ACTION ALERT FROM OREGON WILD: Oregon Wolves Need Your Help! Time Sensitive!

OR3 Imnaha Pack, May 10, 2011 (ODFW)

Dear Oregon Wild Supporter,

Over the last month, thousands of Oregonians have spoken out against hysterical anti-wildlife measures in Salem. Thanks to overwhelming public opposition, the worst of the worst have been defeated. But dirty last-minute tricks by livestock industry lobbyists threaten to put wolves back in the crosshairs.

Make sure last-minute back-room deals don’t threaten wolves.

In just a few minutes, the legislature will vote on yet another tax break for the livestock industry. As bad as that sounds, that’s not enough for the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association. They also want dead wolves.

There’s an old trick used by Salem lobbyists that allows bad bills to go through in the waning hours of the legislative session and avoid public scrutiny. It’s called gut and stuff. Until the session officially ends, it’s a very real threat, and it works like this: find a friendly legislator, get them to take language from an unpopular or otherwise dead bill and stuff it into a more benign bill that’s likely to pass. Done right, by the time anyone notices, it’s too late.

We learned late last night that OCA lobbyists are working furiously to broker a last second deal that would do just that and – stop me if you’ve heard this already – declare a state of emergency, circumvent the Endangered Species Act, and fast track the killing of endangered gray wolves.

It’s the same legislation you helped kill in the Senate earlier this week. I was hoping this morning’s e-mail would be a celebration of that victory, but rather than accept defeat, this dirty trick by the OCA is a credible threat to give life to a bill radically out of step with Oregon values.

Time is short. The stakes are high. Oregon’s wolves need your voice one more time. Take action to make sure dirty tricks don’t give new life to bad idea.

For wolves, wildlife, and playing by the rules,

Rob Klavins
Wildlife Advocate
Oregon Wild

PS – Hopefully we’ll be able to send out that victory e-mail soon and get back to talking about the good news about Oregon’s wolves. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop if the threat grows, but please take action one more time so that good news will be possible. Non-Oregonians can call the Governor’s office at 503.378.4582.

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  1. I was dismayed to see that the amoral NRA is sticking their noses where they don’t belong in the wolf issue as well and bring gun politics into it – it’s not a gun or hunting issue, it’s whether the species has recovered enough, a conservation issue. But I don’t doubt that they will use their considerable resources and lobbying efforts in this. What a backward nation we are at times. Most civilized countries have some sort of gun control. :(


    • True hunters eat what they kill. Some ( hunters ) like shooting at anything that moves. Some just like using a gun, all they need is a reason. Some hunters can’t reason. Some are not hunters and will chase down game with whatever means at their disposal. This is called ANIMAL ABUSE any which way you see it.


  2. The livestock people should keep their nose out of this as well as the NRA. The wolf has been here for as long as the Native Americans have been it is they how should be in charge of the wolf!!!!


  3. Many years before Oregon was even a state, my ancestors founded the Prinevile Land and Livestock Company, one of the largest cattle ranches in America. My husband and I both studied at Oregon State University, along with our cousins. My younger son was born in Oregon. Today the people who call themselves a “cattlemen’s association” have brought such shame, such a reputation for stupidity and craven cowardice upon their entire segment of the population, that I no longer wish to return to or even speak of my former home.

    Dana Lamont


  4. “Presumption is our natural and original disease. The most wretched and frail of all creatures is man, and withal the proudest. He feels and sees himself lodged here in the dirt and filth of the world, nailed and riveted to the worst and deadest part of the universe, in the lowest storey of the house, trapped worse than bird or fish, and yet in his imagination he places himself above the circle of the moon, bringing heaven under his feet.
    By the vanity of the same imagination he equals himself to God, attributes to himself divine faculties, and withdraws and separates himself from all the other creatures; he allots to these, his fellows and companions, the portion of faculties and power which he himself thinks fit.
    How does he know, by the strength of his understanding, the secret and internal motions of animals, and from what comparison between them and us does he conclude the stupidity he attributes to them?”
    – Montaigne, The Defense of Raymond Sebond.


  5. Why does the government think that THEY have ownership of whether or not a species has recovered, & not be on the endangered list. It should be another group who really have the animals welfare at heart & are “good” stewards of them.
    As far as the cattlemen go & their power to eliminate every creature from the range land, I encourage everyone to stop eating meat, & that my friends will hurt them where it hurts most. I quit a year ago, & it’s great, & this decision brings excellent health as well.


