I love Louise’s voice, so soothing.

I AM WOLF. I am the true spirit of nature, a perfect creation, walking beside you, guiding your senses to see the invisible. My true destination will only become visible when humans discard their imaginary fear, false legends, phantasmal myths, to seek the truth. (Louise du Toit)

Take heart everyone, we will get past this and overcome the darkness. Remember we will never give up on the wolves.

This is not the end but a new beginning.

Those who believe they can do something and those who believe they can’t are both right.…Henry Ford

Romeo Running Free- Rest Now Sweet Romeo


Video: Courtesy Louise du Toit (YouTube)

Photo: (John Hyde Barcroft Media)

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  1. I sincerely hope there is another dimension beyond this earth where the spirits of all animals can know a peace and joy they were deprived of on this earth.


    • omg Marcia…..I hope so too!!!!!


  2. There may well be a better place for wolves than the hate-filled states of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. But I don’t know that for sure, and my world here on earth is a lot richer when I’m sharing it with wolves.
    We must never give up.


  3. Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.
    Winston Churchill


    • I love this quote kaufmans 123.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  4. What a beautiful ODE TO MAGNIFICENCE! I listened to it almost in a state of fear that the poor creatures of our planet are doomed.

    But then I thought of Nabeki’s words – “Take heart everyone, we will get past this and overcome the darkness. Remember we will never give up on the wolves.”

    I looked at Romeo’s Running Free photgraph and thought I cannot forsaken them, I must fight on – Rest Now Sweet Romeo and all your brothers and sisters.


    • Allan that is exactly the message I hoped Louise’s beautiful voice and words would convey. Even though it looks dark, it is not over. We have to fight for every wolf that has fallen in 2011 and all the wolves who’ve died since the introduction. I picked Romeo because he was such an innocent, trying to make that connection with dogs in his loneliness. His story is so incredibly sad and very similar to Limpy’s story. Two beautiful lives snuffed out for absolutely no reason but ignorance, greed and hatred. We can’t let the memory of these wolves die and they keep me going every single day. I remember so many wolf packs that have been wiped out over the years, The Whitehawk Pack, The Basin Butte Pack, The Sage Creek Pack, The Hog Heaven Pack..I could go on for hours, so many wolves have been slaughtered. This has to stop and we are the ones who will have to work to end this injustice.

      “Rest Now Sweet Romeo and all your brothers and sisters”


  5. All wolves go to heaven.




    • Agnes…I know how much you love wolves and how this must hurt. Like you I don’t understand the mindset but if you read about the Trump brother’s controversy, saw them smiling over the corpses of their victims you can get some sense of what kind of people we’re dealing with. They don’t think the way we do, they lack the empathy that animal advocates feel. I believe trophy hunters believe in dominion, that animals have been put on this earth to serve them and whatever they choose to do with them is fine. Trophy hunters don’t spend time with animal advocates, I’m sure they surround themselves with people just like themselves that lack empathy or concern. It’s bad enough to kill animals for sport but to shoot them in canned hunts has to be one of the most despicable acts a person can commit against an animal. It tells you everything you need to know about people that engage in those actions.

      BUT this is far from over, we hare going to have to endure more hardship in the coming weeks and months but I think a stronger movement will grow out of this despair. We know now what we have to do, build a grass roots movement from the ground up. Laws have to be changed, lobbying needs to be done, energy has to be expended. We cannot just sit on FB and rail against the injustice anyomre, we have to be pro-active stop allowing the anti wolf movement to drive the agenda. So there is much to do and much to discuss and I know you will support all efforts to protect our beloved wolves.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  7. Nabeki, We all need your words of encouragement. We need to stay united and never give up fighting for our beloved wolves. I look forward to your new post this weekend. Thank you for posting the video by Louise du Toit. The videos are always very heart felt and touching to the soul and maybe the wolves receive the love we have for them in some way too..Bert C.


    • Bert…I always seem to turn to Louise’s video’s during troubling times, she has such a beautiful voice and I think expresses so well what we are all thinking. I’m so glad I could give you some comfort.

      I’m taking a few days to clear my head before writing this weekend. Just so you know, I’m so grateful to every wolf advocate on this blog for their unwavering support, I couldn’t go on without you.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  8. Thank you so much for those words of confidence and wisdom. It’s a long hard road, and the stops are many without rest, but we have to do this. We have to keep fighting and sharing and moving. I watch the videos and cry for those no longer with us. I touch my dog and pretend I am touching a wolf and sending all my healing love and strength through her powerful body. I pray to whatever god/goddess/creator will listen. We have to keep on.
    One thing we really need to do, and I was thinking long and hard about this last night, is engage the tribes. They are Sovereign Nations. To make laws or resource decisions that impact their rights on their lands takes consultation with the tribal governments. Tribal people have become very wise in their time of being screwed right and left and have attorneys now that fight the government over their rights. I would think that the Wolves would be seen as cultural/spiritual rights. We need to get with them. Maybe an article through Indian Country Today, a tribal paper that is read by many tribal people that I know. Is there anyone willing to try to get an article in there? I’m not good writer or I would try. This may be a good way to gain more voices and more power to fight back state and federal governments. Just a thought….and a prayer.
    I am lucky in that I live in WA State where 75% support allowing wolves to recover. 65% of residents said they were not worried at all or only a little worried about wolves while recreating outdoors. 54% of residents said they would travel to see or hear wild wolves in WA. Doesn’t mean that the spector of death won’t visit this state, but for now, there is hope. Full survey is available at http://www.conservationnw.org/library/otherpub/WA_Hunt_Public_Report.pdf
    Blessing to all…….


