OR7 Back In California, Dude!

OR7 really can’ t make up his mind where to call home. After a brief foray into his home state of Oregon last week, he’s now back on California soil. Something about the Golden State he likes. Sadly he’s probably missed his chance to find a mate this year, unless he ventured briefly back into Oregon to pick up his girlfriend but more than likely he’s doing what dispersing wolves do, move around a lot.

I’m glad he made it back to CA. Hope he stays, maybe he’ll catch some rays and chill out for a while. He’s  certainly the most famous wolf in the world.  One cool dude!!

He’s back – gray wolf returns to California

Will Kane

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

(03-07) 13:19 PST San Francisco — The lone wolf who wandered into California late last year before heading home to Oregon has come back to California.

The gray wolf’s return to the Golden State isn’t unexpected, state officials said. In fact, he could go back-and-forth across the border many more times before settling down.

“Round and round he goes, where he ends up no one knows,” said Kirsten Macintyre, a spokeswoman with the California Department of Fish and Game. “At this point we know only where his little blip is, nothing about what he’s going to do.”

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2012/03/07/BAIU1NH90L.DTL#ixzz1oULiI5Rw


Photo: Courtesy dincadotorg

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Wisconsin Assembly Delays Wolf Hunt Vote Until Next Week….

A break? The Wisconsin State Assembly has delayed a vote on the brutal wolf hunt bill until next week. That gives us much-needed time to lobby Representatives into rethinking their vote. I know it’s a long shot, the Assembly is more conservative on this issue than the state Senate but I see this as a positive. Please take the time to call Wisconsin Representatives until they take up the bill next week. If  they hear from us in great numbers there is a chance they may reconsider their vote.

If you live out-of-state let them know you will boycott all products from Wisconsin and will not set foot in the state if they vote for this wolf hunting bill, that allows up to six dogs per wolf hunter to chase wolves down. Wolves do not need to be hunted, they regulate their numbers according to their prey base, that is simple biology. They certainly don’t need dogs chasing them through the woods, terrorizing them and other wildlife.

If you’re  a Wisconsin resident,  make sure they understand you will make it a priority to vote anyone out of office who supports this inhumane and cruel legislation.

The war on wolves has spread from the Northern Rockies to the Great Lakes. The usual suspects are behind the onslaught, the ranching and hunting lobbies, who are scapegoating and demonizing wolves, once again.

Enough is enough. It’s time to fight back!!

Assembly delays action on bills legalizing wolf hunt, lifting Family Care cap

Last Updated: March 07, 2012 – 2:41 am

The Assembly planned to vote on the measures Tuesday. But at about 1:30 a.m. early Wednesday morning Republican leaders decided instead to adjourn and take up the unfinished bills next week, its final week in session.

Read more : http://www.therepublic.com/view/story/39a90a18e4ab4e35af7608eccd81f0a4/WI-XGR–Assembly/


Contact Wisconsin State Assembly Representatives



Sample letter to use if you live out-of-state. If you live in Wisconsin you can change the wording to suit you. Hope this helps.

Dear Wisconsin Legislator,

I’m writing to let you know how disturbed I am that Wisconsin would consider a wolf hunt so soon after wolves were removed from the ESA but specifically one that allows wolves to be hunted with dogs, night hunting, shooting across roads, steel jaw traps, baiting, predators calls, muzzle-loading firearms, handguns, shotguns, bow and arrows and crossbows. Why not just bring out the artillery?

This bill is so egregious to so many Americans who care about wolves and want to see them protected. It is unconscionable that Wisconsin would treat a newly delisted species in this way. This hunt is obviously motivated by special interests who have no love for the wolf. From the outside it looks like a “revenge hunt”.

Wolves have an important ecological role to play. They cull ungulate herds, keeping them healthy and free of disease. There is no reason for such heavy-handed tactics against them. They are not eating all the deer or killing all the cattle. To quote Ed Bangs ( retired Federal Wolf Recovery Coordinator),  “To the livestock industry, wolf losses are so small, you can’t even measure them.” March 2012

Please vote no on this very bad bill. It gives Wisconsin a black eye and will have a negative effect on the state’s vital tourism industry. There may be a small, vocal minority that dislikes wolves but the majority of Americans love wolves and will not want to visit a state that uses such barbaric practices against them.

Thank you for your time.



Assembly Bill 502



Sign Care2 Petition

Say No To Wisconsin Wolf Hunt

Click Here To Sign

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