  6. I will be calling. I’m from the east coast, and they are probably up doing their dirty little deeds as I type. Undoubtedly they would not answer the phone now, so have to await for OR time. We have to let them know that AMERICA is aware of what they are and what they are doing. Leave the wolves alone, damn it! Stop this war, this slaughter. There is NO reason for it whatsoever. They are not the predators that are taking out the livestock. They have a lot more predators out there that are a lot larger and a lot more aggressive, plus they have packs of wild dogs. Why are they blaming the wolf when there has been actual, for real, scientific studies done by REAL scientists that it is not the wolf that is killing numerous livestock! It’s many other predators, not to mention diseases (ex: Mad Cow), every day injuries such as broken bones…… The wolves are the least of their concern. What the devil is the matter with these people?


    • Iszaria, What’s the matter is this: They are from a very limited gene pool! Seriously, this just occurred to me as I remembered being told by my uncles as a child, that NEVER would I be allowed to spend a summer working on the family’s isolated ranch because the cowboys were not safe to be around. No snobbism here. Those of you who are from other areas where the distances are not so huge, must try to envision this. As we worry about the possible narrowing of the wolves’ gene pool, let’s imagine the same happening to humans! Romantic notions as seen on the TV show “Dallas” aside, the 20th century business was run out of a high rise city office (then eventually sold due to lack of interest). Travel to even look at the cattle was impractical except by small plane. This recollection opened a window to the fact that we all should aim our appeals less at the back country folk who do not understand, more at the regulating agencies that must restrict all these random murderous instincts.


  7. Just as babies grow into toddlers and toddlers grow into young adults and young adults grow and mature into grown adults. These people have not gotton past the diaper stage of their lives. Most likely grew up in abusive homes and punish those that are most vulnerable in this society. They have forgotton that the wolves and all wildlife belong to God, not man. The moral decay of mankind is the destruction of this great planet sooner or later. Thanks to everyone of you out there fighting for our Earth and it’s inhabitants. Pray for this beautiful Earth, and all that call her home, and you, will be rewarded. The wolves will come back as well as all living creatures because they are alive in spirit. Those that destroy and go against the will of God sadly will not.


  8. Here is someone doing there 10 cents worth,


  9. Once more, a petition for US residents only!


    • Yes, give us something we can sign too please, standard letters to e mail to government officials, Obama, Salazar whatever, whoever, we want to do our bit for you and the wolves here on the rest of planet earth!!


      • This morning (3-1) I got a letter from Rep. Gelser of Oregon. She voted NO on HB 4148 but it still passed the House without her approval. However it does not appear to be scheduled for a hearing in the Senate. She is reasonably confident there will be no floor bills this session in the House that would allow wolf killing.

        Sounds like this may buy our wolves a bit more time

        if we write our own letters or add our own feelings onto a petition, I think it attracts more attention to our sincerity, provided we keep the rage a bit more under control than all of us do here!!! }:-0


      • Thank you for the update Dana!

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Yes I will keep providing those contacts kaufmans..there is not point in delivering bad news without solutions.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


    • Why not make your voice heard no matter where you are? This is a worldwide issue. Preservationists are stepping forward to protect wolves in Germany, Russia, Scandinavia. Our only restrictions are that we try to identify ourselves as VOTERS able to DENY our votes to politicians who ignore the needs of wild creatures. Recently a vet in Canada complained on the internet that his sister, a farmer in BC, may have had possible wolf problems. The large number of enraged responses from both Canada and the US were most gratifying.


      • is turning around. I see it everyday, advocates know we have to do the leg work and get this done, nobody will do it for us. The winds of change are blowing. Since I’m quoting “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  10. Livestock, ( Cattleranchers) lobbyiests, will be few if we all NOT EAT meat. I’ have, & you can too. This will hurt them, because it takes the money & power away from them.


    • That’s right. Don’t eat meat. I stopped and I have more money. And I am healthier too. How about you? You are paying the ranchers and they are killing wolves for their paycheck. Have you seen how they treat their own lifestock? Fire all of them. Don’t support animal abuse period!


  11. Did you hear that Journey (Wolf OR-7) is back in Oregon?
    Just wondering, how will this bill affect him? To be honest I’m really worried about him being back in Oregon. I fear that if there is another death order for the Imnaha Pack he might be included since he is from that pack and is back in the state. I just hope that he stays safe.


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