    • Michelle..Thank you for your support, howls to you as well.

      I agree the tribes should be involved and I was very encouraged by Jim Zorn’s testimony representing the Anishinaabe peoples. Many tribes feel very connected to the wolf and I believe if we can engage them in this battle we will have powerful allies behind the wolf. Not all tribes are engaged but we can’t have 100 percent of anything.

      You’re right about Washington, your state is more tolerant than most. The Cattlemen’s Assoc doesn’t seem to as much power as they do in other states. I was surprised by Oregon and how dominant the Oregon Cattlemen’s Assoc is there, because Oregon in known to be such a progressive state but sadly the Imhaha pack picked Eastern Oregon as their home and Eastern Oregon might as well be Western Idaho, same mindset.

      One thing is for sure, we must unite and work together.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  9. Nabeki:
    Yours has been the compassionate voice of reason for all of us, and I know we all share the pain of losing the hope of a wise and moral court decision; united in grief and anger for this injustice and the recent glut of bad news. Just wanted you to know that I am so grateful for your tireless dedication to our majestic wolves, and I do believe that from these ashes can come a new day. ❤ Linda C.


    • Linda…thank you so much for your support and kind words, they are the best medicine and mean a lot to me. Like every wolf advocate I’m feeling the pain of the last few days but I believe that this will only make us stronger and unite our movement like never before.

      You are an amazing advocate and I remember last year when you decided to pull off a one woman event and organize a wolf information day by passing out pamphlets and informing people of the wolves’ plight, setting up a table in front of a pet shop. Those are the kinds of actions that we need more of. We have to start moving off the Internet and organizing in real time if we have any hope of turning this around.

      Thank you again for your support my friend,

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  10. This morning I sent a short, but clear message from all of us to the US Ninth Judicial Court:


    “….and this is less than the tip of the iceberg…..”


    I have contacted Michael Robinson at the Center for Biological Diversity. I asked him how we should go about and what forms would be needed to appeal to the Supreme Court. I am sure that we would have Defenders of Wildlife behind us, National Wildlife Federation, International Fund for Wildlife, not to mention all the groups we, ourselves have formed online…such as Warriors of the Rainbow, Predators, etc. We have a very large army. All that we have to find out is how to go about it, and soon.


  11. How hard and despairing it seems right now, we simply must keep fighting for these wonderful wolves. And we must not forget that no matter had bad we feel, the wolves are the victims. At least we haven’t been shot at (yet).


    • “The man who kills the animals today is the man who kills the people who get in his way tomorrow.” – Dr. Diane Fossey


  12. Appreciating All, doing their very Best for the Wolves.
    Bless You.


    • We are a family Birgitta and families stick together, just like the wolves. Thank you.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  13. Thanks to everyone for the posts. While we may feel connected to wolves and even, all four leggeds…when dealing with state legislatures it’s all about the money. Especially as America becomes a Corporatocracy since “Citizens United” passed in 2011.

    Ive been reading “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed”,
    I suggest that Wolf-hating is a piece of Western culture masking a deeper failure of agriculture and mining interests, which have destroyed much of the productivity of the West, which in turn reduces healthy native populations of wildlife. A decline in the undulate species effects state recreation income: out-of-state hunters pay high dollar for tags.

    In a recent debate I had with several hunters from WY, they blamed the wolf population for harvesting ‘their’ elk and reduction of elk herds. This irrationality is common in all the wolf-hating states. Blaming wolves for the decline in Western wildlife is terribly convenient, even though, documentation of increased salinization of water and aquifers, and extensive pollution from mining practices abounds in current hard-science data.

    Cattle kills and deformed fish have been recorded from toxic water systems including aquifers in Idaho (Simplot Co in SE Idaho), several water systems in NW, NC and NE MT are also toxic (Annaconda Mining Co in the NW, agricultural runoff in the N Central plains), salinization is ongoing from extensive broadcast irrigation. Also, as Monsanto GMO alfalfa and sugar beet crops are being grown in these states, dioxin levels will continue to leach in the ground and water systems. Idaho announced it is growing almost 100% GMO sugar beets this spring. A disasterous announcement.

    The persistence of old paradigms of culture identity ( i.e. “this is the way my grandfather farmed and its good enough for me”, i’ve hunted this valley all my life and “), denial (fear-based) , and or outright ignorance continues to overlook deeper reasons for wildlife decline.

