“Cull of the Wild: The Truth behind Trapping”…..

97 Idaho wolves have died in traps or snares during the hunt. When are the American people going to stand up and say no to this barbarity? Will we continue to look the other way while our wildlife is tortured for the benefit of a tiny minority of the population? Will you continue to allow your tax dollars to be spent to help Wildlife Services trap, poison and kill our native wildlife? Will we turn our heads away from the cruelty? Why do trappers have the right to maim and kill our wildlife for pleasure or profit? We aren’t powerless but these animals are? We hold in our hands the ability to say no to this! You can make a difference! Use your voice! Activism, pass it on!

“Until a member of Congress hears from a hundred or two hundred or five hundred angry voters who are saying I don’t care what you’ve heard from that special interest group, I don’t care how much money they gave to your campaign, I personally am going to vote against you, unless you work to change this barbaric practice and end this, well then people are going to listen…..Pete DiFazio


Ban Cruel Trapping in Wisconsin



TrapFree Oregon



Foot Loose Montana



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500 DEAD

FEBRUARY 29, 2012

Five hundred wolves have been slain in the Idaho/Montana wolf hunts.

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