Howl Across America

The beautiful voice of my wolf sister Louise du Toit, telling us what to do.

Please listen!!

Full Wolf Moon Vigil Ontario, Oregon, March 2012


Photo: Courtesy Full Wolf Moon Vigil March 2012

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  1. I wish I could sing – especially for the wolves. Thank you and let us all hope that the State Governors, ranchers and hunters take the time to listen.

    The wolf is such a magnificent creature – it must be left in peace to help balance the biodiversity, as nature intended.


    • “The wolf is such a magnificent creature – it must be left in peace to help balance the biodiversity, as nature intended”

      well put.


  2. We may not be able to sing, but damn….we can HOWLER!!!


  3. Beautiful, made me cry. We WILL save them!!!!! So much gratitude to all the beings out there dedicated to honoring and protecting Mother Earth and ALL her children. Blessings~ Ahhhhwwwwrrrooooooorrrrrrrroooooooooooo~


  4. Please everyone e-mail CNN or Jack Hanna about the wolfs, we need the media! People will listen! We can blog till the cows come home, but the media is the way to go. Jack Hanna was on Anderson Copper yesterday and he said the Anderson is a support to all animals! I will myself e-mail Jack and etc. Peace Sheila


  5. These photos showed more of their personalities than any I’ve seen (at least on the internet). Unique individuals.


  6. Every species has a role to play-a unique contribution that it makes to the web of life that surrounds it. As an apex predator, the wolf makes a bigger contribution to it’s surroundings than most. Dozens of other species, from insects to birds, to mammals feed off of wolf kill leftovers. Wolves help to prevent habitat destruction (overgrazing) by keeping ungulate herds on the move. The state of Idaho’s only limit on their wolf hunt is to keep 150+wolves alive in order to keep the wolf from going back onto the Endangered Species List and back under federal protection. They don’t want to lose their control over the wolf population. I’d like to ask Idaho Fish & Game how only 150 wolves in over 83,000 square miles could possibly fulfill their role as a wildlife species in Idaho? IDFG says they have to kill wolves to stop the declining numbers in certain elk herds, yet Idaho’s overall elk population GREW by 2000 at last report! Livestock depredation by wolves is miniscule… 75 confirmed kills out of 2.2 MILLION cows, while over 80,000 cattle died from other causes. MOST Idaho citizens don’t want Idaho managed as an Elk Ranch, pushing already high numbers of elk even higher to achieve more hunter satisfaction. Comments on Idaho’s proposed Big Game hunt proposals will close on Monday. Please go to the following link and comment ! Be sure to mention if you are from Idaho! If you aren’t from Idaho, be sure and let them know how their wildlife policies are coloring your opinion of thier state, and how it will affect your future choices. go to : and speak up for wolves ! Thank You !! 😀


    • I’m sorry to say I missed the petition by a few hours. What you say there is so right I copy pasted it into a post closure email dialogue box provided at the petition sight with the added remark that people in the U.S., Canada and anywhere where people read the news realise that what the IDFG says simply isn’t the truth.


  7. March 7, I recieved a letter from my state Wisconsin Senator, Jon Erpenbach – “Despite the many concerns expressed by citizens across the state, SB411 passed the Senate on a 24 to 9 vote in which I voted no. SB411 has been sent to the Assembly on Rules. I would encourage you to stay vigilant on this issue and contact your State Assembly Representative.” After reading Jim Zorn, I also feel that this is a racist bill. Tomorrow I hope many of you will do this
    and mention you will not visit the state or buy cheese. Vermont makes excellent cheese. My kids are all lactose intolerant. So am I.


  8. I don’t know why the Federal government lets them get away with murder – so ineffective! My husband used to live in Idaho and we have always thought it a beautiful state, but no more. I’m so disappointed in Wisconsin too.


  9. Dear Nabeki, thank you so much for sharing “Howl Across America” again. Composed, written, recorded and produced specially for our beloved wolf brothers and sisters, it truly serves its purpose if it stirs up strong emotions and inspires the viewers and listeners to tirelessly continue the fight for the salvation of these magnificent beings!

    I am very happy about the comment from Lynn too, since my goal is always to present a true picture of the wolves and any other animals which I create my songs and videos for.

    I am also offering my sincere gratitude for all the other wonderful and supportive comments about my work – a true inspiration for me to continue doing my best.

    Love and lots of HOWLS!


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