Anti-Wolfers Worried Senate Bill 1305 Could Get Wolves Relisted…..

Update: February 28, 2012

Signatures are @ 4126, close to 5000. We can do this…just 874 to go!!!!


The Care2 Petition against Idaho S1305, the Live Bait, Kill Wolves Bill has over 3300 signatures!!  We just need that little extra push to make it to 5000 before the Idaho Senate votes!! Keep signing Warriors!

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Something interesting is happening. Unintended consequences are starting to dawn on the wolf hating community.  Some are worried 1305 has gone too far, even for them.

Rep. Mike Simpson R-ID  has spoken publicly about his concerns over the bill. I’m sure  he doesn’t want all his hard work helping to delist wolves, undone. He’s the US Idaho Representative who inserted the wolf delisting rider into the House of Representatives budget bill and helped remove wolves’ ESA protections, along with Tester over in the Senate. He knows 1305 is over the top. It could void the agreement Idaho has with the feds and put wolves right back under federal protection, where they belong.  It could open the door for environmental groups or even a private citizen to petition to have wolves relisted. The case most assuredly would end up on the desk of  Federal District Court Judge Donald Molloy. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate irony?

They may not be able to stop themselves despite the warnings. Idaho Wildlife Services just aerial gunned 14 innocent  Lolo wolves for breathing air. These wolves died on the altar of the elk god. It seems they will stop at nothing to try to recreate a phantom elk paradise in the Lolo, so hunters can once again become the top dog in that region, even going so far as to extend the wolf hunt in the Lolo and Selway zones through June 2012, all the way though wolf breeding, denning and pupping season. And we can’t forget the 321 wolves who’ve lost their lives in the ongoing Idaho wolf hunt, to say nothing of the untold number of wolves who’ve been poached, including Journey’s (OR7) brother OR9 who was killed by a hunter with an expired wolf tag and received just a slap on the wrist by IDFG. I wonder what charges would have been brought if he had killed a 7 point bull elk out of season?   But nothing will  rival the carnage and senseless slaughter Senate bill 1305 would bring down on wolves.

Idaho is like a kid with a twenty-dollar bill in a candy shop. They can’t be trusted  not to spend the entire twenty dollars and gorge themselves. They’re  gorging on wolf blood and don’t know when to stop.  It’s disgracing the entire state.  In their feeding frenzy to kill as many wolves as possible, they are actually helping the pro-wolf side show the world how irresponsible their “wolf management/killing” really is.

An Editorial by the Idaho Statesman:

Our View: Taking the bait? Wolf ‘control’ bill says a lot about the session

12:00am on Feb 26, 2012; Modified: 9:47am on Feb 26, 2012

Reflecting their constituents, many state legislators hold the wolf and the federal government in roughly equal contempt.

How ironic, then, that an over-the-top wolf “control” bill working its way through the Legislature could actually cost the state its ability to manage this predator.

And how fitting, in a 2012 session long on bluster and blatantly bad legislation.

State law already allows ranchers and pet owners to kill wolves that kill or harass livestock or domestic animals, without a permit. But that isn’t enough for Sen. Jeff Siddoway, R-Terreton, who is leading this misguided measure to put the wolf control law on legislative steroids.

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During the last wolf  extermination, that left almost every wolf dead in the lower 48, except for a tiny population in Minnesota. the wolf killers employed any means necessary to kill wolves no matter how brutal. One of the most effective and disgusting practices used was denning, killing wolf puppies, still tied to their dens. They would often use a small child to aid them in ferreting out the pups, since they were  small enough to crawl into the dens. I guess they weren’t too worried about those children getting attacked by a wolf mother, whose babies were being systematically murdered before her eyes,  with her fate sealed as well.

“One of the most successful ways professional wolfers removed pups from their dens involved employing the services of a young child. The child, small enough to crawl into the den space, would grab a pup. Once the child possessed the pup, the wolfer, standing outside the den, would pull the child and pup out. This was done repeatedly until all of the pups were removed and killed (Young and Goldman 1944). One trapper relates his experiences denning with a small child, “My son often took hold of a young wolf that was extremely difficult to handle, and…occasionally he got hold of an old adult female, but never suffered any disastrous results” (Young and Goldman 1944:319). 

Yes wolf advocates,  that’s just a tiny part of the ugly legacy of wolf decimation foisted upon these long-suffering, persecuted animals. It looks like we are sinking back into that dark period once more.  Everyone who understands the history of wolf eradication in the lower 48 predicted this holocaust if the  states were ever given control of wolves again.  Sadly it’s all coming true, thanks to that singular act by President Obama, in the Spring of 2009, when he and his rancher Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, delisted gray wolves in the Northern Rockies.

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