Feds Warn Idaho About Wolf Baiting Bill…

Well we’ve all been talking about it and now the feds have issued a warning to Idaho concerning Senate Bill 1305, The Live Bait, Kill Wolves Bill.  The vote on the bill has been halted until tomorrow, March 1, 2012.

Federal official warns wolf killing law could return predator to threatened listing

A federal wildlife official said Monday a bill that would allow ranchers to use live bait to lure marauding wolves to traps or shooters would make Idaho’s laws to protect wolves inadequate.

Brian Kelly, the Idaho state supervisor for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, told the Idaho Statesman that the bill, introduced by Terreton Republican Jeff Siddoway, would reverse a decade of work by the state and federal government to protect wolves and rancher interests. The major problem is that it allows people to kill any wolves within 36 hours of harassment of their livestock or family pets without approval of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

“What I’m telling people is anything that compromises or usurps the process or the management through the peer-reviewed plan of the department is a problem for us and we’ve been pretty clear about that,” Kelly said.

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Let’s get ready to file a petition to relist Idaho wolves if this bill passes!!

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  1. Wolves should be relisted on the endangered species list worldwide, but most especially here in the USA, before wealthy ranchers, hunters and poachers completely destroy the wolf species, insure no possible recovery from complete extinction.


  2. I’m ready to relist – and to insist upon a real federal mandate that all states protect and conserve wilderness areas and the animals and resources those areas harbor for ALL Americans!


    • We need a class action lawsuit against these states Donna because wildlife advocates have been cut out of the decision making. The legislators are only listening to the hunting and ranching lobbies. We need an attorney’s opinion on this.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Nabeki,

        I am working with noted wildlife advocate Patricia Randolph here in Wisconsin to find a way to lobby for OUR views to be heard. We want to take this nationwide eventually. We really need your help to get the word out once we get the project up and running. It has been very time consuming but we think that we have the right plan for how to do this. Your work is an inspiration and we want to be a part of that. Please let me know what you think about this.


      • Paul,

        I am definitely interested in helping you. I think what is happening in Wisconsin is egregious. I’d like to do a post on the situation soon since things are moving so quickly.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  3. So I’m confused ,this article says it’s dead and your saying it’s still get another vote? so can you help me to understand? BOISE, IDAHO — A bill that would allow Idaho ranchers to use powered parachutes, helicopters and live-bait traps to hunt problem wolves has died in the Senate.

    Senators agreed Tuesday to send the controversial legislation back to the Resources and Environment Committee – a move that likely ends the bill’s chances this year.

    Republican Sen. Jeff Siddoway of Terreton is a sheep rancher and the bill’s lead sponsor. Siddoway gave an impassioned speech defending his legislation and decrying the impact wolves are causing on livestock producers statewide.

    But he also acknowledged how his bill could risk putting wolves back on the federal Endangered Species List, and he urged his colleagues to send it back to committee.

    The legislation would let ranchers track and kill wolves for 36 hours after an attack.



    • Save America’s wolves…the bill is indeed dead but everything happened so fast as soon as I posted about the feds warning to Idaho, the Senate killed the bill. Things were flying back and forth. But we won this, it’s a good day!! And we can relax that wolves aren’t going to be aerial gunned by ranchers in ultralights and dogs aren’t going to be chained up as live bait to lure wolves.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • That is for sure ,Great News, I thought I was having a senior moment . That you very much,for clearing that up.


      • Hi Nabeki —

        I would like to know to be sure that is so… for real that is dead and no more live bait passed… but dead now? But I am trying to understand to what u just said up there… what does that mean if not abt live bait but something else?