    Citizens within the states of WY, MT, ID, and OR start recall campaigns.
    Elected officials who are introducing anti-wolf measures are likely supporting other pro-corporate legislation and their recall is useful on many levels. For instance, in OR: Rep. Whisnant recently introduced anti-wolf legislation that passed. He is an ALEC member. (If you don’t know about ALEC, google it, please !) He consistently introduces ALEC written legislation, such as a recent bill that would have made it a felony to twitter for peaceful assembly. My point is that legislators of the ALEC-ilk are pretty easy to track. They double-dip as they get sweetheart deals from corporations, funding for their campaigns, and also, salary and benefits from being an elected official.

    I pray for the lobos and for the two leggeds… we are all connected.


    • Eric,
      I love the idea of recall campaigns, I suspect there would be tremendous support for them. You can just smell the corporate money floating around and what they’re thinking..”We’ve got to get rid of all those pesky animals, especially the predators, they’re getting in the way of our plans to develop oil and gas leases.

      I like how you think. This the way we’ll gain the upper ground by brainstorming and working together. I believe we are all connected as a family and can be a tremendous force for the wolves and other wildlife. ONWARD!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  14. You are awesome Nabeki. A true champion of wolves and an inspiration to us all.

    Remember you have something those depraved humans will never have; attunement with nature and blessings of the Great Wolf Spirit


    • Tbank you Kim…if it wasn’t for all the wonderful people on this blog I wouldn’t be able to do it.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  15. My dear Nabeki, I agree with Kim – you ARE a true champion and an awesome example of tireless dedication to the tragic cause of our beloved wolf brothers and sisters. Always know that I am with you in the spirit in all that you do; at your side from across the valleys, mountains, oceans and seas; since the distance between us becomes non-existent where we are united in our fights for these magnificent beings.

    I am already working on my next recording and video, not only so that their plights to survive may be heard continuously, but also to light yet another flame of hope for them, depicting them with their true and incredibly beautiful nature, which should be seen and understood by every single human.

    I am really, really joyful that my music contributes to raising awareness for the wolves and I sincerely hope that it will also give courage and hope to those who hear it, to continue with renewed strength, determined to never give up.

    With love


    • Louise, you have one of the most beautiful and haunting voices I’ve ever heard. Your music inspires me to go forward, your videos a labor of love. You touch so many people with your tireless work for the voiceless. Thank you so much for everything you do. ODE TO MAGNIFICENCE is truly that.

      I cannot wait for your next video and recording, you seem to outdo yourself each time. There is no divide between wolf advocates, across the world we stand united for these magnificent animals.

      The haters, in their bitterness, forget that wolves are wild dogs, their own dogs were born of wolf and yet they fail to see the same traits they love in their dogs are the same in wolves, maybe even more so because wolves only have themselves to depend on.

      Thank you again Louise, truly.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  16. PS: Also expressing my gratitude for each and every one of the inspiring comments about “Ode to Magnificence” – it is so much appreciated. xxx :):):) xxx


  17. At the risk of repetition Nabeki, it would seem appropriate to reproduce these wonderful words here, as an inspiration to all and for those unfamiliar with them. Sometimes you have to lose a battle to win a war.

    The Power of One…
    The Power of One… is one person’s willingness to help another, one person’s commitment to love the world, one person’s passion to set in motion a ripple of such magnitude that it creates a sea change.
    Imagine if a small woman in India thought that caring for the poor and dying was too much trouble we might never have been inspired by a nun named Theresa.
    Or, if 12-year old Craig Kielburger had ignored the newspaper report of a murdered Pakistani child labourer his own age, and instead continued his search for his favourite comic strip, thousands of children might still be enslaved.
    Robert Kennedy said, “Each time a person stands for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”
    Until your arms outstretched become like wings you will never know what it means to soar to the height of your potential or understand the immense power of your embrace.
    Until you look into the eyes of a stranger and see your reflection you will never know the sweet taste of compassion.
    And until you experience failure you will never dare laugh at its impotence or realize how much you’re admired for your courage. Is it any wonder why we fall in love with the bravest person in the room, the one who stumbles, then gets up and tries again? It’s because that’s how we want to be!
    As Joseph Campbell said, “If you take one step toward the Gods they will take ten steps toward you.”
    In the end, the sages, mystics, and elders that I’ve had the privilege to live among in the most remote parts of the world understood that the power in you is connected to the whole. And that as Your light shines, the world is illuminated.
    This is the Power of ONE…ONE Person, ONE Planet, ONE People.
    ©2012 Elizabeth Lindsey All rights reserved.


  18. “I really believe that if the political leaders of the world could see their planet from a distance of 100,000 miles their outlook could be fundamentally changed. That all-important border would be invisible, that noisy argument silenced. The tiny globe would continue to turn, serenely ignoring its subdivisions, presenting a unified façade that would cry out for unified understanding, for homogeneous treatment. The earth must become as it appears: blue and white, not capitalist or Communist; blue and white, not rich or poor; blue and white, not envious or envied.”

    Small, shiny, serene, blue and white, FRAGILE.

    Michael Collins – Lunar Astronaut.


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