groups tried to cut a deal with the USFWS, basically throwing Montana and Idaho wolves under the bus. Their actions did not help the situation. If we aren’t united on this issue we’re never going to win. Some groups are OK with the delisting of the Great Lakes wolves, the NRDC being one of them. Now Wisconsin is going nuts, they want to run wolves with dogs and nightscopes.

      Wolves are always going to be demonized until this horrible, antiquated thinking dies out. Until then they need the protection of the ESA.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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