        Thanks! HC


      • Hi Holly,
        Before the Senate killed the bill I posted the warning USFWS gave to Idaho about this bill. They were basically saying that if Idaho passed The Live Bait Kill Bill, it would void the agreement Idaho has with the feds to maintain a certain number of wolves. So the Senate fearing wolves would be relisted pulled the bill and killed it. It was a victory but if the bill had passed there was chance wolves would have been relisted in Idaho, so it’s a double edged sword. For now though the wolves at least won’t be subjected to any more torture and suffering than they already are going through. Hope that explains it.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,




      • Nabeki —

        Ah! I was not sure I can understand all that going on! Thanks for that clear up for me… i just praying now for them to stop hunting for long time! That is my saying for that part for now! ^_^ Thanks, again and u did a good job of it! ArroOooOOoooo

        I love wolves so much that I do not want them to go at all!! Wolves have the right to be free and help the mother earth and wildlife! ^_^

        HC —


      • As long as jerks with guns have snowmobiles, ATV’s or airplanes of any style they will attempt to kill anything they see. It’s not only the life of the wolf that is at stake.


  4. In Germany, Wolves have returned from extinction as a result of positive management and informing farmers; the local govrertnments also reimburse farmers for livestock killed by wolves and farmershave also reintroduced shepherds and sheepdogs. In other words: where there’s a will, there’s a way.


    • Our difficulties stem from the comparative stupidity and obstinacy of our good ole American rednecks.. The Wildlife Foundation and various local animal protective agencies here have also worked to reimburse ranchers for livestock. Nabeki’s supporters have posted names of shepherd dog breeders on this site. Heartrending photos of Idaho wolves have been exhibited in the Capitol Rotunda in Washington DC. Still the killers want to kill; it is a sickness. But we are starting to make some headway at last, so let’s keep at them.


  5. Everyone no matter which side they are on, can see how crazy this is. When the Bald Eagle came off the endangered list, were immediate hunts scheduled and mass hysteria? No. In fact I read somewhere that someone killed a bald eagle recently and is being prosecuted for it. The wolves may not be considered Endangered anymore by some, but aren’t they still threatened? 150 doesn’t sound like a healthy number to me. And some of the deer and elk are suffering from diseases totally unrelated to wolf predation, and more likely introduced from human activity.


  6. Reblogged this on dreamwolfspirit.


  7. Stop all killings for any reason- and RE-SLIST
    had computer issues so couldn’t post
    but this is great news guys


  8. Wolves are the balance..Time to stop killing and let nature take care of the wild life….


  9. I really hope Idaho’s Senate Bill 1305 makes the Federal Government realize that the Rocky Mountain states are not properly managing their wolves and will get the USFWS to relist the Rocky Mountain Gray Wolf as endangered under the Endangered Species Act.


    • Agreed. Hopefully the actions of the NRM states, such as the creation of bills such as this one (which, thankfully, did not pass) will make the USFWS realize that these states are not managing wolves responsibly and will get them to relist the wolves.


  10. The European Union does not allow wolves to be killed. Any how, not in Sweden. This country still lives in the 19th Century. Fight on!


  11. Thanks for passing along this great news!!

    Now I’m concerned that the committee will pull the “live bait” clause and re-submit the bill with the other unacceptable methods for killing wolves on the bill. Lets keep our ears open to be sure it dies in committee.
    Thanks for your time and energy spent researching and for all the great information you are passing on to us.

    For the wolves


  12. YES! She listened to my email! YAY!


  13. The fascinating thing in Germany is that the fears associated with the return of the wolf have been unfounded. A pair of wolves were spotted in east Saxony after they had crossed into Germany from Poland in 2000.

    Scientists at the Senckenberg Society for Natural Research have completed a study of the eating habits of wolves in the Lausitz region of Saxony. Lausitz has 11 wolf packs and one wolf pair. The size of a wolf pack keeps changing through births, the departure of animals, and deaths. In the course of a year, it can fluctuate between five and 10 animals.

    Based on an analysis of 3,000 of their droppings over a number of years, they conclude that livestock accounts for less than one percent of their diet. They were found to eat mainly eat roe deer, which make up 55 percent, red deer (21 percent) and wild boar (18 percent). Rabbits account for less than three percent of meals.


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