I love Adele’s music and so do millions of people around the world.  I was sitting here writing a piece on wolves with her voice blasting in the background, so I thought why not put if up on the blog to remind everyone we’re all human and not just wolf advocates.  We have personal lives, loves and heartache, just like everyone else.  And yes we sometimes try to relax and take our minds off the unrelenting horror that is Wolf Wars.

I’ve been contemplating the Wisconsin wolf hunt and Ninth Circuit loss for several days.  To  have them both come down at the same time was surreal and definitely a huge blow to wolves and wolf advocates. But it’s not the end, not even close. We have lots of work to do though. I’ll be blogging about it this weekend, giving you my perspective but in the meantime I  listen to Adele and try to remember what it was like to be normal and not wake up every single day with a heavy heart, knowing that one more terrible thing has happened to wolves somewhere in this country and that it’s going to take a hell of a lot of work to build a strong grass  roots wolf movement from the ground up.

Let it burn…


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